NameTrivia Race 3D
SizeVaries with device
ReleaseApps Mobile Games

n this entertaining Trivia Race 3D adventure, you will have to ride on the platform, as well as answer the questions correctly.

It will be an interesting and very unusual race that you have never played. You will play with the ball, which will have to go through all the most difficult and interesting. Challenge yourself to the fullest, answer the most difficult questions, and move forward. I wonder how far you can go on this adventure? Pass interesting levels, answer questions correctly, and confidently move to the finish line.

Only the smartest, luckiest, and most competitors will be the first to reach the finish line. An entertaining and very colorful adventure in which you can have a great rest, think with your head, and earn yourself an excellent reputation. Only the best will be able to become the first, which means you have to try and do everything right.

Trivia Race 3D MOD

I love the game but I hate that your opponent can copy you and you have to share the bonus with a cheater. Had too many ads and some questions were wrong and didn't make sense the answers to some questions were completely wrong stupid game I hate it 0 stars don't download it at all. I just started playing this game and i must say I'm enjoying it looking for a game to play try this one. The game was really good but the questions was a little bit hard but it was super fun you should buy it . I found it strugling and difficult which makes it fun for long car rides and there is so much to do so in never really ends but it gets a little repetitive at times..

Trivia Race 3D APK

Interesting game, great solution for boredom! However opponents may look qt you and pick the answer that you choose, and it's somehow not really fair, so I was thinking if you tell them who they are playing against but then make us invisible so they can't see, and then in the end it tells us the results!. This game is fun and the answers aren't too easy. The biggest issue for me is when the question doesn't show up and I just have to pick an option without any context.. Its alright like but the ads the glitches are so annoying but I do like the question sometimes it even helps me with school but I just stay on the same path and its annoying but I kinda recommend to download the game. I really like this game I was on a car ride and I followed this game and now I'm addicted.

Trivia Race 3D APK

It's a great game and I started out rating it a 5, but had to lower it because I'm playing against the same people constantly, and the trivia questions have all become repetitive. It's not as exciting as it started off, and I don't think I'll be playing anymore, until there's change. I doubt there will be, however, because people were complaining about the exact thing in 2020.... This game is so addicting, its really entertaining, and you could learn new stuff. The only prommblem is that there are so much ads, after every match, there'll be mins long ads, which are really annoying, but overall, it's pretty fun. If your bored and have nothing to do, this is the game for you. I think its pretty worth it, the ads are the only downfall from the game but besides that, you can play all day. 8.5/10. W.. Makes you watch adds constantly even when they give you the option not too makes you watch them anyway you watch more adds then you get to play. I love this game its so fun and it teaches you knew facts and you get to compete with people or family and friends.

Trivia Race 3D APK

Switched phones and lost all progress to my game. Even in app purchases. Contacted the company and no response. I was on level 579. No way to back up the progress or login to save it.. The ad for the game made the player purposely lose on everything and it made me mad so I'm here.. I have been first sooooo many times because if you just follow the person racing with you you will always draw I have 2.76 diamonds. fix the thing that when a ad comes you can never skip and have to watch the whole ad and all the time it never lets me get off the ad and i haft to close the app FIX THIS.

It's fun but I can't how to change my username and there are many ads like at least let me play 2 rounds before an ad. So I literally went through y YouTube and it said wrong so I smashed my phone thanks to you people. I expect ads, however, it would be better to be able to play at least 2 rounds before each ad.... The game itself is enjoyable..... This was a fun tryout game. Finished leagues in a very short time. Too many age inappropriate ads and those ads run too long. I'm an adult so it doesn't affect me personally. Best wishes..

For an educational game, this is clearly the best I'd played yet, the controls are simple, the action is non-stop, and one could have fun for hours on end!. I got a question playing which one did chris pratt play in jurassic world or john wick i did jurassic world and its apparently wrong? And i made sure he plays in jurassic world and he does so the game has wrong answers. The game design is ok but some questions have wrong answers. So it's a guessing game on what they put as a correct answer even if it is wrong. Great game! Super fun for no reason best thing is u can play it with no wifi and that means no ads :).

Every time you try to like not take the diamonds for add it just puts it for some reason I do not like the app to they respect you to know some stuff but you just don't know it I want a pretty sure they're bots. Its just nice to play it when your bored and you don't know what to do on your phone/iPad/computer any device!. Lovely game but Too much ads And it ask for credit card in order to stop the ads. So they mean it. Fun twist on a trivia game. However found the question very US centric and got frustrated with having to guess the answers..

I don't really like it because it has false reasons I was playing and it said did Vikings were horns helmets and they did but I said it was false that is wrong so I don't really like it.. This game is too good and fun and it has a problem ads is the problem and some answers are wrong. This is so fun play for offline cause no ads and laggy but the trivia questions is over and over again. Please add some more hard questions. . It's a great game and using different themes makes it unpredictable and tense. But, there are a few problems. There is a long ad after almost every round and after playing for a while it gets laggy, while the questions get too repetitive and monotony..

Great game. Barely any adverts, and I love the different ball designs. I just wish the tracks were a little longer. . I love this game please add more levels and more.names of leader board yes please add more leader boards name because after a while I stay on same level so I reset it and go back to level 1 again. I got this game and I loved it! Then I got to level 450 and it suddenly stopped ! Don't waste your time !!!. Very good game U people get many Ads because u on the data and play so first off mobile data and play guy's U all who are camplaing to this game are stupides.

I can deal with the ads of there are.. I just wanted to say that not every person knows everything so I have to guess on most of them which is sometimes irritating. Have a good day.. CAN SOMEONE FIX THIS GAME BECAUSE I WANNA PLAY IT BUT WHEN IT SAYS GO GO GO MY SCREEN WAS FROZEN WHOEVER MADE THIS GAME PLEASE FIX IT!!! . Just downloaded the game from an advertisement because it looked fun. When I try to play it I get stuck at Go Go Go shortly after receiving my opponent. Not worth my time unless they it is fixed. Thank you.. The game is literally unplayable. I've had it downloaded for about 2 weeks and haven't been able to play once. It says ready. Go go go. And then it's froze... Every single time.

This game has many glitches and I do not recommend you to get it as there are glitches and advertisements... But its your choice! Edit: I can't even play the game when its says go go go! TERRIBLE GAME! This game is basically a scam the reviews say its good? Don't listen to them! Don't get scammed like I did!.

Download ( V1.13.24 )

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