NameTuner Life Online Drag Racing
ReleaseMini IT

A unique world of racing and crazy speeds awaits you. Tuner Life Online Drag Racing is now the time has come when you can test yourself in this racing project, take advantage of unique opportunities and place the highest bet on victory.

The strongest riders have gathered here, so it’s worth testing yourself in full. There is no place for weak players, they will fly out at the first level. This unique world of tough guys who are in no way inferior to each other. Now we have to find out who will become the coolest racer in the world. You can enter competitions with live opponents, test your abilities and challenge any player.

Here you will be able to experience all 80 unique cars and a variety of classes and moods. Realistic physical components and each of the parameters have a certain value. You yourself will be able to supply unique spare parts, wind up your car and improve its performance. You are waiting for flexible settings, and for each race, you can choose your own. If you like to express yourself, then here you can create a work of art from your car. Beautiful graphics, crazy sounds, and many interesting moments throughout the game.

Tuner Life Online Drag Racing MOD

The game is entirely ptw, the shifts suck and I wouldn't be surprised if the 5 star ratings are from the devs themselves... The more i upgrade the car .. still lost to another cars that below than me .. is there logic the opponent always keep distance that long even my car is fully upgraded and lost to standard car hah ?. game already good but the launch thing is kinda weird . because no car with ecu or without runs from 800 rpm . try to fix this please. Tuner Life is a great racing game! The cars and tuning costs are expensive later on, but I wish there is a way to get free gold besides completing quests. Other than that, it's a five out of five stars rating from me so keep at it!. Doesn't even work. Game opens and makes you choose to sign in with Facebook or choose "Later", made my choice and it just get the loading symbol spinning to infinity..

Tuner Life Online Drag Racing APK

Doesnt load and I own a s10 plus. This app needs to be fix has a lot of potential. Just sad how there has been multiple updates and still it doesn't work. Wish I could of played it but stuck on loading screen. Its sad its says they fix bugs in the game be at there's already another comment a couple of months before this complaining of the same thing obviously no one cares. Awesome game awesome graphics the car sounds are awesome its gives you the feel to play this game on another level which is cool. If you can fix the other app called Forbidden racing that problem of it is I can't load please do so fix it it would appreciated and update the ratings.!. I'm always stuck on the loading screen when I try to play. I'm using a new phone that I just got. It is a Moto G Stylus. I downloaded it on my old phone (Samsung Galaxy J7) and still did not work. I really want to try this game out very badly. The picture look awesome. I'm interested in the game. If you can please fix this bug..

Tuner Life Online Drag Racing APK

So why the HECK is it not loading. 5hours later ITS NOT DONE YET fix it pls bc this game is so disappointing. Games good but needs work like never being able to start as fast as the person/avatar ur racing and not being able to enter the championship even after a week and spending real money in the game ur lucky to 1 championship race even after a week and a half playing daily. You can't change the cars appearance other than rims paint and decal if u have plenty of gold and it takes forever to match u with the same 4/5 AIs apart from these issues this could be a great game. How do you make an update on the 27th and the games still doesn't work. 1 star . Fix it. ... I'm on a brand new Samsung note 10 and the S20! Works on nothing!!! Please fix. It worked one time on my work phone. . Lg STYLO 5. I spent 15 minutes waiting for the game to even begin I sat at log in screen so long I went to sleep so sorry y'all I uninstalled your game get that fixed might give it another shot on down the line.

Tuner Life Online Drag Racing APK

The game takes an hour to load and that it stays at the loading process on the start of the game.. Has an energy system in order to race. Sorry but real racing does not use energy. Everything cost gold Including buying rims for your car and there is very little to choose from. I'm a big drag racing fan and building cars is something I do irl but when you make a game and base it off an energy system a lot of people will not play it.. I like the game but I think body custimization would be good to even if it was just a wing we could add on it would be good. Game doesnt even work. Cant get oast the first login screen. I click on one or hit later and nothing works..

Forbidden racing was my first drag racing on pc but after the release of this one I have to leave all behind and start everything here. All the setting are same why not updating only one game than creating a new? Nevermind it's a great game keep it up by adding more customisation like body parts etc.... good graphics not much tuning should be called "Bolt on Life" and its a grind to get better cars/upgrades which is hard when your energy runs out after like 9 races. Graphics are good but race performance is mediocre. If it's online racing, the servers must be really small if you race the same person 10 times in a row. The garage area is cool with the actual engine models with realistic parts you can install, but tuning is questionable. Unless you can actually tune ignition timing, gear ratios, cam timing, torque curves, boost, nitrous, dampers, spring stiffness, sway bar stiffness, and tire pressure, don't call it "tuning" because it's NOT tuning.. Great game! good graphics, good game play, do need a free way to make gold tho besides the quests. Other than that great game!.

I LOVE THE GAME THERE IS ONLY ONE QUESTION WHY DO I NEED TO RELEASE THE GAS PEDAL TO SHIFT. Why not let me shift with the pedal down but there is nothing wrong with the game. i really love this game but one thing i wish you guys could do is like make it to you earn more money in 1/4 mile and you shiuld add like some muscle cars but other than that this game is really amazing anf keep up the good wotk on it. bad game because needed to download google play games and needed account in google play games so please fix this problem. I wasted 117 philipine peso in this game to buy 40 gold and it didn't even send the credits and gold to my account I advise just don't play this stupid game and please refund my 117 philipine pesos.

I like the game.It has cool cars.But when I click on 1/4 mile races it doesn't work.The player challenges me and the challenge gets cancelled and we are forced to go back to the garage.This is so annoying.. I was very excited about this game but when downloaded it was not opening only so i cant play it my time wasted .....

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