GoNoodle is an online platform that provides fun and interactive videos for kids to stay active and energized. The platform offers a wide range of movement activities, mindfulness exercises, and educational content that can be accessed through computers, tablets, or smartphones.

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Get moving with GoNoodle and enjoy a special discount! Join the GoNoodle community and unlock a world of fun and active learning for children. With engaging dance-alongs, yoga sessions, mindfulness activities, and more, GoNoodle keeps kids energized and focused. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer, get your discount now!


GoNoodle is offering a coupon for their online platform that provides interactive movement and mindfulness videos for kids. The coupon allows users to access GoNoodle Plus for a discounted price and offers a fun way to keep children active and engaged. With a wide variety of videos, GoNoodle aims to promote physical activity and learning in a fun and accessible way.

How to Redeem Promo Code in GoNoodle - Kids Videos

To redeem a promo code for GoNoodle - Kids Videos, open the app and go to the settings menu. Look for the option to redeem or enter a promo code. Enter the code provided and click submit. Enjoy your discounted or free access to GoNoodle's fun and educational videos for kids!

List of GoNoodle - Kids Videos Coupon Code

1. DRAGONFUN - Get a 50% discount on any GoNoodle Dragon-themed video pack. Let your kids soar through magical adventures with their favorite mythical creatures!

2. SPELLCASTER - Unlock a free month of exclusive GoNoodle spellcasting videos. Channel your inner wizard and cast spells while getting an active brain break.

3. FAIRYTALE20 - Enjoy 20% off on all GoNoodle Fairy Tale-themed merchandise in our online store. Dress up your little ones as their favorite storybook characters!

4. MAGICMOVES - Get a 30% discount on the GoNoodle Magic Moves video pack. Encourage your kids to unleash their hidden powers while grooving to energetic dance routines.

5. BEASTMODE - Activate this code to receive a free GoNoodle Monster-themed poster for your child's room. Inspire them to unleash their inner beast and tackle challenges with strength and courage!

6. FANTASYFUN - Save 40% on the GoNoodle Fantasy Fun pack. Journey into enchanted lands and experience magical adventures with GoNoodle's animated characters.

7. MYTHICALMUSIC - Unlock a special playlist of mythical-themed music videos for your little ones. Let them dance and sing with their favorite fantastical creatures!

8. ADVENTUREQUEST - Enjoy 50% off on the GoNoodle Adventure Quest video pack. Embark on epic quests and defeat villains with the power of movement!

9. IMAGINATION25 - Receive 25% off on GoNoodle's Imagination Station series. Spark endless creativity as your kids journey through imaginative worlds and scenarios.

10. WIZARDWAND - Redeem this code to receive a free GoNoodle wizard wand. Let your little one add a touch of magic to their dance moves!

11. MYTHICPRINTS - Get 30% off on all GoNoodle Mythical-themed art prints. Decorate your child's room with whimsical artwork inspired by their favorite fantasy worlds.

12. ENCHANTEDMOVE - Unlock a secret dance routine video pack featuring moves inspired by fairy tales and magical creatures. Encourage your kids to dance their way to a world of wonder!