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Multiplayer – car battle! Use perks. Destroy enemies. Take crowns. It is challenging to create a game that would be relatively simple and at the same time bring an excellent income to developers due to the ability to donate. The creators of the game Car Crash managed to create a balance between entertaining gameplay and advertising. The user is practically not distracted from the gameplay.

And the task in the game is as follows: using a vehicle that does not have brakes; you need to drive through several locations, trying to survive and destroy the cars of rivals who strive to dismantle your “ship” for parts. To quickly pass the track, you need to turn to the sides in time and perform maneuvers not to crash and keep up with opponents.

You can ram their cars or use a rich arsenal of weapons attached to your vehicle to unsettle enemies. Before starting the race, you can choose different vehicles: buses, trucks, sports cars, and even tanks. Just download Crash of Cars for Android and start the battle on wheels to do this.

Bonuses are scattered along the entire road length, which will help you defeat opponents faster and increase your winnings. It is also necessary to collect coins to upgrade the car and become the best racer on the road. To score the most points per level, you should collect the crowns scattered around the location and shoot down the enemies.

Features of Car Crash Game:

  • “Live” leaderboard.
  • Bonus promotions and enhancements.
  • More than 30 vehicles are available.
  • Ability to play in 4 locations.

Before you download Crash of Cars for Android and try to be at the table of the best players, you should check if the Internet is working well because the game will not start without it.

Download ( V1.8.02 )

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