NameFairyscapes Adventure
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Fairyscapes Adventure is an immersive game where players get to explore enchanting fairy worlds and undertake various quests and challenges. They can build their own fairy kingdom, complete with magical creatures and beautiful landscapes. The game also features engaging storylines and characters that players interact with, as well as a wide range of activities such as farming, crafting, and collecting resources. There are numerous levels and areas to unlock, each offering unique gameplay experiences. Players can join forces with their friends or participate in multiplayer activities to enhance their gaming experience. Overall, Fairyscapes Adventure offers a visually stunning and engaging gameplay experience for players who are keen on exploring the magical realms of fairies.

Fairyscapes Adventure MOD

I like tutorials but when the entire game feels like a tutorial that's not fun at all. Way too frustrating.. There's a lot going on in this game. Lags and stops, but fun play through. I like games with layers.. I enjoyed this game, but after the last update, I can't see ads, and I can't restore energy well. Why did it happen?. This game is exactly the same one as Dragon Farm just with different storylines. It's probably developed by the same developers. The same problem persists. Eventually they all start to steal your experience points in that they do not get updated as they are earned. Many of the products that you have made in the production houses get lost so you have to make them again. So yeah it's fun to play to pass the time but once you reach a certain point, it's not fun anymore.. Offerwall scam game does not pay out earned rewards. Do not spend a penny on these scammers. I reached exp level 24 and was not rewarded for that task. I disputed 6 days ago and it hasn't been resolved. I wasted money on these scammers. I stopped playing and won't push to reach level 30 as it's a scam that doesn't pay out. If you are here for an offerwall type deal run away now. Do not waste money as I did. Dirty thieves..

Fairyscapes Adventure APK

To much dialogue. Plenty of glitching. So much potential. But there are way to many activities with few ways to get energy. Need resources? Got to have energy to explore. Want to fix up home? Energy. Want to go through the storyline? Energy. Want to participate in new events or help your alliance? Energy. You can't watch enough ads to get enough energy. Hence, they try to sell it to you all the time. You can only get to a certain point, then you must pay to play. I'm about to quit.. I love playing this game but it crashes constantly makes it impossible and very frustrating to even try to play it goes to the loading screen and as soon as it gives you the option to hit play or save progress to Facebook it crashes almost every single time whenever it gets to that point if it actually lets me play the game I can play for no more than 2 minutes and then it crashes every time please fix this I enjoy this game but this is ridiculous. It feels like the tutorial never stops. The endless chat dialogue is obnoxious. I'm just playing it to get diamonds in design home, which I like playing and has no dialogue boxes. Then adios.. Owner of this game should give +10 every 5 minutes for the Non-Stop AD crash so sick of losing rewards - game might be fun, worth playing NOT only if you like clicking ads for extras and just crashing. 1 out of 10 ads might not crash you. gluck find something else to play.

Fairyscapes Adventure APK

This game has a lot of potential. It is entertaining and gives lots of different options for play. Unfortunately it crashes a lot. If you get the opportunity to perform tasks at half the energy required, it starts the clock immediately and you usually aren't in the correct map. This wastes a lot of the half energy time. Also dialogue will interrupt this half energy time. It should pause while the developers are making you click through dialogue.. I really like the concept of the game but every task I complete the game shuts down. It shuts down at least every minute and I'm fixing to uninstall. Constant popups and incredibly pushy monetization, clunky interface and slooooow animations made to diminish the timers of any boosters you may have. Just another cashgrab reskin.. I should not have to play for 15 mins just to be 'allowed' to turn off that ridiculous music and vibration. Stop forcing people to jump through hoops before they can get to the settings.

