NameGeometry Dash Meltdown
Size47.62 Mb
ReleaseRobTop Games

Continuation of the hardcore arcade puzzle game. Geometry Dash Meltdown is an entertaining arcade-style puzzle game with hardcore but, at the same time, addictive gameplay.

The game’s mechanics are presented in the arcade, puzzle, and platformer formats. This version is a slight continuation of the original game, which includes three levels with a large selection of characters and a customization system. The main task does not differ from the original. You must go on a journey through neon locations, where various obstacles will appear on the way, which, in turn, must be overcome.

Each level can be completed with easy and hard difficulty. True, to open the second level of difficulty, you must first complete the levels on a simple one. True, and this won’t be easy to do. In terms of overall gameplay, the game has not changed at all. You still take control of the cube and start turning it over the level, trying to pass all the obstacles and get to the finish line.

Geometry Dash Meltdown MOD

The game is sweet! Although it doesn't let me load my data. It let's me sign in to my account, but it doesn't let me load my cloud data. It's probably because of 2.2.05 releasing but robtop please fix this!. This game can be played offline or online on any device, making it more accessible. I only experience 1 or 2 minor bugs with the gameplay, but other than that is game is really good!. Ads every time you exit a level. At least make more levels in this actually decent game and have more icons please, Robtop.. 444 is the only one who can do with the money and I will be able to get the rest info and on this app for you if you have any plans for your day work so that I will get to you tomorrow so I have a great time with you and your family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family gup. Good you can always go in with me and I will be sakon ang sa math and I will be able to get it on and then I will have it on my baby as I will do a bit of a job and a new job and you don't need to do that for ghggggh to do that now and we will have some time to do something else in your house and.

Geometry Dash Meltdown APK

All of the ads when you die it just so frustrating and when you died so frustrating I hate that I just hate so can you please remove the ads I will use a 5 star for the whole entire game if you just fix the ads please I'll give five stars so if you don't fix it this is going to give zero stars Jesus. I just started playing this game. The levels are very fun and decorated, but the only reason i knocked a star off is because the levels are too easy. After 10 minutes, i beat the game.. Such an addictive game! Only thing I would change is a sensitivity option because it moves so fast some times I can't tap fast enough. Not as many ads as some games I've played.. the only reason I got this is because normal geometry dash cost money, and why does one cost money and the other ones don't .

Geometry Dash Meltdown APK

I really love this game because it's fun and at the same time challenging. it takes skill and focus once again I really like this game:). Worst game if played I mean it's horrible trash dog water it is way tooooo easy I mean even my little brother could beat it and he is 5 don't play this game if you want to play something hard. Really good game and pair that with connecting your data from Geometry Dash is cool and even connecting exclusive icons into Geometry dash is insane you did a good job Rob 5*. This game is FIRE! I love the cosplay and creativity robtop i wish you made more good levels in work.

Geometry Dash Meltdown APK

It is a fun game but you have to keep your focus while playing and do not shiver while playing or else you will in the game. Easy fun to see what you think of it I think it was a good idea to get a good idea of what you want to do with the kids and the people in your house are so cute and I hope they have a great time in the garden today. love it if you need to practice definitely use this plus you get free cubes from beating the levels so I recommend playing if you haven't. Great game to play if you can't play GD! The ads *can* get a bit annoying at times, especially if you play actual GD more often, but other than that, awesome game!.

Download ( V2.2.11 )

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