NameEvil Chicken: Scary Escape
CategoryNew Game
Size132 MB
ReleaseABI Global Publishing

Evil Chicken: Scary Escape is a mobile game that revolves around a frightening chicken character. The gameplay involves escaping various spooky levels filled with traps, puzzles, and scary creatures. Players must navigate through a haunted chicken coop, eerie forests, and creepy mansions to ultimately defeat the Evil Chicken and break free from its dark influence. The game’s graphics and sound effects further enhance the horror experience, ensuring a thrilling and immersive gameplay for players.

Evil Chicken: Scary Escape MOD

It's a good game but there's not that much levels for the chicken it just switches to other monsters and in the ad it shows that the chicken is in all the levels, but it's a good game.. Too scary I recommend you not to play this game the chickens going crazy all the monsters are going crazy so yeah I recommend you not to play this game.. the only reason I downloaded was because I thought I was going to be chased by a chicken but on level 6 it changes to mutated monster I cannot express the amount of disappointment I felt never touching this game again. It gave me four ads in the first minute of gameplay and made me lose one of the levels by default. Furthermore, it is incredibly laggy.. It's doodoo butter and plus L plus ratio plus didn't ask, plus the ads have a 10 second wait after already pressing x..

Evil Chicken: Scary Escape APK

Needs more levels only 20, the home/reset button don't, work a level menu, there is a bug where if you hide behind certain objects you can go behind the monster. In levels 11-20 the spikes don't work, if you go behind the monster, at the end of the level if you jump over the monster to the green area youll get the win and lose menu at the same time, you can move when the cutscene plays, if you jump on boxes itll stop you from moving same thing with the red wheel. Other than that it's a good game. Underated game! It's so fun actually it just needs to add more levels it ends at level 20 but not gonna lie it's a very good game to play at long car rides when you're bored etc but the reason it doesn't have Alot of levels because it's new so I am going to wait till it updates. the game is good but not at the same time because I like small chases but that's not what I expect I'm thinking more of a horror game where you have to survive the chicken but it's a race pursuit at each level. I don't even know anymore. This game isn't even scary OR fun. The "story" is INCREDIBLY stupid and there's no reason to keep playing. The gameplay doesn't change as the levels go on, you really are just running away from the monsters and that's about it. It's way more unoptimized than any play store shovelware game, no settings (the sensivity is KILLING me) To the "developer": Please take game design lessons or something..

Evil Chicken: Scary Escape APK

Simple and fun. I really enjoyed playing this game even though it was a bit short. I hope that you can add some new monsters to escape from. Perhaps a shark or a snake. Anything will be fine though. Overall a very fun game with the only issue being the length of the game itself. Keep up the good work.. This game is VERY AWESOME Monsters chasing you and gotta escape places in the obandoned lab! Can you make endings when you finish the games and add new monsters like:robot, demon, evil starfish and devil arms. But if you don't want just take time! I love the game. Eggxactly like chicken feet same sort of graphics and liberals are fairly easy but there are some there's like Nerf weird mutant thing but that's pretty good see what I did there eggxactly cuz it's a chicken. THIS game is trash! every time I win it comes a ad it's so ANNOYING PLS fix it, It looks so fun on ads but when I download it it's not fun plus it's super laggy..

Evil Chicken: Scary Escape APK

This game is fun but I just don't want to get chased by all the monsters I just want to get chased by the chicken sincence called "chicken feet :Scary escape" :(. not bad, actually. For those complaining abt the ads, please use common sense. Turn off the WifiAs i was saying, this game is still new so I suppose youd be able to make a few changes The graphics arent bad at all just adjust it a bit. add a sensitivity button bc its smtimes hard to move around. As for the rooms, its good. There are only a few tho so the fun wont rlly last for long. Oh and different places as well. Such as, for example, dinos, the place should be a jungle or smth like that.. I completed the game, it's great and the graphics too But Missing things like Increase difficulty and increase fear Also fix some bugs and many levels. Best game ever can you pls add a scorpion, mutant megalodon,mutant human,evil robot, giant dinosaur, zombie hord,a mutant rabbit, mutant pig, skeleton army, giant praying mantis I would be really thankful if you did but good game tho.

In the ad that I got about this game, it didn't have an advertisement In the bottom of the screen and the jumpscare was actually scary instead while in the actual game it was cheap and silly. There is an ad around every 2 levels and no option to pay and disable the ads. Also I can't change the slow sensitivity or make the graphics lower for less lag, the only thing the settings option has is turning the sounds off. This game is okay but it's not worth the ads. The game is very good. Nevermind those who complain abt ads they're fine of u turn off wifi. Pls add more levels and make it challenging.. It's a giant! Giant chicken! Best game I ever played! Better than call of duty! Need more levels, faster pace, "better" animation, and more overall! The monsters to make more sounds constantly there shouldn't be a pause from one sound to the next, just constantly.. This is a stolen game stolen from a man named Dylan Bassett the games name if chicken feet its on steam if you like the idea and or the trailer its chicken feet from Dylan Bassett and to the bastard that stole this game you are a disappointment.

Well. Its not that scary its like play level after level But hey i guess they tried their best so 4/5. please add more levels and monsters its boring when i go back to level 1. add monsters like elephant,cockroach,rat, and more levels not only 20, 100!! Thanks if you add this on you games list!!. The level design is extremely basic,as well as the gameplay.There is very little reason to play this more than once.. Okay I was playing Pixel gun 3D and out of nowhere this Force add came up and I got startled I did not know you had died did not I did all God I can't explain.

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