NameBR Style
ReleaseRF Entertainment

Drive cars on the roads of Brazil. BR yourself will be able to drive Brvehiclesian vehicles on the tracks of Braz ou just need to tune your car or an excellent a good motto ride for your pleasure. Play multiplayer, meet new,w people, and take advantage of other features of the game project. Here you will fit two cool motorcycles to ride in incredible open spaces. Expsevenrience 7 cool cars and visit the open spaces of Rio de Janeiro. The multiplayer itself will be drag racing when you compete with other players.

The race will take place against a bunch of other players definitely not going to give up; we should experience this pleasure. Fly over speed bumps, between to,her cars and get a lot of adrenaline. There are constant updates, new, features, and everything that will help you to have a great ride in the incredible expanses of Brazil. Everything here is done with taste and with the most advanced technologies that will appeal to all players. Beautiful graphics will help you enjoy everything that happens, which means the game should be enjoyed.

BR Style MOD

It's bad because when I try to poor my nickname my actual name is lionel and I tried lio and it didn't work. Fun game I love it only thing I wish is that when you have slicks on the cars they don't all spin like crazy and if a AWD chassis set up was available for purchase instead of have to save up 700000 and swapping everything to another car because it would be a lot better to everybody to be able to grip up as there is no grip at all even fully upgraded set up still have no grip. This game is amazing, which isn't something to be ignored but progress comes to a standstill almost the moment you buy your first vehicle since earning diamonds takes far too long and pays out next to nothing, other than how difficult it is to earn in game currency the game plays well and is really good but it seems to be more pay to win then play to win which is a downside. Easily one of the best movile games I've ever played, however, once you'd like to upgrade to a gtr, r8 or rs6 you'd have to grind for months or purchase in game due to the hardness and lack of money options.. may i ask why i cant log in my facebook account in estilo br i love this game so much i dont know whats happening but love this game.

BR Style APK

My Facebook account will not link, and I can access my Game progress also it logs me out every time I close the game. Really cool game but it would be cool if we could buy engines and if there can be a single player mode but further on love it. I installed this game on my new phone but if I play this game on my new phone it just keeps Kicking me out. Game is very good. But ive made several bad decisions and i want to restart. The only problem is i cant do that. I cant find any sort of reset button to remove my progress. If possible please add it into the game..

BR Style APK

If u finish the mission u don't have gem anymore u wait time to start mission if u race there is no gem to give . Everytime I go to play online it says you use be logged in to play online im already logged in and it still won't let me play online please fix that. It won't log me in, it then it tells me that after I log in that I have to log in again to play multi-player, but then it dosent let me log in again so I am no longer able to play the game. Is this just br style renamed (haven't played in years) and everytime I try to install it stops after a second.

BR Style APK

Trash game i think the creator are drunk when they do this game what a waste of time i hope u can delete this game . I have one 1.when I turn off the data and then estilo br taking me to the play store I hate this game. Very nice game but when i start played i have little problems but its normal and we have to get used to it. This game is great but there is a problem. The diamond cannot reach a lot and there's is not like a bot to race and there's are faster than my car so I suggest you make a race for a bot.

Can you bring back the AI racing with no limits and is to hard to get money I need to watch ad all day just to get something I recommend it but it will be better if you decrease the amount of some things so we can play easier!. It is a good game byt when I go to Multiplayer and join a server it says Not in line and I don't have my car and wheneverI do Testdrive and press launch it goes slowly. Please fix this to next month. I've spent my remaining money on this game and now I have lost everything!!!! But its stil a cool game. It's awesome the cars are fast I would give you better detail but I do not want to spoil the game for you you can buy motorbikes snowmobiles Amazon hack to get money.

Very very very very very very nice gameI am experience very realistic car driving experience my experience is I am driving in real car with gear and steering wheel. O jogo e bom demais o que deixa muito a desejar so as misses antes era melhor agora fica tendo que fazer em corridas e o pior que fica muito repetitivo. Okelah setelah update lebih bagus gamenya udah berkurang bugnya udah bisa bikin livery, tapi knp lvl akun pertama gua direset 2x maksudnya apa ya, udah awalnya lvl 96 direset baru jg naikin lvl sampe 15 udah direset lagi kalo itu bug/error bisa tolong diperbaiki kalo bisa lvl akun pertama gua di kembalikan ke awalnya. The game updated and got rid of my Audi r8 I've spent so much money on this game and it's just gone I didn't sell it because I don't have the 400k it would have given me please get this car back please.

I love the game and all but there must be an career mode or offline mode to make more diamonds because it takes too long in missions so please just fix that. Can u add a flip button?Cuz my car goes flying high from the map and sometimes i land upside down? Or atleast fix my car going more than 500 miles per hour please?...other than that i love this game 5Stars:). Nice game good graphics the only thing that bugs me is the grinding system once u complete all of them there should be a button for the reset missions if u devs get me and there should also be an easier way of making diamonds and also today i occured to a problem where i cant join multiplayer cus it said log in to be able to join multiplayer and i was pretty said cus i cant test out my car:(. I like it if you are a car guy you might like it. There is a bug that when I try to go multiplayer it's said to login again so I hope they game developers.

This game is great but after the update the game is so laggyy so try to fix it I can't play it is so lagging. It's overall not a bad game it's just has very little money making witch I'm my mind is keeping it from being a good game. Nice game but how do you get The gift I tried like racing 9 times I still don't have a gift. I like it and everything but the drag strip lights don't work for me so can you fix it please?.

I can't even buy my first car. It doesn't give me enough of anything to get a car. Waste of storage. This game is good but you need to add exhaust for the car Maybe ill give you 5 star cuz its realistic. The game is good but it's been some years and y'all just added one car and change the interface,no the game needs more cars,more variety of performance parts,body kits and more easier rewards to win just saying. Bra....where do I start. Okay one suggestion is that they add a tree or a race light for I know when too go when I'm drag racing. Second when I bought my first car then did not play the games for two weeks my cars disappeared . All tho this game is cool In all. Also can you add more cars pls..

Nah there is something in this game maybe a bug I can't play on multiplayer even I have an account and logged in. This new update had to be fix there is something wrong in it. It's a great game but with the update it tells me I need to sign in to play multi-player but you gotta sign in to even play the game so what's going on.

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