Platov Mikhail, the publisher of the Godville codes, upholds a strict set of principles for all players to follow. These codes emphasize honor, integrity, and respect for fellow adventurers. Platov Mikhail believes that by embodying these values, players can bring greater glory to the realm of Godville and achieve lasting success. Embrace the codes and embark on your divine quest today.

Latest of Godville Redeem Codes


Celestial bounty chest: Divine armor, mythical mount, enchanted weapon, mystical artifact, rare godpower. Redeem at Godville’s town square.


“Receive a free pet dragon, 1,000 gold coins, or a legendary weapon upgrade on your next adventure in Godville!”

How to Redeem Code for Godville

To redeem a gift code in Godville, go to the "Inventory" section and click on "Use a Gift Code." Enter the code and click "Redeem" to receive your gift in the game.

List of Godville Codes

1. Code: GV1234GIFT - Redeem this code for a special surprise gift in Godville!
2. Code: MYS7GFT23 - Unlock a mysterious reward with this secret gift code!
3. Code: HERO888G - Receive a legendary item with this exclusive gift code for Godville adventurers!
4. Code: DIVINE9VG - Use this code for divine blessings and power-ups in your hero's journey!
5. Code: GLORY12G - Claim your glory and riches with this epic gift code for Godville champions!
6. Code: CHAMP456 - Become a champion with this gift code and conquer all challenges in Godville!
7. Code: ADVENT777 - Embark on a thrilling adventure with this special gift code for brave heroes!
8. Code: MYSTIC666 - Unlock the mysteries of the universe with this enigmatic gift code for Godville seekers!



v1.3.0 • May 19, 2024

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