NameRebel Racing
ReleaseHutch Games

Original race with dynamic gameplay. An excellent mobile toy for Android devices, developed in the format of a racing simulator with steep winding tracks. In the game, you will find non-trivial gameplay. In addition, you will also find an excellent design, great graphics, and a bunch of different cars. The gameplay is divided into different levels. Each level has its class and its type of competition. But at the same time, the main goal does not change, no matter its status. Your task is to overtake your opponent without leaving him the slightest chance of winning.

You will be indicated at the level which enemy you need to overtake. A corresponding icon will be above his car, which will remain there until you win. The most exciting thing is that you can come second but still become the winner. Each successful race will bring you some money that you can spend on buying a new car. At the same time, you will also receive cash for losing, but a little less than is given for winning. The game has a lot of licensed cars, convenient control, and a pumping system. Instead, download Rebel Racing for Android and start playing.

Rebel Racing MOD

I will give this 5 star. Because of its psychics are very realistic and smooth. Even though there's a downside. The downside is about the fuel that you race, and it just like Asphalt 9 to be honest. But anyways good app. It's horrible. For a lot of things (cars included),you have to pay real money. It's just a bull2h*t racing game.. Graphics are okay, but the bad thing is you cannot accelerate or brake in this game. The races are of 20s max, and other drivers are totally dump npc's. Real Racing 3 is far far better than this.. I play, not pay. It has been a slow grind to S tier, 3 months. You get a free car every tier. Everything costs gold apart from a couple worst of the bunch you can buy with ingame currency, the rest is p2w. I'm stuck on the S tier with no way to upgrade the car from there unless I spent irl $. The chance to get the parts I need have a drop rate of 0.36% and I need 6 of 1 kind and 5 of the other and that's not even the top tier. Everything is on a timer including the amount of races you can do.. The game itself is pretty good if it loads/takes forever, the live competition is where there was too much cheating, pretty much every game I've played. You have all these great games google, that are practically unplayable from cheating and hackers (live competition) or is it the neighborhood. Not sure how bad the cheating is currently, will let you know. Currently won't load/takes forever, indicate how long it's going to take, uninstalled one star..

Rebel Racing APK

game is boring. you just can't win financially, you end up spending it all on upgrades. you are given no freedom, the whole game dictates how you should play, forcing you to make upgrades, braking for you(no brake button), no other option other than the buttons for steering, did I mention, no accelerator button, which just defeats the whole purpose of "racing"... won't even start on the extremely short racing tracks.. It's good to have this game it makes you feel better for your life but only one thing you need to go to church everyday because It's good thanks for the game and it's for the life have a good day and thanks to you all for game and goodbye..................................................,..............,................................................................................................................................................................................thank you bye bye. It is avery nice game but the patrol is finished very quickly and then comes very late so please update this game also and solve the matter of patrol. Hello there @HutchCreators There is a certain imbalance in the game! When we take down rivals in PvP events or cups, there's an imbalance happening right now: like when we fuse a car to next star (let's say tier D car and we fuse it to 2 stars) they give ghost of a 3 star car with impossibility of winning and a 1 star car with very very low prize points. Please give equal stars car to compete with..

Rebel Racing APK

I'm driving my life away, looking for a better day that I can beat all those other drivers! Great graffics and great ride.. Great game good graphics,only thing missing the brakes. if i had to rate it out of 10 it will be sold 8/10. But low key this game is the best.

Download ( V25.00.18437 )

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