NamePrime Peaks
ReleasePrime Peaks

Unique mountain racing that will appeal to all fans of live games. You yourself will be able to test yourself on a wide variety of snowy tracks, drive with your friends and find out which of you will be the best.

Download Prime Peaks for Android, you will immediately understand that this new product will be quite interesting and you should try such races. There are people who cannot live without mountain trails and lots of snow.

This game is designed specifically for them, and here are the best tracks from around the world. It is at this moment that all your dreams can come true, and it will be quite difficult to reach the very top. Each of the tracks is incredibly realistic, so fans of such races should like its physical component.

You can choose the most diverse transport, and each of them has its pros and cons. It is these data that will help you conquer any mountain, so you need to make good use of them.

I want to warn you that your heart can jump out of your chest when you fly at breakneck speed over rough terrain. Squeeze all the possibilities out of your car, leave your friends behind and conquer the highest peaks of our vast world.

Prime Peaks MOD

Giving it a two right now because there's a bug on wild west stage 3. I get killed at the same point at the beginning. Hopefully gets fixed then I'll give 5 star. Love the game just wish that would get fixed.. Game is great overall but I'm forced by the game to spend more time watching adverts than actually playing the game so I've decided not to continue playing it.. This game is a great boredom killer! I very much enjoy it. I only rate anything 5 Stars if it is really good.. So much fun, relaxing and much better than similar games. Lots of different levels and challenging but not unplayable. Great graphics . Latest update has issues with vehicle/driver damage for o apparent reason. Game used to be great but latest update made the game impossible to play. Needs to be fixed ASAP..

Prime Peaks APK

THIS IS IT! Every now n then you find that one game that interests you and challenges you.+ keeps you coming back for more.still having fun and being challeged.2-2022[ multi levels keeps it interesting.I'm on level 6 it's a challenge come try it you'll like it ! ***** On level 14-1 still cant pass up playing this app. *****. Insane difficulty jumps at random points that make zero sense. Can't even get past the ice area because the snowmobile is so bad even when maxed out I feel like I have zero control over anything. Vehicle costs and upgrades outscale what you earn so you end up going back and playing the same levels for hours just to get minor upgrades for vehicles that should be better than the previous ones you bought but aren't.. One ofmy favourite games of all time, I really like it and I can't stop playing, really good way to spend your time when you have nothing to do. It's challenging, many stages will push you to your limit and you'll to be strong in order to complete all the game.. Addicting. I've had this game for a while now and I love playing it. I have all but one vehicle,candy almost all of them are fully upgraded.

Prime Peaks APK

Omg just another one of those stupid car jumps into the air and you gotta control the car with break or gas one of many same type of uncontrollable game huuuuge yawn !. Fun all the way around not like other driving games. The challanges are awsome you have to get better as you go. It's such a wonderful experience I've had playing this game. The graphics, the movement of these vehicles and motorcycle all are impressive! It's a lovely game infact!. Napakaangas ng game na itey!!! Talagang malilipasan ka ng libog sa larong ito. Napakaganda ng graphics at napakasoothing ng music. Five star 'to sa 'kin. Wala akong pake kung hiwalay na ang Kathniel..

Prime Peaks APK

Seeing one advertisement is okay,but they are making benefit by making us watch 2 ads with duration of 15 seconds.Uninstalled.. Good game, but unfortunately, it's changed over the years. I remember when this game didn't have ads, and you could play through levels without them. Now, it's an ad after every level, which is annoying. It's a fun game ruined by ads. To make matters worse now to progress through the game, you basically have to just watch ads to get anywhere. Sadly uninstalled.. Pretty darn cool so far very challenging but not too much where it becomes p2p, I definitely recommend it..

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