NameOffroad Outlaws
ReleaseBattle Creek Games

Offroad Outlaws is an off-road racing game where players can explore various terrains in customizable trucks, SUVs, and buggies. The game features several modes, including racing, freestyle, and exploration.

In racing mode, players compete against other players in intense races across different tracks. They can use nitro boosts and perform stunts to gain an advantage. The goal is to finish first and earn rewards to upgrade vehicles.

Freestyle mode allows players to unleash their creativity by performing stunts and tricks in an open-world environment. They can explore and find hidden spots to showcase their skills and earn points.

Exploration mode lets players freely roam around vast open maps, discover new trails, and complete challenges. They can go off the beaten path, conquer obstacles, and unlock new areas to explore.

The game also offers a vehicle customization feature, allowing players to upgrade and customize their off-road vehicles with various parts, colors, and decals.

Overall, Offroad Outlaws offers an exciting off-road experience with a wide range of game modes and vehicle customization options.

Offroad Outlaws MOD

y'all need to add motorcycles and a wheelie option on the dirt bikes and motorcycles and make it controller compatible I have a great I idea for y'alls game y'all need to make the tires deflateble and have the mud where it's harder to go through like irl where u bog down and dig it needs to be better plus please and the controller compatible next update you don't have to have the hole game adapted u just need to be able to drive pleas and thank you off road outlaws employees. I like it but can you add a start button so we can rev the car before buying it my dad said I can buy a limited but i want to rev it. Live in the game wish the app would stop crashing, forcing me to offload the app and chance losing control of maps I'm editing, I was just on the game editing, just saved my progress and the app crashed, and everything I've done to get it to load ulis failing. Very disappointed right now there is only a few more things I haven't tried, God I hope they work if not, I'm not willing to start over again. I'll just delete the game altogether and say f it. Tired of starting over. Great game!!! Only problem is, the game randomly freezes and crashes on upgrades/design section,and my device states that Off road outlaws isn't responding, Please fix. Graphics are awesome!!One of my top favorite games!! Please add realistic physical damage show on the vehicles, fishing ,and expansion of Truck cabs and beds, that would make the game even cooler. Also, please fix excessive load time. Cool game!!! Lastly please include 1978 Chevy's & GMC.. Played the game for a few years and i love it. Just wish they added some vintage 2 strokes like the lt250r. Trx250r. Quadzilla 500. Banshee. Ect.

Offroad Outlaws APK

Nice game, but I recommend that you add these few cars cuz it will make the game way cooler 1. Durango 2009 2. Land cruiser lc76 3. Mustang 2020 4. Dodge charger 2009 5. porsche 911 coupe 2020 6. Supra mk4 plz make them with in-game money not real money purchases and please add detailed interiors and the ability to add a canopy on pickup trucks in the customization section. I would like a 2004 Dodge 3500 6 speed Cummins. And a John Deere 4010 diesel with a canopy. And a John Deere 4640 with a cab. Please and thank you your the best.. Good game but the only thing I have a problem is with the 4 door update this game was suposed to have like 8 months ago hasn't been done yet was really lookin forward to it would be great if that would come thru. Also can we get old peterbult semi trucks trailers please.. Would love to be able to put the snorkel on the SXS in the rear instead of the front and also would like to see different exhaust sounds but overall a great game.

Offroad Outlaws APK

Hi, I am wondering if it is possible to be able to sell cars for gold too. I sell cars so I can have money to build cars but it is gold only to do some upgrades. So that is why im wondering if it is possible to sell cars for gold.. This game is cool, I like it. I just wish that it had actual semi's,or at least a fifth wheel trailer and hitch option, as well as enclosed gooseneck trailers. I also would like to see more beds for the trucks, too. And maybe a roll-off tow truck, too. I also don't like how the gooseneck pulls differently from the tongue trailers, and it's really annoying cuz I can't back up it without jack-knifing almost immediately and makes it difficult to drive in general. Other than that, it's great.. This is a really good game but I think it would be cool if there was a daily reward system for gold an money an somedays get cars. I absolutely love the game, I first found it in 2018-2019 not sure, but anyways, it's a great game, I can't find others like it, I have one complaint though followed with a suggestion on how to fix the problem, when I'm driving fast, and the road has a bump while I'm steering, the car suddenly jerks to the direction I'm steering in, maybe a steering system based on the current weight applied to the wheels by measuring suspension compression pressure? I can list more issues if requested..

Offroad Outlaws APK

It's a really amazing game. I love every little detail with the vehicles, but I wish they had a dually flatbed with toolboxes built on the bottom. Honestly a extremely a good game multi-player is the impedime of sucks honestly terrible never can get into a game with other people if so it's bots or very young kids. I found this game fun for the building and dyno tuning techniques you have the ability to build just about everything head to toe from the axle cover to the roof rack.. It's a great game you actually can do so much keep up the good work and add a 2024 Trump update version. Could be better i purchased two vehicles for now the second time and never received the truck at all and when i email the email provided no feed back.

