NameCafe Racer

Endless races in which you will take part. Cafe Racer, great classics await you, racing on highways and highways, and everything will happen on motorcycles. This project differs significantly from similar projects in its stylized graphics. Here you will find a unique system of upgrades for your motorbike. Gradually, you can earn money by buying a new steering wheel, headlights, engine, or even seats—the most original spare parts, many exciting levels, and everything that will give you pleasure.

Do not forget about the engine, which can significantly improve and make a motorcar out of your motorcycle. Unique movement systems, everything that will help you achieve certain decisions and win the most important competitions. In addition, all the money earned can be used to buy a new motorcycle, choose a particular option for yourself and solve all your problems—friendly and very colorful graphics, crazy speeds, and everything that will help you spend your free time. You must become the best and show all your qualities as a professional racer. It remains only to prove yourself and become the best in these crazy races.

Cafe Racer MOD

Game is good but please, can you add a manual gearbox mode, sensitivity settings, and more money for players to gain. Thank you. This game is really fun, but I ask if you guys can fix the money thing. It's hard to make money to buy anything but overall the game is fun. And keep it up. I love this game so much like I can't say anythingPLS make more of these or make a game like this but A CAR THAT WOULD BE AMAZING PLSS. This game is awesome but I want to request to add a new feature that is changing the camera mode while driving the bike.If the feature is there this game is my favourite game.. Game absolutely Fantastic but want some changes more controls!!! And some like realistic and when bike crashes!! After some time it want to show how the bike crashed animated short video how he carshed speed and all bal bla bla!!!?but bro listen it carefully . . . Wee want some superbikes and Side wings of bikes in next update otherwise we all we delete this game And bring exhaust also bye!!.

Cafe Racer APK

I love this game.some things need to be added like more motorcycles to buy ,add some more maps (eg:highway with high speed vehicles)make it a little bit easier to earn money.. That 5 star was a no-brainer. Just love it. Pick up you bike and just ride off! Customise it, paint it, make it your own. The only thing I would suggest is addition of mufflers/mods to change the sound of the engine, would make it perfect. That game is so cool and interesting but this game graphics is not good and the control & move is very bad and bugs alive. I not like this game because of that problem.. I like it and like when they till u to rate them the say good words to and I feel it will make people happy..

Cafe Racer APK

The game CAFE RACER wow one of the best Racing games i ever played. The game is super addictive, with best gameplay, easy controls, multiple maps, couple of bikes, the animation is just perfect , I really love the concept of this game, Im enjoying playing this game. This time I didn't regret playing now game ... Good game,but it takes a l good game but it takes lot of time to get it clear tell of this game so much I mean I love it but ancient sound is too bad the graphics or wonderful I mean wonderful it is I love it it is so cool and I love the game the only bad thing about it it takes it takes a lot of time to load can you make that stop happening for sometime please just for can you make it little cricket load. In all bikes game this is my number one game because the graphics bikes and very well rated game and only 60 mb omg very good game. I know the games called Cafe racer bit please add some touring bikes or sports bikes just other fun bikes a bike I think must be added is a Honda nighthawk or a cb500 also please make it easier to make money cause I've been playing for a couple hours and haven't been able to buy one bike yet but thought are my only complaints great game.

Cafe Racer APK

love the vibe of the game, but if it was a high poly game with multiple maps and multiplayer, it gonna be the best motocycle game on mobile phone i think. But the game itself is very nice one.. Its super good i just wish something i wish i can customize the shape of the engine or buy another engine for my motor. i really enjoy this game, you can customize your motorcycle to your likings and the game mechanics overall is amazing, its really a cool game to play when your bored or if you're interested in riding motorcycles like me this really does the job that can make you feel like you're riding a motorcycle.. The games is good and all but I request alot of things 1st is thet the ai drivers could crash or crashed before the player came and it makes a traffic jam 2nd is make the hospital function like a real one and when the player leaves he gets out the hospital building and rides his bike through the city and to any map of the players choice 3nd is add semi trucks and like the player can like have a fuel system 4th is add police functions that they can give a ticket to the player.

5 stars for so many reasons, so fun and so many ways to customize your motorcycle, so funny to figure out ways to crash and the graphics are amazing,(as in perfect for this kind of game) but I would've gave 4 stars because of how long it takes to make money, but it's not worth 4. good game besides the fact if you have been going at high speed for 6 minutes out of a fifteen minute run and get hit by a blind van driver you lose your ENTIRE high speed bonus. also the bikes are kind of pricey when compared to the amount of cash you get even on a good run. other than that I have no complaints. would be nice to see some more bikes in the game with more specific names. 70's-80's dirt bike parts would be neat too since at that time they still somewhat looked like road bikes.. The loading screens between every menu are a little annoying tbh, most games don't have this many loading screen, and I think the "Close calls" on expert difficulty need to be a reworked and a little tuned up, often times I have an extremely close call going 130km/h+ and the game just doesn't recognize it. Overall, a nice game, hopefully in the future we will see some more missions (besides the 3 daily tasks), challenges, levels, races, online mode, etc. +Thanks for not forcing us to watch ads.. This game really Fantastic, you guys should add fuel system and Cops that Chase you when you one high speed.

Love this game. One feature I'd love to see that has never made into the game after 5 years is toggle throttle lock. Maybe make it a double tap or a separate button? I absolutely hate the fact that it is either on or off. Great game. It was very interesting at first but after some time playing the game it has became boring. There is nothing new to do you just ride your motorcycle. The prices of the bikes and maps are also very expensive. I have been playing this game for 9 months and I have only bought the third bike and the third map. I request the game developers to please add some sort of missions to make money faster and easier and please make the prices cheaper. Thank you for reading.. The new update looks gate but i can't refuel my bike here. After riding for 4-5 km it runs out of fule and stops. It's so annoying. Why you have to give a fule penalty and no way to refule it. Fix it. I can't ride more than 4-5 km now. Bruh. Best game. But theres only one thing the crash doesnt make sense at all if the bikes tires air goes to car and then you will fall down. But in the last udate everything was perfect.PLS fix this PLS.

I usually dont give reviews but this games deserves it, it nails the feel and is the only game with accelerometer on I've played, cus it works Actually funny and witty with the loading screens and item reviews Feels like it was done with love and an actual feel of a bike and tailor made for the tilt control, I highly recommend them, its responsive and only gives problems with the autocalibration, learn them and play it in extreme Download it to kill time and have some fun while at it. Really good game for bored people no popup ads and really rewarding when reaching such record but the income from every session needs to be increased P.s:I also like your humor. Great game, great physics however the AI needs some fixng, they dont really know how to drive as they keep hitting me, as if am not there?. Okay the game is very good but the reason I gave it four stars is because I want you to add character costimzaion so you can costimize your character and you can choose it's gender..

this game so good i am play this game every time and love this game place not ban this game fof paly stora lam request place. game is really good, customization are very variable, which is what I like, and gameplay is really fun, but I'd like to have like some sort of fairing bikes in this game cause the fairing cockpit modification is just not enough. This game is one of the best games ever, graphics are the best!, also really fun because you don't need internet, but it's that it doesn't show me my top speed, but it's all right I can remember it, I did "41.99 KM" almost 42 KM, but I am giving it 5 stars because it's really good. This game is honestly amazing but one thing tho thay need to drop another game like this but with sport bikes or just add sport bikes in the game that's all but the game is really fun..

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