NameDrag Racing Street Race
Size33.75 Mb
ReleaseINLOGIC ARCADE - zombie racing shooter

Cool races and the strongest opponents. Drag Racing: Rivals are you who must become a certain part of this exciting world, underground racing, and crazy speeds.

You will feel these incredible graphics, cool design, and everything else that will help you have a great time in your free time. You will start as a clear outsider, and then you will confidently and fairly quickly move up the career ladder. Races will take place in underground bunkers where your rivals will try to leave you behind. Try to win more cash to upgrade your car or buy a brand new one.

Drive the coolest cars, change gears quickly and use the power of overtaking. You have to quickly move around the track, overtake your rivals and solve more serious problems. If you have serious problems with winning, then you should train hard and get ready for serious races. Experience these crazy speeds, conquer difficult tracks, and get a bunch of bonuses that will definitely come in handy in the future. It remains only to experience all the possibilities to get to the finish line the very first.

Drag Racing Street Race MOD

Very good game I always play this game when I go to Chili's and I just found out I could download it on my tablet, keep it up. Everything was fine until tier 4. Fully maxed out car can't even beat hard difficulty races. You need to either buff the cars or nerf the AI. Every tier 4 car does nothing but wheel spin.. This is a epic game.Download it n start playing.I really love it.Keep up the good work guys.. Well like the other reviews have said, short quick game to beat. Hopefully they are working on extra stuff to add. The controls get really squirrelly in the top tier. Maybe think about adding a rev limiter if you're gonna make it that tough to get perfect launches and so on.. Supper is a great weekend and we are going to the gym and the rest of the time and place in my head hurts so bad 21st of a sudden you 2 70th I was in the morning to get a hold on to it as a 33.

Drag Racing Street Race APK

I have a tier 4 car but they are poting me againts tier 5 cars and thers a audi in tier 3, bro why? They are to fast for mi car. This is the worst drag racing game I ever senn, its so inrealystic; CSR much better than this.. It's impossible to get a perfect launch and shifts, the cars sound the same, easy races are impossible to beat and so are medium because it spawns cars randomly, if I am in a tier 3 car it's gonna spawn a tier 4 or 5 car or even tier 3 car which is also impossible to beat how can I get money to upgrade my car tier the prices of the upgrades are too much, t4,5 cars dont have grip car won't shift sometimes I can't progress fix this although fun game add longer races, add new car sounds. Download and start smashn' gears. This reminds me of Drag Racer V3(2004), for any of you diehards out there. I beat it with less than two hours of gameplay, which is not the greatest, but it's still the best drag racing mobile game yet. I've played them all, trying find a good one... and now here we are. **Big plus: very few ads. As in, in the less than two hours I had maybe ten or so ads. Amazing.** Downsides; no visual mods, very short. [Devs- check out Drag Racer V3 for tips.]. The game is trash who ever I think this is a fun game is it is so fast like bruh I beat dos game 2 times..

Drag Racing Street Race APK

I love this game men you should download it the only problem is timing the shift but it is an awesomeeeeeeeeeeee game. My favorite game wil never be the same what happened to custom exterior and upgrades it was epic now it's it's not right it's just sad talk about a down grade. Good game good graphics for 40MB But the nitro is useless I don't know it helps in what it's waste of money for nitro. It's a great game! My only question is, Are you ever going to update it again? It's been over a year since the last update, I was just wondering! .

Drag Racing Street Race APK

Best drag racing game the only problem is to short hoping to add additional level finish it in one night. I just go this game on apple beese and it's really good it's short yeah but the best drag racing game I played. Very nice game but the problem is that its too short i finished it in one night...everything else is awesome but maybe in the next update you could add a few more cars and careers. Best drag racing game I finished all the career mode it was easily to play and earn cash also easily the developer did great job for making such a great superb game. Please ad more racing mode not only drag racing mode but street racing mode like CSR racing game. thank you for such a great game..

I like this game and I think it would be a good idea to change the ones on the system because. Much better if its online racing with pink slip races. And more muscle and imports. Online races is enough like the racing rivals.. Joelwayne Bowman joejwb LOUSIANA USA ELMER 71424. 8058 Not me like a wagon wheel me anyway just for you 9 brought me like a wind and rain Rock Me on the southbound drink crane. now im having problems i win a race 120,000 and i did not recieved money???but i love it pls fix .

Download ( V1.0.12 )

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