Fairyscapes Adventure APK

The game keeps crashing. Cannot give an accurate review if I can't even play long enough to know if I will like it.. Endless chat dialogs.... very annoying.... wish there was an option to switch them off from the settings so you can just go through the game after the main tutorial. I've done games like these for years and I'm just about the activities, not the dialog. Other than that, fun game, lots of energy, ways to get energy. Great graphics. And overall fun.. Loved the game until the last update, now the game freezes and the only way to get my entire phone to unfreeze is to restart it. Going to delete if not fixed soon.. Played for a bit until it got to the point the energy bar has a max of 58 but clearing one obstacle costs 30 energy. Not to mention the lack of ways to increase energy. Would have been more enjoyable if the amount of energy to clear obstacles had a slower increase, or orders on the board had lower asking points. Not worth my time to invest when the rewards aren't worth the effort..

Fairyscapes Adventures is awesome I love how it looks and the amazing story that goes with it. Plus it fits with my life alot and some very amazing miracles been seeing with clouds and way lighting comes through trees pictures seeing then having some line up to readings do from Bible. Thank you for your awesome talents sharing with the world. Sharing kindness and love, caring and helping others goes long way steps small can make biggest changes together as well. God bless Merry Christmas hugs.. Can't understand how the game has a 4.2 rate. Keeps on crashing and wanting to access other apps on my phone. It is a good game but I can't continue with it. Uninstalled.. Love the game but it keeps closing the app at several different moments during the game jad this for a month but yesterday and today it keeps closing the app. I can't even load the game. It starts to load and then crashes and takes me to the play store..

I love the game but now that I'm past level 20, I can play for 5 to 10 mins (which is glitchy and slow the whole time) before it just stops working and I get kicked out and have to re-enter the app. Very disappointing! Ive spent a good amount on this game.. Just started the game so not much to say rn. Will update my review once I progress a bit further in my free time.. Game is constantly crashing and characters are not visible I have deleted and redownloaded the app three times and it isn't fixing the issues plz help I like the game but I'm finding it very difficult to play with continuous crashing and the inability to see the characters. Game keeps crashing. I would like to keep playing the game because the adventures are fun. Sadly, I only play for 30 seconds and then it crashes..

Random crashes (which I've seen on this phone on apps that require constant data connection) and random lock-ups. I played through the first couple chapters and the storyline wasn't bad, but when the app randomly locks up at times and randomly crashes at other times it takes the fun out of the game. Uninstalled.. Would love to give it 5 stars but it kicks me out of the game every 5 minutes so I'm Uninstalling it instead. This game starts off okay, but loses its fun very quickly due to the developers shameless demands for more and more money to buy energy to finish quests. Don't get sucked in. The price gouging isn't worth your time or money.. i like this games. Pictures and animation are very beautiful and interesting. This game helps me more relex and happy..

Terrible, just terrible!! Constant crashing, stalling, and glitchy!! I cant play for 5 seconds, its ridiculous. I downloaded this game from Swagbucks to earn money, but I cant even play the darn game. You need to get technical to fix this game so the users can enjoy themselves while they play. Absolutely frustrating 0 stars for now.. I like the game but I can't get the water to the animals it will let me do everything else in the game but that so that will make me stop playing all together. The story line on this game is outstanding it leaves you on the edge of your seat wondering which fairytale princess we are gonna save next! The graphics are just awesome I give this a five out of five you gotta give it a try!. WHY ARE WE PROMOTING DV THESE DAYS?? I have been seeing this ad in another game I play for a few days now. I literally just downloaded it to give you a 1 star bc why is your ad for a game... A game that God knows how many kids are going to play it, PROMOTING DV???!!!???.

It keeps freezing and closing. So it is not allowing me to play it. And I was wondering why and when you going to fix it. So I'm about to say screw it and delete it.. I absolutely hate this app the characters are so ugly and the game experience is I don't understand the game at all. The game keeps crashing (like every 30 seconds). The more companions I got it start crashing more and after the last update it's continually crashing and restarting. I uninstalled and reinstalled, I made sure there was plenty of memory on my phone and I downgraded the graphics and it still kept crashing at the same rate. It's a good game that I was willing to (and did) spend money on to level up but it is unplayable as of now and I've uninstalled permanently.. I uninstalled game. During each time trying to play the only thing it's good for is kicking you out 3-5 each time. Don't bother to install even clearing data doesn't fix..

