NameTaxi Racing – Crazy Driver

Taxi Run: Traffic Driver is incredible racing, drive, and great action. In this game project, you will find a lot of interesting, new, and downright crazy.

You will play the role of a taxi driver, and your main goal will be to take the passenger to a certain point. All this sounds quite simple and easy, but in the end, you will have to try to complete at least one order on time. On your way, you will constantly come across various obstacles that you will have to get through somehow. The most challenging railroad crossings, where trains rush at a crazy speed. Pretty slow vans, long limousines, large trucks, and small cars. All this will constantly interfere with you and test your nerves.

Try to dodge any car, drive at high speed between trains, and complete more stringent requirements. You can choose a great vehicle for yourself, ranging from the smallest to racing cars. There are many different locations, movement patterns, and very bright colors—straightforward controls, the most fun gameplay, crazy design, and a pleasant interface.

Taxi Racing – Crazy Driver MOD

This is actually one of the dumbest games I've downloaded waste of time basically from as far as I played it witch wasn't long all your doing is earning keys and getting new rides same crappie area no thxs. I like the game it runs so fast it kinda looks like fast & furious but the only one thing that I want is the people that need rides like for example u will stop by a peopl| to get him/her then after u get him/her in her location another people u have to get so pls add that!. I paid for no ads and I'm still getting them!!! Please fix this. My grandson loves playing this and it's highly frustrating for him to have ads. I don't know what else to do but I want no ads or my money back!!! Thank you. Just too much ads can't even get through two rounds and it just kinda play for u I will really like it if it reduces the ads and STOP!playing for u. I wish i could give this game -inf i watxhed a add for the game i showed you can drift the car, but i was so wrong. You can't even drift in the game.

Taxi Racing – Crazy Driver APK

Brooo I had the best luck dude I literally had the spoiler alert bat mobile in my first spinnnnn IDK why one more thing the graphics are perfect for sterlyd game lovers like me and there are so many cars too dude best game everrrrr but theres this disturbing fact once you get the Barbie car get the two bike and one man in the middle of it it's in the legend section and if you eqip it there's barbie standing behind you as the passenger so she has a literal bloody knife in her neck and some blood. It's OK just the game does the turns for you and I seen a ad for it saying "No ADS!" Which was a lie because five levels in I got a ad, like that's false advertising, is it not?. Not what the ad said at all, it's really, I hate it, it said, you can do whatever you want and you can't, you can't run off the road, you can't hit people at all. It's not really fun at all. It is a nice game but I tried to download it on my tablet and its not downloading I don't know if its my tablet or not.

Taxi Racing – Crazy Driver APK

absolutely awful all you have to do is hold down on the screen and it does everything no point in installing do not recommend. It is a world's worst game. I will don't give this game any star because in this game are many ads. Ilovethat games is good and extreme for my kids but one loves it so much he could copy me when I drive the car. Terrible game when I uninstalled it when I uninstalled the game. It still showed up on my phone like it was still there and wouldn't let me get rid of it. And if I tried to disable it it would say disabling failed this game sucks my opinion.

Taxi Racing – Crazy Driver APK

I remember i was 6 and wanted to try this game and when i tried o my god this game stole my heart and no after 7years when i again installed it from an ad i flet the emotions when i was 6 and remembered the cars which i had and the biggest point this app does not have ads so you can say nostalgia hits hard . I am giving only three because it has a lag on getting coins while driving pls fix this bug quickly . It's good game but not for all, for me it's better enough. I am level 100+ now here road to level 200. This game is awesome! I used to play a delivery driver game with similar mechanics, but Taxi Run has nicer graphics, it's an easy to play game but also very exciting! If you enjoy this style of racing games it is definitely worth the download. Thank you devs! Keep up the great work!.

It's awesome but they have to add a garage where you can customize your vehicles and there tires and rims and add a mode where you can be in first person and a graphics option but hey awesome job. 1 of the Bests game on the play store. Love the game it's super underrated. Airplane mode takes off the ads and omg it barely has 1 complaintsto it. The complaint I have is that it has easy levels. Make the levels harder.. This stupid car keeps hitting me over and over frick your game trash everbody delete it it will get you anoyyed. I thought I get to control but no you just hold down the screen+ it was to easy Dont get this game.

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