NameGOLFZON M:Real Swing
CategoryNew Game
Size450 MB
ReleaseGOLFZON Corp.

GOLFZON M:Real Swing is a golf simulation game that provides an immersive and realistic experience for players. With cutting-edge technology, players can enjoy a virtual round of golf from the comfort of their own home. The game offers a range of features that mimic real-life golf, including accurate ball flight, realistic course environments, and detailed swing analysis. Players can choose from a variety of golf courses and compete with friends or other players online. GOLFZON M:Real Swing provides a platform for golf enthusiasts to improve their skills, practice their swing, and enjoy the sport in a virtual setting.


WTH? Didnt think you could make golf any harder, but here we are. The user interface is horrible with no explanations at all. Too cluttered. The shot interface is totally screwed up. Why have shot indicators if they dont work? The putting is REALLY borked. The shot power is moved when youre trying to aim. What is move 4 cups to the left? Or 2 clubs left? Tried every distance and nothing comes close. AGAIN, no explanation. The power/direction screwup is the real issue tho. This game not rdy... Why do i have to keep re-downloading every course again after every update??????? You are aware of the amount of time that takes for 30 plus courses. And excellent job of adding even more courses without fixing any of the many issues that have been present from the start I dont understand. After all the legitimate complaints from the players ,the dev team keeps adding new courses and never ever addresses the problems. It's mind-boggling to me that the ratings are so low and they don't care.. Game does open once launched. Won't let me click play game. This is really frustrating as I was looking forward to play this game.. Downloaded game as looks like a good game but when game loads half the screen is cut off very dissatisfied. I AM SO .. upset and angry .. google would not let me update app.. I deleted and reinstalled .. I lost my player and all progress , this is so upsetting .


Tried forever to install but no luck, keeps asking for all sorts of personal accounts and after letting them have it it's starts asking for same details.... EDIT: Request Submitted. How buggy is this game? I think out of 5 games I managed to complete 1 without the game freezing on my opponents turn. And the sign in process is a nightmare. This is nearly an instant delete for me. But I'll keep it installed just to see if they can fix the constant freezing. If not there are plenty of other golf games to play. It's a shame as it has potential.. It's still a 1-star game for me. Still can't read the microscopic print on screen. It's still a single-player game with 1 online mode and zero chat function. Game desperately needs teams/cluds. It's impossible to befriend anyone. I'll just keep logging in to collect rewards in hopes that the game receives what everyone has been asking for. The game is beautiful but extremely boring as is. Still not solved my golf ball is showing hook on left tried to reach development team still no response why can't they give clear tutorials on stance position and other mechanics in simple manner tried all settings but the hook shot is still on no way to turn it off.


Worst game I've ever came across and I've played hundreds... After you download it's asked for another download which would never finish and stole over 2 gb form me... You guy owe me money poor game that word was chose as I don't want this comment to be cancelled... WORST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!. Best golf game by far, play 18 holes without ads and paying, can set up for draw and fade just like the old golf games. Fantastic . Very relaxing game. I really like the veried and realistic courses. Most golf games tend to focus too much on pvp, but this one gives you the choice to play solo via the challenges.. Best golf game for sure. Gameplay is great. Clearly not originally in English so some things take a bit of poking around to figure out..


Hands down the best mobile golf game I have played and I have been through a number. Awesome graphics, realistic physics, OK selection of equipments (quite attainable without breaking the bank), and a VAST array of good challenging courses (from real courses as well). Also every update improves on the overall gaming experience. My suggestion though is maybe enable actual chatting in battle zone (not just emojis) and more real life clubs/equipments (but I'm sure those will come in time). Kudos!. You want to play a game that test you and your ability, Complex for golf ,lot of different aspects to the game,always some thing to catch up But fun as hell.. Game play is pretty good but can be much better. Text is way too small on some things. This is a good basic game but not very user friendly. Random shaft fitting is a joke. Real golfers purchase the shaft they need, not just any random shaft.. This game (once you get used to the controls) is EASILY top 3 realistic golf games on the Google Play Store..

This is actually one of the best golf games I've played on mobile. Graphics are a tad old school / muddy but the single player stuff and the licensed courses are great!. Never actually got to play any golf. Just endless menus and invites to spend money on pointless (but probably necessary) equipment tweaks. You promised a real golf experience, well you got all the negatives spot on - expensive, boring and elitist.. It's like my new favorite game at the moment. But I've had to delete it twice and you know it hurt to do !!!. The basic controls are uselessly almost impossible to use. Needs a lot of work to improve the controls to make the game work properly. At this time I would not recommend..

