NameHarvest Town

An interesting real farming simulation game. Harvest Town’s game project is designed in pixel style so that all players will like it. Here you will find goutstandingRPG elements to help you get a certain degree of freedom. Most importantly, it creates an entirely real farm life. This story will start for you like this; you are an older man who worked for many years in another city. He misses the smell of fresh grass, milk, and nothing in this city. But soon, you found yourself in your small town and got the opportunity to develop your estate.

From now on, it’s up to you to enjoy a comfortable life on your farm. Complete various orders, making your homestead famous in the big city. You must explore strange caves, fight monsters and find rare treasures. An incredible degree of freedom, a large number of animals, a variety of cultures,s and everything else that will help you move forward in development. Embark on brand new adventures that you can spend with your friends.

Harvest Town MOD

Stardew Valley clone that fixes a lot of issues I had with SV. The main one being how most items are useless in SV so you're kind of encouraged to min-max. In Harvest Town you need a good stock of nearly every item in the game. The mtx aspect isn't super annoying and the prices are fair. This is the first mobile game to get me to spend money because I enjoyed it so much.. The game is good and I liked it, except that it freezes and keep lag, which made me get bored quickly. I hope you fix the malfunction. It's very relaxing to play a great time killer.... though I wish it can be played offline and to have a joystick to move the character around and not my tapping the place u want the character to go. This game is really cute & fun! It feels like a gba game! You don't need to pay to have fun, and it isn't limited! I love the traditional designs for furniture & skins, etc! Overall cute & wholesome!. I actually loved the game. There was a lot to do and things were constantly added and improved. However, I lost my save, as Google play isn't a sign in anymore. I lost my save and things I paid for. I emailed the support email, but I haven't heard back yet. I'd really like my save back!.

Harvest Town APK

I love this game. I started yesterday. And I can't put my phone down , but I love this game so much. It's really fun :>. This game is good tho but there's a few things I don't like is that must u turn on ur data for some parts of the game and secondly when players are just new to that game could u at least give that player a little gold and little diamonds pls it would be okay for players to have a good start and thirdly why is it so hard to earn hard why ! Pls try doing something about the games pls.. This game was fun a few years ago but now it lags and contain way too many ads, also whenever I view the ads the game does not reload and i lose all my progress. In the future maybe there can be an autosave and fix the lag and ads situation.. I love this game, great game, but only 1 male character is marriageable and i dont like him, if all the single NPC are marriageable that would be great, thank you..

Harvest Town APK

So enjoyable so far. No ads. Non stop of quests. No need to wait for anything. Couldn't get bored. Love this!. The game AWESOME!!..but i hope that we can marry saku and fisher! Plss notify us if theres a new update that we can marry anyone we want! And also the is soo very challenging and fun at the same time!! Keep up the good work!!. I really Enjoy it. I always Love this Game since then... My all Top Fav. Game , super addicting, You can create, explore, exciting, mysterious, adventure and make a love story .. The games pretty but the conteols are weird now unlike the old version it keeps lagging when i use joy stick.

Harvest Town APK

The game has been good so far, but my problem now is that i can't make a special wish because i don't have what boby wants. Please how do i go about this?. is it just me or what? The game always lagging so sudden after the current update...I always got myself Dea- when fighting the monsters because of it :( Anyway, I love this gamewaiting for more update, especially the two locked date~. I LOVE this game like i played it in my old phones but had some difficultys whit it cuz my old phones make any and every game unplayable so i had to delete it but i got this new phone and I'm really surprised by how much new things got added from that time it was a small game but now i play it almost every day the only thing that i really want but sadly can't have at least yet is the option to marry the npc you want the only available NBC's to marry are only three i wish you add the rest soon. I LOVE this game. The tutorial wasn't great, but once I finished that I was hooked. Unlike a lot of mobile farming sims, energy isn't replenished over real time, but when you sleep at night or by eating/drinking specific items. The day starts at 6:00 and you can sleep by 20:00 (I haven't stayed up later than 0:00, and that was because of an event). An hour lasts like 2 minutes. There are a lot of purchase options, but I don't think you need to pay to play (I did, though, and I don't regret it)..

Almost perfect. Provide a joystick for movement and not tap to a location. Thats only good for phones with small scree. This game is really really nice! I'll rate it 5, although it's quite laggy, it's understandable since my phone is quite old. Anyways, thankyou for creating this game bobby.. I'm in love with this game so much. It's so satisfying and challenging. Yes I'm addicted to it but it keeps my busy and distracted from unwanted thoughts. (>v<). This is a very relaxing game and has an awesome community and Creator. Thank you for this lovely game, I've become addicted to..

Very beautiful, calm ,story rich , full of guides that don't pop up alot, amazing and easy to play .. also I really love pixel art.. Good game but laggy so much especially when we got so much stuff in manor and backpack , the story really good and heartwarming , i would like to give this lovely game 5 stars if no lags. I love the game a lot. It's so cute and fun. I've been playing it for a while and have had no issues so far. I really recommend the game. It has a little bit of everything fighting and farming, and you can find love. Such a beautiful and interesting game. You can play it for hours non stop, without getting slightly bored. Fun and adventurous quests... You won't regret installing it!!.

I'm in love with this game I love the fact that you can romance characters and its a farming Sim and the aesthetic is impeccable just all around an amazing game it never lags and the diversity in the characters and there Personalitys are what I live for I'd go as far as saying it's stardow Valleys better twin. Was totally having fun and now I can't log back in and reinstalled and don't remember my password. How do I retrieve my game and change my password?. Okay. I played more and do the town exploration and that was FUN. I'm really happy that we have new things to do beside the storyline BUT it takes a small mistake for you to do all the process again to get the certain ending. I've done the witch dream exploration many times and got 3 endings and it's still have locked item and Im too frustrated to do all those thing all over again. I wished there was some clues or something to help you to get other endings. It's just not fair.. L'appli tait vraiment bien jusqu' maintenant. Je n'arrive pas complter la quest "pche un poisson dans la mer" car quand j'en pche un a ne se marque pas sur l'cran de la quest,je ne sais pourquoi,c'est vraiment pnible car je peux plus avancer dans le jeu , pourriez vous me rpondre ?svp.

This game is great, hopefully the devs could lessen the lag...and of course, looking forward to the addition of more marriage options! I wonder if having children is also an option :). Only thing hate about the game is the money spam to pay for item, likely I'm not interested unless I wanted get it in future..... I freakin love this game, so far so good only a few laggy i hope not lag if i grow much crops and the game is fun.. I've been playing this game for a very long time to pass time, and I'm giving it one star because it has so many glitches and is not user friendly. I've never seen something fixed on this app..

Addictive!!! It's so fun guys It get u hook it for hours I mean the graphics are pixel cute and I'm sure u will love it as much as I do. There were no irritating ads n u can view it as a choice,generous in giving gifts n many missions so u will not get bored.spacious place to explore overall I love it :). Cheap Stardew Valley rip off that asks for access to your photos and media. If you deny access, they prompt you that you NEED to allow it. Sus af. I saw reviews on TikTok that also talks about how buggy and boring it was.. I played this game again after long time, quite some changes happened. Did you lower the chance of instan ripe? I could get some instant ripe even when planting in greenhouse, but now I plant the whole farm and get NONE. Rare monster drop become even rarer. Lot of MISS when hitting monsters. And the LAG at the start of playing. It's okay in safe place, but in cave? Monsters just keep attacking where player got stuck waiting, died, then watching ad or pay diamond to revive. Is it on purpose?.

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