NameSpeed Tube 3D

Incredible speed in this exciting game. Speed ​​Tube 3D invites us to break away from everything we are used to in everyday life.

A great racing game in which you will have to drive your spaceship confidently. You will fly through a three-dimensional space tunnel at a reasonably high speed. The further you climb, the faster and faster the rates become.

You will have to skillfully dodge various obstacles, open new levels, and earn bonus points. Over time, the complexity will only increase. New gates, curved pipes, and much more will be added. Also, at the end of each topic, bonus points will be awarded, and you and your friends will participate in endless games. The craziest speeds, moving forward, funny moments, and unique features.

Speed Tube 3D MOD

This is(one of)the best game(s) I have played I like how It makes me work/train my brain. All jokes aside, get this game.. Please add control support via accelerometer, and Nvidia Shield and MOGA controllers. As a work around I've shared a gamepad mapper profile. Please allow the game to work with the screen rotated in landscape mode. Add option to purchase removal of advertisements. Include longer and more varied audio clips.. Maybe I'm missing something in the settings, but why has this game not got an option to use tilt to steer? Game looked slick, but touch screen controls? Puhlease.. On screen button is the only way to control the game - which is the worst option of all. All levels look the same and speed is the only difference. Most obstacles can be just simply run trough the centre. Music is just one short tune looped. And end level jingle is silly and doesn't fit the game.. Leads you in to a false sense of security from the start as it's fairly easy but then things speed up..

Speed Tube 3D APK

It's a good game. But in order to be addictive and amazing, controls should be enhanced, because they hard to use and control the navigation. Each level should have differehnt color and new shapes. Believe me or not, the higher the level, the easier the game gets. At least it is to me. You should also add powerups, that will make the game more powerful and addictive. The + Sign in the middle should be changed to a circle, for us to know if it would touch the sides of the shapes or not.Make the game clear.

Download ( V2.1.12 )

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