NameTorque Drift
ReleaseGrease Monkey Games Pty Ltd

Become a professional drift king. Torque Drift first you have to create your own car, choose a certain color for it, as well as other characteristics.

Look for sponsors, and take part in the coolest tournaments that are listed all over the world. You are waiting for real online competitions, in which you must end up as the drift king.

Here you will find a real physical component that will appeal to all players. A completely unique drift, as well as real professional opponents. Modern sponsors, great spare parts, and crazy graphics.

You will see real smoke effects, you can carefully tune your car, and pick up certain characteristics and power for it. Individually color it, make it completely unique and get the best for future victories. All damage is absolutely real, and your car will be the most powerful on this planet of toys.

There is an instant replay mode, so you have every opportunity to become a leader and get a lot of rewards. How quickly you become a winner depends only on your skills. It remains only a little push to win his first race.

Torque Drift MOD

Awesome game, surprisingly all cars are attainable, highly customizable livery (paint & graphics) the tuner tent (garage) highly customizable you can definitely tell a gearheads behind the development of this game. Very impressed ....oh and the 3 day test drives are awsome and constant as well it to know what im talking about!! Lastly can hook your ps2/xbox (b.t.) controller and its highly customizable as well!!!. It's very sad and annoying to be this angry at a game as good as this ... honestly it's bloody annoying when I'm drifting on long beach and after the u turn the game just looses fps I've even lowered the damn game quality buh it's just thaf one section after the bloody u turn that has made me delete this game... I'm not happy at all .. LOVE THE GAME. The only thing that could be tweaked is the engine sounds, everything else it to my liking. Also, add an autobahn. Most fun and realistic drifting game I've seen yet! Insane graphics! Actual Racers, and multiple maps and cars to get and Play with! Plus: you can buy parts to make your car faster, cooler and more expensive! This game has seasonal events! And sometimes community events! 100% would recommend.. This is one of the best drifting games I played There is no other drifting games better than this so I think u guys should keep up the good work I love ur game.

Torque Drift APK

This is the type of game that gets me out of bed a 3am to collect daily rewards. Very addictive and enticing game a few suggestions though pls would you make the car interiors more realistic and defined and also add the famous Shotu Expressway Track ?? I would have given a 7 star for this game realistic graphics, crash effects singleplayer and much more. Wonderful game devs can't wait for TD2 also . (do not recommend!)compared to tourqe Burnout this is a failed game with bad physics, physics are worse than FR Legends could have just copied the physics from torque burnout, graphics are bearable on maximum though also look terrible, if you want a good drifting game with good physics and graphics recommend downloading (1.CarX drift racing2) (2.CarX drift racing) (3.CarX street) (4.FR Legends) (5.Tourqe Burnout). How does having 40,000 something bullion is that much,bullion???,I see the pictures of your game it has 7M Bullion... Please Unban me for this inconvenience. Also, i saw in the photos of your game that it has 7 bullion, and i have 40,000 something bullion, so how is that much bullion. Please Unban me for this kind of mistake. Also, the name of my Torque drift account is NIERZRTX or something... I'm not sure, but yea, please Unban my account, please.... Love this game is so much fun and drifting is so exciting getting TD crates are so exciting and fun because you don't know what you're going to get out of the TD crates and drifting with the cars and getting new cars and getting new levels it's so much fun.

Torque Drift APK

This is a amazing game! I would definitely recommend it!!! Especially when you play it on pc it is awesome . I love the game but recently when I try to play it loads the logo but then stuck on a black screen. Can I get some help on how to fix or something . The game has all the good things to be a relevant drift game with actual damage models except for the graphics. The game looks so very ugly with probably 480p render resolution and almost zero draw distance. It's difficult to enjoy a game when the presentation feels so cheap.. It's a really great game I can't get enough of it though I've ran into a problem when I mod my R34 and go to drive it, it only gets to gear 2 and to 67-68 mph but when it's stock it works just fine so is there any way to fix this?.

Torque Drift APK

Bro this is absolutely a 00 double zero it's not even letting me download it no matter how much stuff I delete bro this sucks. Its an enjoyable and realistic game .. i used to play it for a long time but now its becoming boring nothing new....and something annoying and unfair that cars with less horsepower and torque(900 hp and 800torque) is storger than cars with 1400hp and 1100 torque... It won't work at all it says that I have failed to log in and waited a whole year and still can't play the game it just sucks but when I could play the game it was a great gift game so fix it. Can't even play the game. Phff. EDIT; Turbo fan wheels are now available. This game has been excellent to play. The tuning and how it effects drive ability has provided hours of fun in its self. Disappointed to see that turbo fan wheels are unavailable for purchase this years Christmas event like we could last year. Have been looking forward to being able to buy a couple of sets for months..

Best racing or drifting game I've had.I love how they have actual FD cars and every car u buy is completely customizable and tunable. Game is very good everything thing from cars to its modification, tuning to racetracks and drift physics are pretty awesome but the main problem that i am facing now is the login issue, every time i open this game it says "Failed to Login" and i have changed internet connections to resolve and have reinstalled it twice but it doesn't help, it is stuck on that same login error, can you tell me how to resolve this issue?. Best drifting game for ya phone there is tbh. Has a few things that could be fixed, but overall, peak game.. El juego es casi perfecto, pienso que faltan un par de cosas, una de ellas creo que podria ser un mini mapa para algunas pistas, ya que puede ser algo complicado recordar las curvas, y otra es una optimizacin en el moto multijugador, puedo jugar fluidamente este juego con todos las opciones graficas al maximo,pero siempre que un jugadro se une a una sala, el juego empieza a pegar tirones y bajones de fps, lo que lo vuelve bastante injugable en multiplayer, en cuanto al resto estoy satisfecho<3.

This game is really good. Not so much on mobile though. I get why but the graphics could be better as well as the controls.. Great drift game, wish there wereore cars but the customization aspect is definitely on point. But do not buy a lot of upgrades for your car all at once. I had 450k and spent it all on parts and the game has crashed twice and I had to uninstall and try again.. Best drifting exercise ever amazing work and game play worth paying for it and has the best fixings I ever seen!. Iv been wanting to play this forever after falling in love with burnout but it won't let me. I install it and all I get is a black screen. I hope this can be fixed cuz I look forward to playing it..

It was an ok game to play when it worked but the last update the game No longer opens up. It opens up to logo screen then just stays there. Pretty good game overall good mechanics a lot of car customization which as a car guy I love and not a lot of car games have that amount of customization 5 stars great game keep it up devs!.

Download ( V2.28.0 )

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