NameReal Racing 3
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Real Racing 3 – this game project will provide you with the most incredible races, where you will need to gain some experience to feel this unique drive. The game is constantly expanding; more tracks are being added, and as many as 22 cars and more than a hundred unique manufacturers will be presented. In addition, you can experience the multiplayer mode, look at competitors’ tables, and participate in the most incredible races.

Here you can also make a wide variety of purchases, but this function can be easily turned off in the menu settings. Great graphics will attract any player, and you can see this anytime. You can take control of any car convenient for you, accelerate it to the limit,t and eventually win this competition.


– Mega mod
– 4 million MS
– 30 million R$
– 15 thousand gold (helmets)
– Purchased 302 vehicles
– Career completed 70%
– Player level 282

Real Racing 3 MOD

Good and best ever racing game but can you include pit stops, communication with the team and more race laps.. Games still sick I'm pissed off about the team races/tournament's, I had 2 good long time team mates was fun todo. Really nice game, real driving physics lots of thoughts put into this. This is far better than any of the Asphalt franchise. Would love it if you could just include an open world free driving through streets and all too, would be much appreciated. What a game it has many modes and also its a very realistic game I had been searching for a realistic one for a while I am currently having great time playing it. I was so excited about downloading this game. When the download completed and I opened it they told me to download additional files. When I try to download load it they tell me I should use WiFi but I can only use cellular data. Please help me I really need to try this and please is this offline? I could give it a higher rating if only I could try this game..

Real Racing 3 APK

It's probably the best realistic F1 game or the best car racing game in general a lot of depth in the game definitely it can keep you up for long hours really it has great graphics and just a overall 8.5 for 10. Prove your driving skills with the ultimate mobile racing experience! Take on the world-wide motorsports including Formula 1 - anytime, anywhere! Real cars. Real people. Real motorsports. This is Real Racing 3. Read on for important info below! Real Racing 3 is the award-winning franchise that sets a new standard for mobile racing games. This app offers in-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing using your device settings. This app may contain content provided by third parties. Ele. its alright cause the graphics are perfect but if it just had all cars opened and you can go to a free road with cars. Hhhhhhhhhh,I don't have much to say about this game but its pretty amazing,you guys should try it right now because its not like other games and that's according to me and my fellow friends.Guys please try it out and see, mman life is different with this game mman.Thanks.

Real Racing 3 APK

Im playing this game for years and years.. Good graphics, but most of the cars have same engine sound.. Other issues are, Every time when i open game first in a day in off line, it ask for update..also cant skip it. So if there is no data or internet - no play time. And plz add engine rev before start. Raining, cold and hot track temp. Pit lane quick service or tyre change.. These kind of things will change game to next level.. A good game. Graphics okay. Reality as its name. I love it. And I would like you guys to make a truck game with its reality as this. I can't miss to enjoy it!. This game so realistic and we can't find its a graphics real awesome this is the best racing game I ever seen. The best car racing game in android like Forza horizon,I ever played,i lik this game ,ahd this game play with friends and this game play offline,that's. A great thing,this game graphics are very good and game support low end device smoothly.

Real Racing 3 APK

Very good game, beautiful graphics, outsanding driving simulation. I understand there is no such thing as free dinner, but please. Once you start a 5 day event to win a 2022 F1 car and the second tier upgrades start to cost premium currency I think that is too much of a forced money squeeze. The game is much more outstanding, let people pay when/if they want, you dont need to camouflage that its a pay to win game with some free demo courses. The graphic design the cars the game its just too realistic a excellent game well made i promise you will never regret it.. As an F1 fan, I'm so upset, the fact that 2023 season F1 only have 4 track to races. Pls I want more track like Baku for 2023 and more.. Good game in the start you get some downloads but you download it then play it's best game in cars.

The game is great, but my only problem now is I can't see the car manufacturer brands in the garage. Hope you can fix it soon.. I hope there side mirror setting. It really annoy me to play on that not quite fully function side mirror. I could see that far object disepear n lack of border on far end track. U could at least make it consistent so it doesnt look broken, u know, just make it all less detail, or an option to turn off the side mirror would be nice. I also hv an idea about making a blurry silhoutte of the race track with blue opponent car figure, i think it helps a lot in term of functionality. Pls consider. I love this game the graphics is amazing i would give it 5 stars but i am going to go with 4 stars mainly because I can't unclock curtain levels without logging into Facebook and i don't use Facebook it would be amazing if they can remove the Facebook requirement for users who doesn't use the Facebook platform. Awesome work from EA. It's almost close to PC racing if you want the game to give you a feel like that. Except the horn and nitro, although F1s are nitros themselves. With training wheels, the game might feel robotic though. I made a grave error on my first edit. I forgot to say - Awesome graphics. 2nd edit - please give free gold coins enough to buy cars to complete the stories and I'm not talking about owning all the cars..

I have been playing this game for years. It just gets better and better when the developers update the game. You also can really enjoy the game without having to buy in app purchases.

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