NameNETFLIX Asphalt Xtreme
ReleaseNetflix, Inc.

If there are no roads, then there are no rules. Conquer huge territories that will be marked on your map. Overcome the dunes, drive through the deserts, and drift in the marshy swamps, but first, you need to NETFLIX Asphalt Xtreme. No speed limits, nothing forbidden, just step on the gas and rush your car to the finish line. We must immediately forget that you even knew about modern racing. Now, instead of the usual track or a simple road, a real extreme appears in front of you.

Only instincts, a certain skill, and an incredible thirst for speed will help you. Now you can arrange real races on the dunes, and go on the gas in the mud to be the first to cross the finish line. These races are in the style of a real extreme, so it will be quite interesting to test your abilities.

Here you will find 50 different cars, and some of them will help you open the darkest side. Don’t forget about the driving style itself, as seven cars are fully built for off-road. Well-known brands of the world are waiting for you, and you can try them all. You will be able to take part in online races, and with eight carriers at the same time. You can become the king of racing in one moment and get a lot of interesting prizes.

NETFLIX Asphalt Xtreme MOD

New updates are great but I still have never received a card for a "new" car and I've opened thousands of boxes (played before it was a Netflix game). Good game, fun, the only prob is i never get connected to the world clash. Keep on saying eror in something.. This game is insane bruh i have 10 rally, suv, monster truck, buggy and trucks its remain me origanal asphalt xtreme but this is the same piece broski . I'll leave it in 5 stars but I have a big problem that I'll need you to help me solve, ask for any information about my account, I'll send it to you My rewards for the limited match and multiplayer match is lot opening. Just stood there for a long time. Please can the management see to it. Bcos I've really made this game my wife. I am very disappointed by seeing that it is no longer avilable on pc Microsoft Store pl see to it it's one of my dream games and for some reasons I redownload it it doy load..

NETFLIX Asphalt Xtreme APK

I rate this game 1 star because i never played it i try to sign up to Netflix but it keep saying incorrect password even if i typed the right one. I wanted to play this game badly so maybe i will never play asphalt xtreme because of netflix. Buggy but still fun. The recent updates improved the graphics and the daily reward system, but at the same time introduced some horrible glitches that cause random crashes when racing. Very annoying!. I rate this as 1 star because we need a netflix account i thought this game was free but. Netflix why do we need to pay for a netflix account just for a game?. Pls put asphalt xtreme for free beause i like this game but i can't download beuase for i don't have netfix account pls give free asphalt xtreme .

NETFLIX Asphalt Xtreme APK

Having played the original (pre-Netflix) version, I am extremely pleased with this reboot. Zero mtx, a satisfying progression using currency earned strictly through gameplay. Special events are rewarding and doable. I wish there were more games like this!!. New options are nice, but none of the recent contests have given out the platinum truck prizes. And the Multiplayer is still not connecting to the server even after all the trouble shooting. Is there an issue connecting to older android phones?. multiplayer (world clash) is broken. What makes it annoying is the requirement to complete some daily mission, ugh. just, either remove the daily mission requirement for world clash or just remove the world clash altogether.. Not much content, getting bored very quickly, too much repetitive grind. Gameloft trash games, you remove micro transactions, and then you have to grind to upgrade cars..

NETFLIX Asphalt Xtreme APK

I was playing this game its fun and all and definitely not pay to win. BUT THEN ALL OF MY PROGRESS IS GONE AND I HAVE TO START FROM SCATCH.. Totally waste of time and data.At first if you wanna play this game,you must have a netflix account and you have to sign in with your registered phone number of netflix before you play that game. So,how can play those players who does not have a netflix account???. The games most people like are online games,most people do not have internet so they can't download and play these games even though they like them. Loved this game until today. Game won't load now! Spoke with "support". Nope! No help! It would be nice to get it back running but I don't think it's going to happen..

The game is exactly how I left it years ago when this game is under Gameloft, but there is one clear problem... Whenever I try to record some gameplay using a screen recorder, I compared it to my other games and Xtreme seemed to not allow any internal audio into the recording, please allow Xtreme to be recorded with internal audio. Why do i have to login with netflix account, why don't i play this game without Netflix account? I don't want a Netflix account, if there's a way to play this game without Netflix account then I'm gonna give 4 stars, otherwise 1 is good.. think all the people that downloaded over a gig of data for this scam by Netflix need to file a class action lawsuit against Google for not mentionin on The tital page about Netflix !!!! Data not cheap were I'm located !!!. In mission 021 there is an impossible task making it impossible to complete the game I'll update my review if it gets foxed..

Can't play the game at all, it tells me I have unclaimed LTE rewards, and I click OK only for it to stay on perpetual loading. I can only press ok, nothing else. So I can't play. Used to be a great game playing Asphalt 9 on switch I have enjoyed this too.. Used to be an awesome game by gameloft. But after Netflix it become the worst. Without a subscription we can't even play or login our old acc. So stupid download the game thinking it would be fun. But in order to play you need a Netflix account just to play the dang game. Total bs. All everyday no Head some gamepad issues new update is really cool but it's completely wiped out my gamepad, need to submit ticket I am totally addicted to my game controller hate playing games without.

Since the recent update I can no longer access limited time events or multi player races. ERROR: Cannot establish server connection...please try again later! Progress also not backed up to the cloud as game over.. Love this game!!! Great game, fun, competitive and no ads at all ever!!! The only thing I hate is it's slow to give you new cars and they make it extremely hard at times to come in first! Other than that it's a great game. . Most stupid game ever you should not have to long in with Netflix to play a game and this is coming from her man. I shouldn't have to have a Netflix account to play this game. And since I don't have an account anymore because Netflix is gone woke. I'm definitely not going to be playing this game. Go woke go broke!.


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