Fate/Grand Order is a popular mobile role-playing game developed and published by Aniplex Inc. Players can collect and summon powerful historical and mythological heroes to battle against formidable enemies in a rich and immersive storyline. To enhance their experience, players can use codes provided by Aniplex Inc. to unlock exclusive rewards and resources, making their journey through the game even more exciting.

Latest of Fate Grand Order Codes

W1it8TaKXXX Get

Embark on a journey with a golden summon ticket, rare holy grail, exclusive servant costume, and unlimited stamina refills!


Congratulations! Use this coupon for Fate/Grand Order: 1 Free 5-star Servant, 100 Free Saint Quartz, 10 Summon Tickets. Enjoy!

How to Redeem Code for Fate/Grand Order (English)

Open the Fate/Grand Order app. Navigate to the "My Room" section, tap on the "Items" tab, select "Present Box," and click on "Exchange Present." Enter the gift code and claim your reward.

List of Fate/Grand Order (English) Codes

Sure! Here are 8 random gift codes for Fate/Grand Order (English):

2. FGO8A1B4C9D3E2F
3. FGO5R9T6G2E1A7Q
4. FGO3Y8H5L1O6V4E
5. FGO2P9Z7X3K6V1
6. FGO7S5A4M8P2L3
7. FGO6N3F9C1G4T2
8. FGO8L7X2D6Q4Z9

Please note that these are randomly generated codes for illustrative purposes only and may not be valid for actual use. Make sure to obtain valid gift codes from official sources. Enjoy playing Fate/Grand Order!