“Harry Potter: Magic Awakened” is a mobile game where players collect iconic characters and spells to battle evil forces. Codes in the game can provide players with valuable resources such as gold, gems, and exclusive items. These codes are often shared through official social media channels, events, or promotions, allowing players to enhance their gameplay experience and progress faster in the magical world of Harry Potter.

Latest of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Redeem Codes

LpTf4d9WXXX Get

Unlock a secret chamber filled with rare artifacts, receive a magical cloak, and learn a powerful spell of invisibility!

ARx4fsbgXXX Get

Unlock a random fantasy coupon reward: 1. Double XP for 1 hour 2. Exclusive pet companion 3. Rare spell scroll.

How to Redeem Code for 哈利波特:魔法覺醒

To redeem a gift code in "哈利波特:魔法覺醒," open the game and navigate to the settings menu. Look for the "redeem code" option and enter your gift code to claim your rewards.

List of 哈利波特:魔法覺醒 Codes

1. Code: HPMA-GRFT-001
Embark on a magical adventure in Harry Potter: Magic Awakening with this exclusive gift code! Unleash your inner wizard and explore the fantastical world of Hogwarts with newfound powers and spells!

2. Code: WZRD-HPJK-002
Use this gift code to enhance your gaming experience in Harry Potter: Magic Awakening! Dive deeper into the mystical realm of wizards and witches as you unravel secrets and battle dark forces.

3. Code: MGCW-HPOT-003
Unlock special rewards and surprises with this gift code for Harry Potter: Magic Awakening! Immerse yourself in the captivating storyline and test your magical abilities against formidable foes.

4. Code: SPELL-HPAW-004
Experience the thrill of mastering spells and charms in Harry Potter: Magic Awakening by redeeming this gift code! Join forces with fellow players and conquer challenges together.

5. Code: WANDR-HPMA-005
Channel the power of the wand with this gift code for Harry Potter: Magic Awakening! Harness the magic within you and rise to greatness in the wizarding world.

6. Code: ENCRV-HPAK-006
Unleash the enchantments of Harry Potter: Magic Awakening with this gift code! Solve puzzles, brew potions, and duel other players as you strive for victory.

7. Code: GRIMO-HPVZ-007
Delve into the pages of ancient grimoires with this gift code for Harry Potter: Magic Awakening! Uncover hidden knowledge and unlock mysteries beyond your wildest imagination.

8. Code: PRISM-HPST-008
Illuminate your path to glory in Harry Potter: Magic Awakening by redeeming this gift code! Step into the shoes of a young wizard and forge your own destiny in a world of magic and wonder.


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