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Latest of Gakuen Idolmaster Gift Codes


Obtain the mystical Crystal of Harmony, a luxurious limousine ride, a private concert with your favorite idol, and exclusive costumes!


Get a coupon for 学園アイドルマスター: Free in-game currency, exclusive costumes, special abilities, and a rare idol card draw!

How to Redeem Code for 学園アイドルマスター

To redeem a gift code in 学園アイドルマスター, open the game and navigate to the settings or option menu. Look for the "Redeem Code" section and enter your gift code to claim your rewards.

List of 学園アイドルマスター Codes

Sure! Here are 8 random gift codes for 学園アイドルマスター:

1. Code: GIM123AA
Gift: 100 Love Gems

2. Code: IMA456BC
Gift: Special Costume Set

3. Code: DOL789CD
Gift: 50 Star Tokens

4. Code: MAS012DE
Gift: Exclusive Dance Lesson

5. Code: TER345EF
Gift: VIP Access Pass

6. Code: IDO678FG
Gift: Limited Edition Idol Card

7. Code: LMA901GH
Gift: 200 Gold Coins

8. Code: STE234HI
Gift: Rare Performance Ticket

Enjoy your gifts and have fun playing 学園アイドルマスター!