NameCarX Drift Racing 2
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ReleaseCarX Technologies, LLC

A chic sequel to everyone’s favorite drift game. CarX Drift Racing 2 has to be very careful, as this gameplay can drag you out for many hours. You will experience a brand new game mode, train in pair drifting, and get total satisfaction from crazy adventures. Try to complete two runs in a row. In the first one, you will be the leader and in the other, the pursuer. This game project uses a 100-point judging system for the first time in history. The best workout is in XDS mode. It is here that you can change the car to the leader and the pursuer at any time. Put the most incredible experiments, test your abilities, and work out the intricacies of the pursuit. Here you can train perfectly to confront future live players confidently.

Here you will find a virtual tuning of your car; you can change not only mirrors, bumpers, thresholds, and many other subtleties. An utterly realistic racing toy awaits you, from which it will be impossible to tear yourself away shortly. It remains only to start, and your race will be endless.


– New cars Interstate, Hummel, Grace GT;
– New body kits for Wanderer L30 and Atlas GT;
– Tasks for a pair drift in a single game;
– New league for high-speed races in the campaign;
– Scoring for paired drifting in a network game;
– Category Tuning of the day in the tuning workshop;

CarX Drift Racing 2 MOD

Got banned for either no reason or because I got 1st in single player time attack leader board. This is a great game but I can't recommend anyone play this if they just ban people for no good reason. I put way to much time / money in this game just to get banned for playing the game. I don't even use or make bannable liveries.. As a racist, this is the best racing/drifting game on mobile IMO, but would it be better if it has realtime day/night scenes based on timezones? Who knows. Would also be great if it has funtional headlights (pop-ups).. it's keep crushing! i have xiaomi 9s, i never had problems with this game i play over 1year and now it won't even open. I had set my age to 14 for no graphical content immediately I see a graphical person 'strange girl' already there, I suggest for the developers to change this. Please add clipping zones to the multiplayer mode, I am chasing a a player who I have never played with before and his lead is literally unpredictable..

CarX Drift Racing 2 APK

Other then me losing almost all data thru x platforms ios - Android i love it... BUT IM F.N dissatisfied with how I can't get my paid stuff back . Please bring back the first car x drifting some of us are poor and don't have wifi and I love playing this game all the time. Devs I hope u see this text and roll out an update soon,plz add Porsche's and mclarens n koiensegg if possible :) Revalutinary game Yep has a heating issue which can be reduced after few updates.. Can you fix the lag and crash in lowend devices please,Btw the game is good i like the sound,animation and cars:>.

CarX Drift Racing 2 APK

Great game but why everytime I open up the app and it shuts down, sometimes it does that while I'm in a race please fix. You want high graphics car game? This is the one. You have no rights to complain if it lags or whatsoever. This is the best mobile car graphics game ever.. The whole game is astonishing, but the livery editor is lacking a lot with glitches and less control over decals. The best drifting game ever also mr. Anay patil you wrote a review about that you can not just drift for fun without following any objective so just go to 'singleplayer' and select drift then choose a map and select training . Now you can drift freely.

CarX Drift Racing 2 APK

I have a request,in the next update please add some new maps in online room.please., the game is awesome Can you please make the side mirrors more realistic. I love this game but it crashes way to much makes me not want to play because of the constantly having to reopen the game. don't tell me to uninstall and reinstall clear my catche force stop or that it's my phone. I've done all of those things and it still crashes, my phone is top of the line. The amount you charge for things in this games are down right criminal when on other platform you sell the entire game for the price of one car on your mobile app? Are you insane or just that greedy?. I used to use a hack in this game but you banned us (know it's against the rules) but we just enjoy drifting and costumizing in game cuz we can't do it irl and you took it from us, thanks.

I have lost my main account progress because of the stupid saving system its a nightmare to switch between different accounts u guys really need to use Facebook or Google as way to save progress in the game. wow the high of graphics is great and i love the drift vut th part of my favorite is you have supra mk4 my fav car. Great game, the pass gives free cars, but the annoying part is the fuel, 1 mistake and the run is over.. It looks like a good. Let me explain I tried to load in but keeps kicking me out of the game if you have time can you look into it please because it looks like a really game to play.

There are many problems, especially with the stability of the car. Why is not like the computer version? I hope you can solve the many problems. I really like this game because it's graficts are very nice in its car sound are much real like real car and it's fire come from the car are so,nice and their are so many nice car ummm I like supra Mk4 and nishan GTR I give five star for this game because I just like the graficts,car control and drift etc............ Really good quality is nice and it is very smooth you can drift fun as and it is such an amazing app creators I hope you make more like this. This is fun. UI is kinda confusing and I hope you guys iron out some changes that'll help make it more easy to navigate through but I'm impressed!.

Just the updates are a killer to stop from looping. Need updates fixedmand patched for efficiency on older devices maybe.?. Bro this game's graphics are very nice and too many customisation for your car , I love this game so much. This game is straight up fire no bad reviews but we really need a change in the weather like rainy part of the map.. Man , to be honest , this is the one of the greatest drift racing game of all time , just look at the graphics and the cars and the real drift physics , this is a PC level racing game !.

If your playing on a Samsung device don't expect your gamepad to work right most the time. Gamepad seems to lose signal to device for half a second then goes back to normal several times while playing. Samsung nor car x will do anything about it so your stuck dealing with this issue a good 70 percent of the time. The other 30 percent gamepad works just fine. I'm playing on a Samsung s21 plus on android 14, you'd think for a 1200 dollar phone this wouldn't be a problem. Not.. Fix this garbage!. I love this game it's just amazing I like it there much varieties of cars and modifications and stuff it's a good game the graphics are good as a mobile game. Good game!i can't believe that mobile drift racing available for pc version , anyways the graphics is realistic and the cars looks cool but please make it playable on potato devieces pls,my brother can't play on the potato device. I do agree with the many people who spoke word on this game. This is by far a brilliant game but for some reason i cant get on it on my chromebook, and my tablet is better but you will still be kicked out within 1-2 race/events. Please do try solve this issue. But overall, its a fantastic game and has excellent graphics, and is deffinetly the best game (in terms of graphics and customisation options) for anything more mobile. Ive heard carxdr3 is releasing soon, hopefully you can fix it on that..

I don't like this game. The cars turn so slow and even tho I'm not trying to go offtrack or turning it does it for no reason it ruins my drifts!. Ahh!!! Man such a nice game I loved it so much because the graphics, the physics of the car and drifting it's just outstanding... But we need more features in this game like in car x online in (PC) because we have limited time to play in room we cannot do tandem coz we don't knew each other, we cannot make our own room(premium) to call our friends etc.. And we also cannot rejoin the same room thou. Pls make the fuel limit more or exceed the time of them so we easily can play each other... Wanted me to buy a car with actual money right after I completed the tutorial. No thanks, your app sucks. I'm not paying to play.. All I've done so far is watch the game load then update then download a update, finally got to a tutorial then it jumped back to my home screen Open app again and wait 5 mins to download update AGAIN only for it to crash on me again. Ain't got the time or patience for this so uninstalled. Never even got a chance to race! .

I used to have a 2 star rating for this game and I still believe in the points I made and the reasoning for the rating but I still have the game and I still play it over a year later so it's gotta be better than I said it was. It's the best drifting game on the play store.. Vary nice game muja koi asa game nahi mala to ma is ka bara ma suna or ja baut acha game.

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