NamePixel Car Racer
ReleaseStudio Furukawa

The incredible racing game is created in retro style. Pixel Car Racer in time and test yourself on the same cars of those years. Build your dream garage, take advantage of the most limitless possibilities, and have fun in this racing project. Ride through the city streets, and reach the highest peaks in the incredible world of car racing. You have to experience everything people once participated in in the distant past. You can try to win all the competitions on these cars, prove to everyone that you are the best racer of that time.

Here you will find two exciting modes of street and drag racing. You will have 70 unique cars with more than a thousand various parts. Incredibly cool tuning, which is designed in a great RPG style. Excellent settings, cool graphics, and a mighty race to the bottom. The whole working system is realistic; you can manually change your equipment. Here are American, Japanese, as well as European cars, as well as their spare parts. Updates are released weekly so you won’t get bored with the project.

Pixel Car Racer MOD

Daily rewards are bugged through the roof most of the time u can't open it and when u do it's always 10 hours away. The game overall is rather good, reasonable mechanics and good customizability. A few problems though, firstly, the tournament is basically impossible to win. I maxed out my car to the max rank allowed and I still lost somehow. Secondly, why is it that whenever the race starts, I am not able to press the accelerator and shift gear? This only happens when the race starts, never happens in cruise or before the race. That is very frustrating as I lost many races and tournaments because of that.. Asking: what if you guys added money shop for people to buy Asking 2: you should give people that are starting play $50,000 for people that just started. Would be a five but need to add the updates for story mode rivalry and race other players pls add these. The thing that I hate about this game is there is NO story mode NO 2 player mode. How can you play a game that has modes locked forever?.

Pixel Car Racer APK

I really love this game, please make it multiplayer with friends like we can race or challenge each other. And please make it the AI more difficult to beat and make it creative for styling cars. Love the game the style the art just about everything it would be amazing if the made a drag game for motorcycles.. Your game is great it has every car and it has jdm cars to you have to do an update . I really like that game.your game so good . you need to install the game if I can give more than one star I give you 10/10.

Pixel Car Racer APK

Best drag racing & car modifications game! You must try this game. But there is a problem with slots...You can't buy more than 6 slots which sucks becos i was planning 2 buy Mazda rx7 and Mustang. I've playing this game for almost 2-3 years. Hope u understand! Can't wait to get a 3D version! Pls see 2 this problem and add more cars like Bugatti Chiron, Veyron etc etc... And bro please I want 2 play with my friends so get a multiplayer mode also. Thankyou for this very fun game. But Fix bugs pls.. I used to play this game when i was 5 and it has some new car to like a supra mk 5 my favourite game to. Need more cars and every day we log in to get a free box with random stuf and give the cars more hp and more turbo and ather stuff that will be awsome and let them wielie and jou can buy a wielie bar. I've been playing this for years now and i Love it but i would love if you put something new on the game waiting for further more update about this game..

Pixel Car Racer APK

If there was a zero star review, I would definitely pick zero star, I had a car that got 5.929 in 1/4 mile and the reaction time was 0.027,and my gear shifting was not perfect, but when I did a 0.007 reaction time speed and my gear shifting was close to perfect, I got a 6.008. This game's system is trash, no updates, no nothing, absolutely trash, do not recommend at all.. Add Google games as a save account feature Add rename Vinyls Add unlimited storage of cars rather than the standard six Add GR86. This game is very fun and good just I feel like we need more things to do in the game and new things added to the game. It's lagging and making me to lose in the tournament all the time if I even have powerful engines and other things.

It's absolutely terrible. First of all, the tutorial is so fricking complicated. Second of all, the controls are so simple yet so complex and small that it is so easy to press the brakes and clutch at the same time.. Why i give it a 4star is because the game is good but can u add more cars to the game an more updates please. Wow I thought this game was good after playing for about a year or 2 and then I delete and re download and log into my same Facebook and it doesn't give me ANY progress back at all I lost all of it even spent money. I really like this game .I play this Games on 2 Years okay but still fun and good but one thing is where have bug when I'm winning a tournament they do give me a Diamond or Box. That only complain from me,but I like to give 5 star because this game is the best even it's pixel.Godd Game.

Fun game to pass the time only Cons are the daily reward never works right and when it does I never get anything from the spins, also any boxes I get are just wheels which is quite annoying. Hope they add multi-player at some point, even just local. Finish the story already.. i gave it a 2 star because it doesn't give a tutorial and it basically doesnt teach you anything secondly for the street race atleast give a bigger warning sign. This game is approved to be one of most best games ever with endless options , this game is a little complex (every one can understand) . To be honest having a game this good is amazing . I use to love this game. I use too play it so much and now I lost all my data. Lost all data twice now. Back cloud is garbage.

The customisability options are amazing. However, drag tournaments are impossible to win as the ai will always have a perfect acceleration off of the start line. I also wish for more updates.. Best game I ever tried in my entire life in this game we can update the features and the game is very much better company please make more better I love this game but I need some other graphics I need some free car everything is better but that they all car should thank you for Singh my review Have a nice day to play . This is the best drag racing game I played. It has police to chase and lots of cars. The one thing is that the developer should add more garage slots. I played once and I couldn't delete it yet. This is the best game which has 5 stars!!. Its fun and addicting but the daily rewards only allow me to claim them half the time and for the drag races even when i have an s class car it says i have to high of a rank.

The daily rewards button refuses to work half the time and the other half I can't spin when it does work even whenever the time hits 0. Pls fix this.. The style of the game is pixel and pretty it's fun to play the game the game has good graphics and good cars. This game is the best but I would be perfect if it was online it's still time this game is not dead we want it online. No doubt for game is so much good but only problem is after sometime of your progress it is impossible to win races because their are only bots and their cars are better than your car so that's why giving 2 Star.

I love this game, I love the style, I love the realistic settings and components. I love the ability to design every aspect of a car. However, it gets boring after a bit, you get tired of repeatedly doing tournaments or races. The daily reward system also sucks, it doesn't feel like a daily reward. I have played for 4 days now and not once have I won anything. Also the in app purchases is buggy. I went and purchased the 5$ box pack, and never received it..

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