NameDrag Racing Street Race
Size33.75 Mb
ReleaseINLOGIC ARCADE - zombie racing shooter
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Drag Racing Street Race

Cool races and the strongest opponents. Drag Racing: Rivals are you who must become a certain part of this exciting world, underground racing, and crazy speeds.

You will feel these incredible graphics, cool design, and everything else that will help you have a great time in your free time. You will start as a clear outsider, and then you will confidently and fairly quickly move up the career ladder. Races will take place in underground bunkers where your rivals will try to leave you behind. Try to win more cash to upgrade your car or buy a brand new one.

Drive the coolest cars, change gears quickly and use the power of overtaking. You have to quickly move around the track, overtake your rivals and solve more serious problems. If you have serious problems with winning, then you should train hard and get ready for serious races. Experience these crazy speeds, conquer difficult tracks, and get a bunch of bonuses that will definitely come in handy in the future. It remains only to experience all the possibilities to get to the finish line the very first.

Download ( V1.0.12 )

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