This is the best game ever and the guns, the cars and everything is so good I love this game and you are making free money with shoting birds. And the Nitro/ Nos is so good to use in this game I just wish you could hunt deer and more in this game. And if there were a lot of more gun types it would be fantastic.. This is the best gane i have played i have been searching for a off road game and this is like no other. App iss ka new update lawoo jis main bike wala suit be hoo aur high graphics b Uss ke liye five star hai. This game is so amazing I love the vehicles but I can't say it needs some animals in it just besides the birds that we can hunt like some deers and stuff unlike more four-wheelers and dirt bikes and when you also some new I'm sorry if I'm being like really picky but I love this game and I'm just saying to make it even better if we add those things would be so much better it a 100 /10 and can we add so more Barn find we need so much more barnfind please.

It is very good and fun but I think you should be able to change the motor and exhaust and I think their should be regular car like set trackhawk demon srt demon hell cat and their should be the srt charges and Dodge hyper car or and drag car and I think you should be able to make a sleeper build and I think their should be able to drive regular cars drag cars and hyper cars and in the hidden boxes I the their should be more money and gold in the boxe everything else was very awesome.. Very good game. But I think it will be better with carverns that you tow with your cars form big to small carverns in the next update with different cars that you don't have to pay with actual money and more bull bares which wrap around the front of the car.. My only complaint is the lack of ways to make money, we need something more than lock boxes and things like that.. I love this game! But having said that, I had to download it to my 4th new phone due to damages to last phone, and for the first time when I logged the game into my Facebook account it did not give me back all my cars, money, or gold bars, it's making me start all over from the very beginning, like Im somebody that just started playing for the first no beginner fact is I was once a paying member of this game, which is way Im lowering mystar rating for this game..

Please add a ford f 150 to offroad out laws every one has ben asking for it for a long time so try Please. It's a good game. But you should make it free and choose. You mufflers for your truck and sound different. I make it for flames. Don't you doubt 89 minute make it? We've been turned that off around.. One of my favorite off-roading game out there. Its good with a lot of things but there can be a lot done to make it better, mainly custimazation like interior stuff and more detailed bodies, the ability to open the hood and stuff and custimize the engine it self along with things to change the engine sound instead of a set sound, more cars and not just trucks, i know a lot of this can be done because yalls other games have some of the things ive said.. Very fun game I would change a few things of the maps and I'd like a 1988 gmc 1500 single cap step side but that's just me, also I would add cap lights, and have the bed options be used for all trucks. Just a suggestion..

The game is fun to drive around and to face it is fun to watch the cars they ad one thing you should ad is cars imports and stuff like that. Best offroad game I have played yet, only thing that i have to watch a add every time I try to go to my garage. I think you should add lights for the bottom of your trucks, but other than that its an amazing game. I love all the stuff yiu can do with the trucks.. Game is having some glitch and hanging problem plz fix not working on 4gb ram phone hanging very bad plz look in to it in other sense it really a nice game.

Very nice game but plz add those cars it'll make the game way better . First car : Dodge Durango 2009 Second car : Toyota lc76 Third car : Toyota Supra Mk4 Fourth car : Porsche 911 2020 Fifth car : Dodge Charger 2009 . And please make them with in-game money not real money purchases.. It's a really cool game people's out there saying it's not a very good game but I would recommend this to every one of my friends . Graphics could be better and so could the physics but on of the best games out there for customization and over all a game to have fun in. Bought a truck and never got it took my money tho and now it says I own every truck I try to buy.

Graphics: Outstanding! Lighting: Amazing! Controls for chromebook: ._. Overall: 4 stars. Please make w go and s reverse. Also just for a possible future update, add shifting gears! So like itd be shift to gear up and ctrl for shift down.. I love it it's a wonderful game I don't have any complaints I just love it but I want one thing a four-door Chevy pick up and make the membership free I like them but I don't be able to get any vehicles that are wonderful for free that I would love to have for free please make it to where every vehicle you can buy in the game and make them a little cheap maybe 20 grand and 30 grand. Love the game. Granted wish you had more clothing g options for non members. And we need a Unimog truck added to the game! The ultimate off-road machine.. Its a great game but can you add trophy trucks the game or add as a body costumizaion to a normal trucks plus there is trophy truck suspension y not add a trophy trucks..

I love the game but it fill kind of weird that your the only people in offline mode you should and NPC to the map all off the map is creepy if you ad NPC it would be awesome and you can do job like taxi delivery and cops and ad a city to the map. If there were a 10 star rating, I would give it to you guys, make more older vehicles and newer vehicles, make the front and the back have the same suspension options, you should also give the option for short or long bed.. For all the vehicles my son has purchased he loses them when the game glitches and he has to re purchase them to get them back. This was confirmed yesterday when we brought a new vehicle and it's gone already..

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