Gods of Olympus is a strategy game where players become powerful deities and build an ancient Greek city. They can summon legendary heroes, raise armies, and wage wars against other players. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, players can unleash their divine powers, complete epic quests, and join alliances to become the greatest god in Greek mythology.

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The Divine Relic of Epiphany offers five exclusive rewards for the valiant players of Gods of Olympus. Unleash the power of an epic pet, gain access to a secret legendary level, earn double resources for 24 hours, receive a divine artifact, and enjoy a week of unlimited lightning bolts.

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Coupon Reward: “Divine Fortune”

1. Free upgrade to level 10 for any God or Goddess!
2. Unlock a legendary mythical creature to aid your battles.
3. Double the blessings and resources from temples for a whole month.
4. Instantly collect all daily rewards for one week.
5. Gain access to a secret bonus level with exclusive treasures and challenges.

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