NameXtreme Racing 2
ReleaseXtreme Games Studio

Ride on the best cars. Xtreme Drift 2 can not only ride excellent vehicles but also try to make an incredible drift. This exciting simulator is ready to burn your tires at astonishing speed, increase your speed with nitro, and drive the most amazing cars. Can you take control of these fantastic cars, beat other players, and win the Grand Prix? We all love such racing projects, excellent tuning, and cool cars. Test all your professional driving skills and do your best to reach the finish line first.

This game’s primary and essential goal is to win more races throughout the season. Do not forget about the cool bosses that you need to beat during the races. There will be everything, racing, ski jumping, drifting, and more. You will be able to achieve a specific goal, but for this, you will have to smash many cars. You need good speed, incredible handling, and great vehicles. You will have quite serious opponents who are not so easy to beat. It remains only to gain the courage to beat any opponent in this simulator.

Xtreme Racing 2 MOD

Game is so boring. Xtreme motor bike is good game Extreme drift 2 not a unlimited money so it is a boring game. How to earn money, the game is good but there is one problem, money is not easy to get, I am going to delete the game.. I give at 3 because of Lag problem So please can you add surpa in the game But all game ok. This is very good game and I like it their cars the super car and one speed cars that is SuperCops I like supercars the police on it I like this so much. I like this game a lot but just in the online game it keeps giving me the same high guy again. how do you rate it.

Xtreme Racing 2 APK

bad game in world Site roll number:-original good game in world 5star rating game good game power of world game game is beautiful graphics originally in the game. It is really good game and it was best to kids I thought everyone can play this game it was really good game.. I love your game very much and it is very awesome but I want to tell you that I think that you should add like a map in which we can test our cars like there spedd etc and also a stunt map . And you should also make another map of city , desert etc . And also add some new cars like Mercedes avatar , roll Royce , supra etc and also some Jeep and Indian famous cars. Best car driving game. Most realistic Car game I have ever seen. good graphics and very good game. I wanted to rate 20 star if there were. I recommend to download this game..

Xtreme Racing 2 APK

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