NameDubai Drift 2
Size27.03 Mb
ReleaseZero Four LLC

Favorite entertainment of millions of players around the world. Dubai Drift 2 you can enjoy a real drift when you test your car for strength on beautiful playgrounds.

Completely realistic physics, a lot of collectible cars and the most interesting adventure await you. Everything will happen completely free of charge, which means you have every opportunity to become the best.

Become a professional drifter, get the coolest cars in your collection, and drift in the most incredible places. You can share your achievements on social networks at any time. Do not be ashamed of your madness, only in this way you will be noticed and you will become a famous person.

Try to fight online with a variety of opponents. Invite your friends to the game project and try to win in the arena of four cars. The most beautiful venues in the city of Dubai are waiting for you, and you can play around the clock and run your monster at full capacity. From this moment on, your friends will not be able to pass this project by, they must prove that they are better than you. There is nothing impossible here and all the results depend only on you.

Dubai Drift 2 MOD

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Dubai Drift 2 APK

Jhfycfu is fully Love for us all and a great place to work for us in the other side and I hope that we can get a good service to express our gratitude. Your game is awesome but can you make it for android 5 and above because I have another phone that is android 5 and I try to get the game so pls make it for android 5 and above. I downloaded the game I went and opened freeroam mode and when I started to drift it continues to drift. Very bad don't reccemond as a drifting game.. Worst game ever I can't open online mode and in solo the car work automatically with out touching my hands in screen.

Dubai Drift 2 APK

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Download ( V2.5.7 )

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