NameExtra Lives

A unique bloody adventure where everything will happen spontaneously. See how long you can survive in this wild world. There is a sea of ​​brainless zombies, a lot of trouble, and completely heartless people. You will be able to get acquainted with the 200 most diverse characters, which will be scattered into eight groups. Each of them will have beliefs and problems that must be quickly resolved.

You can visit 50 different places to restore natural order there. In every corner of this town, you will come across a mass of interactive objects; they will be able to help you in the future. You can tear your enemies apart to get complete satisfaction from this.

Download Extra Lives (Zombie Survival Sim) for Android, gradually, you will be able to significantly increase your level of play and destroy these creatures randomly, so you should be afraid of them. You need to start with the very nature of your hero, keep some of his qualities, and add new ones to make a decent character. It will be an exciting sight, and the fight against zombies continues, and you have absolutely nothing to fear.

Extra Lives MOD

I love this game it's really good ,although the NPCs are annoying tryna kill ya ,it's really fun and it would be fun if all the loners and survivers turned to civilians when the zombie option is 0 and then when you turn a human to a zombie they infect others and a event starts where civilians run away and then start making group for survivers and stuff for gameplay rp and make it so sometime zombies will break off limbs for realsm ,and ad more roles like scientist and medics ,traits ar nice to. I have been playing this game since 3 years. And it was still now it is as good as it was before. I personally like this game a lot, even now a days all the survival games are only available online, so if want your survival game to be offline extra lives is the best option. Dialogue forces you to stay still while giving the npcs valuable time to get up and fight back. Speaking of staying still, the stun mechanic in this game is excruciating. Npcs will knock you down, rip you to pieces, check if you are alive, beat you up again, wait for your second wind, continue scredding you and if your head somehow did not pop they will proceed to camp you, waiting for you to get up as a zombie. I know it's pretty realistic but getting stunlocked is just annoying.. I give this game 4stars because this is a game made by my imagination means when I am thinking a zombie apocalypse game it,s look like my imagination but you can improve your game so we give you literally 5 stars add some new items,places, characters and make zombie more powerful so we have new challenges after all this is a mind blowing game. This has to be my favorite game! I'm so glad you made his however it would be cool if you add more weapons like A wooden axe or something like that but overall great game and I really like this.

Extra Lives APK

My son is so adicted to it cause its super good keep going Mdickie keep making games like this i want it too. G9oooooooooooooooooo. And play. This game make sure you not lose It or else but make sure you beat up the zombies in the humans beat this game please bro I'm begging you man or woman just do it boy or girl just do it now I hope you good luck don't lose it all right please everyone lose last so I'm counting on you guys please and hit the like button together games. The game is great but the dual wield controls are missing, I click on controls and it only lets me use the original controls.. the game is so bad that whan you halp some wone they fight you if ther is no game bad as this I can be like this emji.

Extra Lives APK

I really love this game I have been playing it since 2022 I hope it gets 3d it would be cooler!. I personally love it everyone should try it but it plays ads but only if u die or pick new character. The game is very great but the problem is when ever I buy the upgrade version it couldn't try buying it. I played this to may first and secont and third phone so i really like this so don't delete this.

Extra Lives APK

I Love This Game Since I Play this game long Ago Very Nice Gaming Controls Overall It is A Masterpiece Game and One of My Favourite Games And This is My Best Memories. And One Thing "Please Can You Make This Game Local Co-OP If You Can It Will Be One of Best Option to Play Games With Friends and They Can Enjoy This Game Together Hope You Get It".. This game was pretty cool its just its to bloody and mabye you can take it down Enoch please but its a good game lines are great thank you. It's a good game, but my problem is when there's s zombie the game lag and the more zombie in it the more it will lag. I hope this will get resolves soon. Ive been playing this game but when I found my old device I downloaded it and the screen went black me and my friends realise the issue on their own devices too kindly fix it dont only make it for latest devices thankyou.

McDockie is one of the most goated game developers I have seen...... No words for this game it deserves 5 stars. Ini game bagus lah tapi Kalo mau ganti tempat malah gak kepencet dan Cuma jatuh dari mobil aja susah Bangkitnya. I'm a fan of your games but in my own opinion you can still make extra lives and super sim much better so I'ma only rate this 2 star cause I want something more than just surviving and fighting villains and heros. Hey add some details in the game And please add the future can we repair the car and add some details like some new boats.

Game is extremely annoying and horrorable, especially the combat system, even if your in the mist of fighting enemies or literally anyone can talk to you, instantly ruining your chances of victory, especially if they are down, this system is honestly pathetic and it pisses me off and most likely pisses other people off, if only you were allowed to change the chat settings so that it won't put you into a unskippale scene, uninstalling. Pathetic game. DO NOT INSTALL.. Epic game it is really good but why does it not let me ride tigers, wolves and bears and deers. The other people can ride anything but the real player is stuck with a horse so I'll like give it a 4 but you know every other things in this game is good.. This is a great game, but it needs performance improvements. Sometimes, fps drops for no reason, and when I choose a character, it takes five to ten seconds to get to the customisation page to load the game. Also, I think a new zombie sim would be good. I would happily pay for the full version. I just really want to see new features in a fresh game that could possibly be better than this game.. This is pretty good game is just perfect is one of the only good offline games out there intact it can compete with companies like activation the gore is amazing and the classes.

Please, A+G is an extremely inconvenient way to BLOCK attacks, add the ability to change the thoroughly inconvenient combative button scheme. Its a great game the problem is that you cannot edit your player in the game please can you make some changes. This game is honestly great and the best imo, however if you can fix one bug, and that's about the calibration system, whenever I fixed the upgrade version it always set me to a controllers controls, and since am a mobile user, well it's honestly unplayable. So can you please fix it?. This is one of my favorite games just because of how different and difficult it is. You can be part of a gang and exercise in order to get stronger. The game also has light sabers! However, the game doesn't really feel complete, and there are still some issues with the character relationships. You'll see what I mean..

Best game i have ever played i request to republish the game with good graphics and ragdoll please add ragdoll in the game and some mor good graphics. I really like this game, there is so much weapon to use and you can combine things to get weapon,tree, rock, shield and more, you will have friends and enemies along the way, it One of the best horror game I ever played. Iam happy to hear that the notify me by phone you are not available for this calendar you of the notify me immediately your full name address email you are the notify your life you are not available in the pic you clicked by you of your health r....

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