It's well styled but it's far too flawed. The forced tutorial is far too intrusive. There needs to be a way to disable that for sure. I didn't even get two minutes in before I uninstalled it due to this tutorial.. Keep getting kicked out of the game and so many extra stuff that you just can't play the game. Stop all the extra side quests. Have been playing this game for a few weeks and would have rated it five stars because I was really enjoying it but after the update a couple days ago the game is completely unplayable due to it crashing every 30 seconds or so. Please fix and I'll adjust my rating.. I think surveys are creepy. A lot of people don't care to answer a bunch of personal questions about themselves on the internet, it creeps them out. And it's unfair that I lost out on free stuff in my game because y'all try to use a survey in your ads. Also, often time, I will watch a video through and it'll take me back to the game like it's supposed to but it won't be counted and I'll try to watch another one but it won't let me because the chance was just used up but didn't work..

it's a terrible game, my first adventure into the actual level was terrible, save the bunny the water turned black as soon as the level start and I thought it was just some weird glitch but no, I've restarted the game over and over again but still the same, what's worst it's not even a visual glitch the water wouldn't even flow like, I'd run out of time trying and waiting for the water to flow, that alone solidifies my choice to not want to play this game, terrible experience. Game keeps glitching and crashing Oppo a5 2020. Same on Lenovo tablet really wanted to play this game and disappointed I can't get past the start screen. I love this game the reason I put 3 stars is that it's constantly glitching out and I get kicked off the game so then I have to log back into it every time I have to watch an add to get my rewards. That is my only complaint if it's possible to fix this issue I most definitely would give this game 5 stars. Events are back to back so obviously the developer is still putting work into the game but has not moved past chapter4. Only a handful of character quests were developed. The events take up 1000s in energy and resources but the reward is at most 300 energy, 30 diamonds and 1 other prize. No way to actually level up or keep interested for continuous play past level 23/24 and no more quests were developed, then strictly rely on events..

I am at a dead end due to the game not being finished by developers. When will that be fixed?. OMG why is this game so difficult takes to much energy to complete task and there is no new map to go forward I'm going to just end up deleting it and it's a shame because I really like the game but it's driving me insane . Love this game very much,awesome graphics,unique storyline!So relaxing and very fun to play,keeps you very interested at all times.. I love it. However, sometimes in the middle of dialogue, the game crashes. If they would add a way to view previous dialogue, I'd give a 5 star..

I got this game on a gems offer. I forwent caring about those gems when the game wanted my fingerprint... what the heck. Weird. Not sharing that data with you, you creepy game.. I am only giving 3 stars right now bc I am currently on level 7 and still cannot play independently without it still acting as if in tutorial mode. that annoys me and almost makes me want to quit playing. I will give it a lil longer but if this keeps up it's guna lose me before I can really play and I really want to like this game lol I will update soon. Only downloaded so I could leave a review. WARNING!! The adds for this game are very triggering, depicting domestic and animal abuse. Also it's very unrealistic that the abused would leave the abuser as they are conditioned to believe that they are worthless and that the abuser does love them. 0/10 Worst add for a game I've ever seen.. I just barely downloaded it and already having problems. I got to a certain part of the game to fix the dining table and when I get to the next step it freezes up on me and I can't do anything. I can't even exit out the step I'm doing to make something with some fruit and it just freezes on me. So I try reopen and try to do the step again and it still doing the same thing.I even tried to see if I uninstalled it and check if it would finally let me do that step but nope.

Why can't I get past getting my berry crop for the first time. I've uninstalled and reinstalled twice and it starts right back where it tells me to plant berries but I reap the crop and it gets stuck there. I can't do anything else. The game constantly crashes on my phone. I can't even start the game and this a new phone. It's sad because the advertisement seems like it would be a fun game. Very disappointed.. Ok kind of frustrating I can't go any further because it is updating how long do we have to wait. I like it so far. We'll see if I get stuck and can't go further without spending money. If I don't have to then I'll leave this at a 5 star rating..

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