NameFamily Adventure Find way home
CategoryNew Game
Size154 MB
ReleaseFansipan Limited

Family Adventure Find Way Home is a game that focuses on a family’s journey to find their way back home. The game offers a variety of exciting and challenging levels that require players to solve puzzles, navigate obstacles, and use teamwork to progress. Players control different family members, each with their own unique abilities, which they must utilize strategically to overcome various challenges. The game also incorporates elements of adventure and exploration as players search for clues and embark on side quests to uncover the path back home. With its captivating gameplay and engaging storyline, Family Adventure Find Way Home offers an entertaining experience for players of all ages.

Family Adventure Find way home MOD

Well designed game, still early in the game play, but had issues with saw mill, message support and they where wonderful and on to the issue right away, and they found the issue ,it was handled very professionally. keep up the good work.. ottimo gioco x passare il tempo ha delle dinamiche da migliorare e non capisco alcune cose pur se ci gioco da 1 anno e passa vedremo in futuro ciao e buon gioco a tutti. In this game for clear each every step it takes too much energy and materials that whay i am deleted this game.otherwise it's all tasks very beautiful and satisfying.. Love the game had like 7000 energy and it took a LONG time for me to save that up and like 300 diamonds so I could do the puzzle events and logged in this morning and it was all gone!!!! I'm so frustrated about this I almost want to quit playing all together . I am on the monkey island now it says there's a quest and I have picture that shows there's not, will send.

Family Adventure Find way home APK

When trying to collect resources it keeps saying something in the way when it's not I cannot complete anything because of it. There are too many annoying ADS! This game is relaxing, but it does take FOREVER to build anything. I will be uninstalling because I'm tired of the continuous ads and pop-ups.. When you reach Level 34, it's on the max level. There's no point in continuing, and it's really boring. Hope you unlock the upper part of the Home Land :( That's what I've expected to happen after Lev34.. I love this game, my only problem is that I have reached level 34 and it says I am at Max Level, it's been like this for the past three days. Why isn't it going into Level 35?.

Family Adventure Find way home APK

The sound on here has a HORRIABLENOISE it sounds as tho you're speakers are cracking ,I would play the game if this gets fixed and it's NOT MY PHONE,it's bran new!!!. This game was awesome I love it,s because this game give me knowledge to build how farming scale and family most important part. Was how to install a money for a nature Hii. Mind blowing experience. Definitely exciting game Challenging events. Every thing is perfect. Totally addicted to this game. Most amazing part is that the customer support is really great. Resantly i face a problem that my game event challenges are stucks so that i message the customer support and they replied me emidiatly and also helps me to resolve my problem that quick charge is really appreciated.. Loved the game way too many issues. First off it for some reason it started me over from the very beginning. Keeps freezing up and screen will go black after you go to play ad for free energy. I might come back in a couple of months to see if problems are fix..

Family Adventure Find way home APK

Just like several other games, same system all you did was change the characters and didn't do any work on the graphics... Unity has more power to do more, try making a game of your own and not copying someone elses' work. UNINSTALLING. But I don't have Facebook account I don't use Facebook account Without Facebook we can play this family farming game. 1. Nice game but the game screen is not rotating to another side when i turn my phone to other side its just fixed at one side. 2. My device is getting over heated, to much of battery usage.. It would be higher although when i go to exit the game it just flashes repeatedly and fast which i already suffer with really bad headaches and this seems to trigger them and takes a few days to a couple of weeks to get rid of not impressed.

Need my money back. I hv paid but did not received anything.. Da customer support is only for display. Update; thank you for your concern ihv already received them.. I have no idea why this game glitches so much.. please fix this because i really like playing it.. it freezes and glitches so much the moment i logged in . I've been playing this game for a long time and was in level 27 was just playing it earlier in the day... went to play it and it started the game all over again! I didn't uninstall it or restartit. What happened! I'm so sad I'm not starting again so I just have to Uninstall the game and it really sucks.. If you enjoy a ton of ads and maybe 7 minutes of game play at a time, then this is the game for you!.

I can't progress in the game. It says I gotta beat previous board to go to the next. But there is no previous board.. It's a good farming game but after playing it for some time it gets boring. No events or other mini games like the other farming games. So I uninstalled it.. I really enjoy this game. I really don't mind watching 30sec ads to get more energy, especially since there are so many available I can get a lot of energy to complete tasks. But I am at level 30 and it says it's the max level. Are there no other levels available to reach?. The games is great except one downfall I finished building the shop gave my items to sell then I left the game came back I was put back on level 7 hopefully it don't happen again if it does I'm deleting this game..

Knockoff of another game. Coding is poor and clumsy, errors don't make sense, it takes a ton of energy to do anything, the fog doesn't clear until all the foliage is gone so you don't even know what needs to be cleared. There is also no reason to progress because the rewards aren't worth the trouble.. I think back when I started the game for the 1st time , there wasn't quite as many interruptions or ads as there are doesn't recognise that I already joined or liked the facebook group / thing , Events seem to be just one after another , past events go too quickly. The parts I can get done are kinda fun but it's annoying to get interrupted all the time and have to close a pop up or wait for an ad to be over with.. I love this game however it takes far too many energies to get to the next object that's rugby by it. I but to many times until the game to use my energy that fast. I think I'll just stop buyings. the Family Journey had a need for more good stuff no the lsland for it to be more cool , as for who is runing the family home it needs more home for them to living into it ,.

Your team forces people to pay to stop ad interruption. You might as well force them to pay to play the game altogether.. Wth the event closed before time, my reward are still pending, too many bugs and developer not able to solve Looks like some.devlopers are playing and they don't want to win normal user Either give my rewards else will going to uninstall the game. The game is gud graphics r gud but I request you to make this game both offline &online to play. Pls it is a request.. Good game enjoyable gave 3 because the boat is looking for items from that you are not high enough to make and all the items you need you have to have a lot of energy to get..

Edit: No longer can zoom in or out. About to uninstall Tapping on the alarm clock does nothing, no energy. Can't craft more than 2 even though there's 3 or it cost gems. Not fun anymore. Hi I am at the end of bear event but the bear table is stuck can't store it to complete the event same happened at the parrot event. The only complaint I have is that the energy is used up quickly. The cat Chole? Absolutely adorable Great way to waste time.. Reminds me of Family Island. No Ads, unless u want extra energy. I like the game alot but it's a little glitchy. The only thing I hate is that it takes 3 or 5 keys to open a chest. After the update, it's now so much better..

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