Update: language problem fixed, so 5 stars now! game is challenging, which is what I want feo. a simulator. Updatedto 3 stars as the team have been very quick to reply, will be 5 star once the issue is solved. I was enjoying the game until the update changed some of the language into either Chinese or Japanese. Now I can't read put's or most of the ingame text.. OMG!!! Finally a decent golf game in the playstore, but wait.... It's the most frustrating and hardest to play I've ever experienced.. the golf swing meter runs so fast you have to be a droid to keep up with it. Absolutely unplayable. Despite the reviews mentioning this the only update is a new course.. developers don't seem to listen or care. Please fix this. You have a fantastic golf game that has lots of potential.. don't lose customers because of something that can be fixed.. I used to love this game but now it's stuck in a different language so I have no idea what im clicking! I also have no idea how to change the language? If you fix this I will change my review score. I enjoy the game but when the game updated recently it changed the language settings and now I can't read or understand anything. And when I tried to change it back in the settings it wouldn't allow me to change it back..

Putting is iffy,and drags more than expected, and drives are very sensitive even close to exact center of mark?. No longer playable as the screen language has changed from English to Malaysian, Taiwanese? Whatever it is it's unreadable had to uninstall . Fun to play, takes a long long time to build up player stats (power in particular). After latest update the whole interface is in a foreign language, even though language is set to English in settings. Decent game, just does some weird things occasionally.. Nice game but just did updates now its in Chinese not English how do you change it back to English.

Latest update changed the language settings away from English and it impossible to play. Before the update it was a good app.. RE new update: The new update assumes that I'm either Korean or Chinese, been to both S Korea and Hong Kong, but neither read write nor speak those languages. I am by all accounts American I read write and speak English, or the American approximation of said language. If you have ould please correct this from your server that would be awesome, thanks in advance.. Doesn't work, keeps uploading to start screen, update made everything in Chinese and given recent Chinese spy balloons shot down over US soil, uninstall.. Just had an update now all the writing is in a language i cannot read. Some stuff is in english but the rest is foreign to me. It needs to be resolved asap..

Was quite enjoying the game. Playing for a couple of weeks. Realistic and nice graphics. Updated today and everything is now in Chinese or Korean or something. Unable to read or navigate through the game. Please fix!. Completed the update (25.07.23) and all text is now in Chinesium or similar. Don't know what the heck I'm clicking on.. Could be better. Every course I tried to play required an additional download. 350mb here 480mb there. I can see where this can be a space hog. Doesn't look that good to have to keep downloading all these courses,tournament,etc. Deleting. This gam biggest problem is the power meter,and also no tutorial on how the meter or any part of how the tools work. Putting meter is hard and inconsistent and it's bad and makes you miss alot of putts. One time you bring the meter to the flag and the ball doesn't even make it to the hole next time you bring the power meter to the flag and the ball flys by I know there is a change in the color but still no rhyme or reason of how it works. Don't see also where to power up your clubs either.

Well will modify the review: the ONE positive over the last couple days was I was finally able to make contact with the developers. Unfortunately, they were not able to remedy the issue of getting past the main screen that many reviewers, other than and including me, have reported. The one star in this case is one too many.. Game needs work.I can,t figure out how to view where to put my club aim so I guess at .asking a shot. Also the meter to hit the ball is too complicated to hit a square shot. Goes very fast. I'm about to leave this game. Also if you don't have wifi you need to forget about this game. Pretty much this game sucks.. 5 stars! The best golf game ever! As a huge fan of golf I never thought I could play golf as accurate as it is in real life! Kudos to the team who made this game! Love it!. A realistic and detailed landscape, accurate player models, and eye-catching effects are all necessary for a visually stunning golf game. With accurate ball physics, realistic club swings, and accurate simulation of various shots and techniques, it offers a realistic golfing experience. Each course should have its own distinct features, challenges, and obstacles to offer a varied and interesting playing experience..

feels like playing golf in real life.. just need more adjustment for realistic calculations of swings and ball travel and rotations... Awful! Controls take for ever to respond and just taking a shot has been made so complicated! Juddery and slow. Uninstalled!. Game is good. You really need to do the tutorial so you won't get confused with the mechanics. Just need some improvements with the fonts and UI.. This is my go to golf game whenever It's rainy season. I can still play golf in mobile. Just a tip to add more skins and costumes.

Great game. The concept is amazing and it is close to reality golf. It defines the name Real Swing to being a realistic one. Features are great and can be easily read step-by-step.. Wonderful graphics and game play would like to see some work done on controls like the accuracy meter goes way to fast! And would like to be able to turn up ambient sounds without the the other sounds interfering like a loud golf hit! Golf courses are sapose to be quiet and peaceful with the sweat sounds for nature!. Until the issues of not being able to swing back the club especially when battlezon timer is running. It gets very frustrating. This game is very good, I like how the graphics are adjustable and runs well on my potato phone. If you enjoy playing real golf this is the game version you should play..

This the first time I've ever had an app just not work. It loads and says tap to start. I tap and nothing happens. Good job. One of the best golf game I've ever played! I like the graphics, features and customize of the characters. It feels like its realistic!. This game give me a good satisfaction and this game was so realistic. I'm very happy and enjoy while I'm playing this game. I don't hesitate to purchase because my money has so valuable. I encourage all players to try because this game has a good performance and features..

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