NameF1 Clash – Car Racing Manager
SizeVaries with device
ReleaseHutch Games

F1 Clash – Simulator with racing elements and team manager with nice graphics, simple controls, and rich features. A mobile game for Android devices, which is a kind of racing manager simulator.

The developers have successfully combined elements of the race and the manager in one project. The result is an interesting game in which you have to become the owner of one of the Formula 1 teams. If you are interested in the game, then you should download F1 Clash for Android and try to lead your team to the championship.

After the start, you will be allowed to choose one of the available Formula 1 teams. After that, you will begin your victorious procession. The point is to make your team champions and win the cup. To do this, you will have to participate in very intense racing competitions, as well as develop your team.

You will have to keep track of all the little things, control the life of the team, buy parts, hire staff, sign contracts with riders and staff, and much more. To win, you need real stars. You can buy them, or you can train beginners. Either way, you need to win. How you achieve it doesn’t matter. So rather download F1 Clash and go for the championship cup. Exciting competitions on cool fireballs are waiting for you.

F1 Clash – Car Racing Manager MOD

You can't make money without risking your own, if you lose too much eventually you'll be forced to buy with credits, essentially it is totally pay to win. The boosters makes THE difference and the matchmaking sucks. I rather pay for a race in Imola or watch F1 while eating popcorn or even play F1 2023 at my computer than support this suitty game.. Nothing tactical about this game. You win one then loose 5 in a row against higher rated teams, matter what boosts you've PAID for.. The explanation and feedback for the issue with matchmaking is moot. You increase your teamscore, and your opponents are 9/10 still going to be 60-70 points higher than you. This makes you think you're supposed to buy crates to win. Same gimmick though. Now I remember why I uninstalled this game the first time. I suppose I was hoping enough updates balanced the matchmaking, but it got worse after a year of not playing.. very good game but the matchmaking is bad for example I have a team score 900 and I allways get players with team score 1200 please fix this. This game had a huge update, I wish there was more rewards when I go back:( but so far its good!.

F1 Clash – Car Racing Manager APK

Pathetic game, no skill whatsoever just pay to win bs. Game is a absolute waste of time. Hutch games is simply embarassing themselves :/. Fun game but never seems to find a rival to race. Most recent event I couldn't progress not because I failed but because I didn't even get the chance to race! Pointless game of you can't do the main objective of the whole thing!. it's not supporting low performance android, when looking for matchmaking it's sometimes a lot freezing, stuck in the loading, forcing go back to the main menu lost in game and lost coins, it's says my Internet it's bad but not, my internet is good, on Grand Prix event when stuck on the loading make it worse!. Good But need a improve in the point system if myself or the opponents get P1 they can simply conserve their other driver and make them P4 with 44 poitns and I make P2 AND P2 and make 44 point but the opponents win because he has the P1(applies to all pos when your both cars sandwiched between your opponents). So it's too boring to play, Make the point system as the real f1 points system.

F1 Clash – Car Racing Manager APK

The AI driving the cars in this game are not intelligent AT ALL! They are slower than a person walking going into T1, and they are so easily overtaken. They are also not aggressive enough during long straights and quick corners. Lastly, when you get equal points during a race, after all the effort and fighting with people's team score that are 100 score higher than yours, you will still lose because the game sucks. FIX YOUR GAME!. Game is fun but matchmaking is completely broken. 80% of the time you are matched with someone with atleast 50 teamscore higher, so no matter what boosts or strategies you use it's extremely difficult to win. Honestly that is the only downside though, other than that the game is quite fun. Returned to this after a couple of years, and I'm pleased I did. Very enjoyable, races are worth fighting until the end - changing strategy midrace can make a difference. Most bugs are now resolved. A bit of thought and patience and you'll win far more than lose. Still not perfect (pit stops can be unfair-get stuck waiting for others), and I dont like the 'poo' symbol - surely we're beyond that. But overall a great little racing game.. Always matched with opponents with better stats than me ,my upgrades are pointless because theirs are all much higher ,ruined the experience for me.

F1 Clash – Car Racing Manager APK

Terrible game, continuously being paired with opponents with 100 team points more. Even with the boosters and a good strategy, I can't even get close to the opponent drivers.. Concept and gameplay is fun, the only thing that is frustrating is that it's heavily dependent on the boosters you equip the drivers with. So I would like call it a pay-to-win game as it doesn't rely on strategy anymore. Especially if you play aginst someone whose level is way above (duels). could for sure use some improvements.. After thousands and thousands of races played, I happily uninstalled the game. No matter the changes they make to gameplay, or the features they add, the game will never be fun because of the horrible matchmaking parameters. There are way too many impossibly unfair matchups (for one of the two players), which obviously promotes both of their pay-to-win options (both of which are applied AFTER matchmaking has been determined). As a lifelong F1 fan, this is a very disappointing official F1 game.. An extremely good game one issue is that the matchmaking is always too high above me i think it should be based on your skill level not amount of wins.

The game is fun but for some reason there is a glitch that all of sudden exit the app while playing it. Please fix it.. Unbalanced. The match making is so broken you will never race against anyone in the same level. You will either be beaten by someone 200 points ahead of you or you will be the one 200 points ahead. You either try your hardest to no avail or put zero effort and somehow still win by a huge margin.. Graphics are nice, but the gameplay isn't really appealing to me. Everything is lootbox based, which isn't that fun. The only game loop is pretty bland.. it's a great game because you can buy drives on the end of the season and I like that.10/10 good game and very detailed game.

