NameGarfield Snack Time
Size77.59 Mb
ReleaseGrupo Promineo S.L.U.

Our main character is going on a diet. Garfield Snack Time is hungry and is going to eat a big lasagna. There is only one problem: John decided to put him on a diet and watch his every move. But Garfield knows very well who strictly can come to his aid. It’s time to cheat on our main character and the local swindler Tom. You have to do serious things, steal the most relaxed snacks in the country and become the best. Cunning, do your best not to be exposed and move on in this crazy adventure. You will have to collect more food before the rest of the heroes notice your antics.

It remains only to prick up your ears, connect an incredible sense of smell and start playing this game. You will have to go through more than 100 challenging levels. They will be delicious and cheerful, so your adventure will be memorable. You can play this game with your friends, do a natural diet and solve many problems. It remains only to say about the excellent graphics, an exciting adventure, and all that will appeal to players worldwide.

Garfield Snack Time MOD

Lots of fun, but you have to pay to continue playing. I have 12 hrs unlimited play, but have to pay to unlock levels! ! Will uninstall, unfortunately !. This game is very fun I started yesterday and I am on level 80 so you can play To it is very fun but when garfield torturers odie when you finish the level is so cool. I'm obsessed with Garfield and friends from the 70's,80's,90's,and this is one the only games i could find,and its FUN. You can play offline,and there are barely any adds!. Nice game, but prizes and boosters are few or non-existant (without paying) during a game so losing is very frequent the further you get, and the motivation to play again dwindles.. This really is one of the best games ever. The way everything is animated is AWES9ME, and the menu music is so relaxing!.

Garfield Snack Time APK

It's an alright game I was trying to download Garfield run but it got taken off app store so this is my next best choice watch I just have one question what do you do with the coins?. Super cute game with excellent graphics. The game play is smooth, satisfying, and relaxing. If you're a fan of games like Best Fiends, I think you'll really like this game. I love Garfield too!. I like this game because of how it looks and I like Garfield, I also like these types of games. My new fav. The reason I changed my review to three stars instead of 5 is that, the game used to be really fun but it got harder ever since the latest update. I wish that this game was cute and easy again.

Garfield Snack Time APK

IT IS SUCH A FUN GAME! I love how this game is really cool and suitable for all ages but can still be fun even for adults!. Fun concept and easy game play. Deleted, however, after Level 12: could not tolerate repeatedly seeing Garfield's extreme level of violent and cruel actions depicted by the vivid graphics. That rocket would have eliminated Odie from this mortal coil. Just do not understand the point of a "monster" Garfield.. This is just Garfield Food Truck, but so easy it's mind-numbingly boring. At least you'll be encouraged to uninstall it before it gets as unfair as Food Truck does in its later levels.. Has become very glitchy and slow in the past week. I've played it for a few years now and there are no updates, never any new content and now with the glitches, I'm uninstalling it. Has potential but a shame the developers don't seem to care about it..

Garfield Snack Time APK

Adorable and very kool and I wish that my grandmother could play it as well! Extremely Easy to play and winning is Even Easier . I love the fact that this game is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE and Great Graphic's for "EVERY ONE in the Family and Great Mini games!!! Stop what you Doing!!! Right Now!! And try "GARFIELD SNACK TIME!!. This game is so fun and entertaining ive been playing for about 4 hours really fun basic game( i love Garfield). Like the Garfield food truck game, which I've already reviewed, this can be a really fun, addictive and charming game, but there is STILL a huge problem with the loading screens which can last EVEN LONGER THAN 2 MINUTES making this easily the most frustrating game out of the 2, because of these loading screens I can't rate this game any higher than a 3, sorry..

So I keep having to write an email because I keep ending TREASURE HUNT and not receiving my boosters. It's been more than 24 hours and no one has responded yet despite my many follow up emails. I've spent money and countless hours playing this game not to be rewarded when I win. So disappointing I will be uninstalling.. There have been more glitches with the game. It crashes. I have purchased coins to use to help in passing challenging levels, use the coins, and then the game crashes. Lost the coins and extra moves and had to replay the levels over. Reached out to support and was told to provide screen shots, when screen shots aren't available following a crash. This game and its tech support have gone down the drain. I'm deleting it.. I like I like this I like this game because I'm at level 80 and I love it being on 80 85 cuz it's hard cuz they don't give you that many chances they only give you five taxes to meet the on every level. I have loved Garfield since I was a child the only thing that takes away from this game it takes too long to load from game to game.

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