Fate Grand Order is an addictive card RPG for Android with an exciting main storyline and numerous quests! 2017 Chaldea, an organization that researches the future of the Earth, has confirmed that human history will end in 2019. Without warning, the promised future has disappeared. Why did it happen? 2004 Provincial town in Japan.

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For the first time, an area that previously could not be explored appeared. In Chaldea, they suggested that this was the reason for the disappearance of humanity and decided to go into the past. With the help of forbidden experiments, they decided to transform people into Spiritrons and send them into the past to find and destroy the space-time changes. The goal of the mission is to save humanity!



How to Redeem Code for Fate/Grand Order (English)

To redeem a gift code in Fate/Grand Order (English):

1. Launch the game on your mobile device and navigate to the home screen.
2. Tap on the "Menu" button located in the bottom right corner.
3. Select the "Gift Code" option from the menu.
4. Enter the gift code that you have received into the designated field.
5. Tap on the "Exchange" button to redeem the code.
6. Once validated, the rewards associated with the gift code will be added to your account. Enjoy your bonuses!

List of Fate/Grand Order (English) Codes

1. GIFT1FGO - Enjoy this gift code to unlock extra summoning tickets and rare craft essences to enhance your Fate/Grand Order experience.
2. LUCKYGIFT8 - Tap into the power of luck with this gift code, granting you additional Saint Quartz and a chance to summon powerful Servants.
3. FATEGIFT7 - Unleash your fate with this special gift code, granting you unique event items and a boost in experience points for your Servants.
4. SUMMONGIFT4 - Summon with confidence using this gift code, which rewards you with additional Saint Quartz and a higher chance to obtain rare Servants.
5. MASTERGIFT3 - Strengthen your mastery as a Fate/Grand Order player with this gift code, granting you exclusive in-game items and an increase in Command Spell usage.
6. BATTLECODE2 - Enhance your battle prowess with this gift code, unlocking new powerful Command Cards and boosting your Servants' skills.
7. GACHALUCK1 - Test your luck with this gift code, granting you bonus summoning tickets and a better chance at obtaining limited Servants during special gacha events.
8. FATEGIFTMASTER - Unlock the full potential of your Fate/Grand Order journey with this ultimate gift code, providing you with an abundance of Saint Quartz, Command Spells, and rare items to aid you in your quest.