Can be a sturdy can but getting matched with players way above you is get out of hand a game of 10 or 20 team score difference im able to cope with but when im matched with someone 96 team score higher av already given up before a start. Lost the will with try to beat anyone 30 points or higher because it won't happen.. After recent update it is clear that you can't win against the paid players, regardless of their load outs. 5 star for paid Players and 1 for poor players like myself.. I'm only a beginner but it's quite engaging. it helps you out in the beginning but after a bit you get to make decisions for yourself and see what works best. it is also quite easy to upgrade the car parts but it might get harder as the game goes on. idk but I'd say its pretty good. Cant start a new account, my old account keeps logging in, and the matchmaking is so unfair sometimes. Too much gap in team power.

Very fun and interesting game with ok to good prizes. Terrible match up system and I'm not sure if I'm being kick from my games or if the person forfeits, but I keep getting penalized for bad connection. The ONLY game I play were I'm getting a message telling me my connection is bad, not from CODM, ACE RACER nor MOBILE LEGENDS. SO WHY AM I GETTING THESE MESSAGES WHEN THIS GAME DOESN'T USE NO WERE NEAR WHAT THOSE GAMS USE AS FAR AS DATA AND OS. IS VERY FRUSTRATING.. Rubbish game couple times now iv had a clear win but my opponent gets the winning pot what rubbiah if i could give it no stars i would. Pay to win. There is no strategies involved. Whether you win or not is determined at the start of the game already, you can't do anything to change it.. This is a great app. I have nothing else to say. Except that it's really hard to get coins!!! That's the only flaw. Pls install this app. It's great.

I enjoy it a lot I think there is a lot of strategy and thinking and it is a generally well balanced fun game. (only reason it is 4 star is because it is a bit pay to win which annoys me). Base line of this game is you pay them to get crates else you never make it to finals. They would group you with players who are may be 15% or 20% better. You don't pay, you slog. Literally slog to make any difference. Don't blame them, they develop games for money. So this is a zero charity game. Expect minimum if you play umpaid. Fun at the start, quickly disappears. Refresh rate(hz) seems to have dropped significantly after recent update. Jittery video graphics now, less enjoyable in an already chore-of-a-game. Only using Team Score as the basis for matchmaking/opponent search results in highly unfair matches to either party more than fair races. It can be upwards of +/- 200.. We new people get too many cards and too little money so pls give 10k coins for the new people every day, because this game is fun but not that much when you need to get the free rewards and plus, I only battle good people and I lose my coins woo please automatically set new people with new people and good people with good people. Thank you.

Don't even bother play this game lmao, the matchmaking is a JOKE. My team score is 780, and constantly met with 820+ rivals. Even when I got better quali result and start in front, my rivals will always beat me no matter what. Even if I used the best strat possible or using same strat as my rivals, it doesn't matter, they will beat me. When I use my PU, it doesn't give so much difference, when my rival use their PU, the gap will be huge. This game utter BS. Don't bother to play, rigged AF.. The opponents car gets past mine like it's not there and my car is useless when it comes to attacking. The game is interesting but the amount of times u get an opponent the is wayyy stronger than you is ridiculously horrible especially in the team events/special events I just cannot believe it and if I'm starting to play the team events sometimes it won't start and automatically give me last points this just happened to me in 3 of the 8 races with far stronger opponent than me I just lost the round and didn't qualify for the next round so plz do something about this. Need an update my game keeps closing and crashes and if it crashes please can I get my coins back.

I really enjoy the game, seems like you can be competitive without spending huge amounts of cash, so far I've spent none. So far so good. Totally different approach to your run of the mill racing game. But still the same pay to accel scheme which has people paying more for mobile games than they do for an actual video game on a video game console. It sucks that it's come to this. Maybe if I were scraping in those benefits I might not have the same attitude but I'm not and I do. But who am I kidding fornite has shown the play/apple store that 2 can play that game. Did you see what I did there? Love the game guys!. Mismatching problem for a lot of us, I want to race people at my level, have actual battles for the championship. Been playing for a while and its a true F1 simulator. If you have the big bucks then you win. If not, you will loose constantly. Often being paired with a player that is far more superior in team points then ill be fighting at the back and he'll be fighting at the front. Frustrating at times.

such a trash matchmaking and pay-to-win game, the game will pair you with someone who has a 60-70 team score more than you, so you stand no chance, and after 5 losses it will pair you with someone who has 60-70 scores less than you so you can win a few races. I rarely get paid with similar score players.. When will you fix the ovetaking issue?! My car can't ALWAYS be stuck behind another car when I attack it literally runs into the back of the other cars!!!!!!. Completly Pay to win. It matches you up with stronger opponents that payed 95% of the time to "improve their experience". Its unplayable. Car gets stuck behind a broken ai car and you lose the race. Happens in every race. Boost has no effect..

Overall fun game with great mechanics. Ads are a bit over the top with no pay option to remove them. the prices for in games items is very high with no affordable subscriptions.

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