Hexonia is a turn-based strategy game where players create and expand their own civilization. They must manage resources, research technologies, and engage in diplomatic relations. They can recruit and train different units to conquer enemy territories, or they can opt for a peaceful approach and form alliances with other civilizations. The game offers a variety of maps, civilizations, and victory conditions, providing endless replayability for strategy enthusiasts.

Latest of Hexonia Gift Codes

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Introducing the “Realm of Wonders Gift Box” for Hexonia! Unbox mystical treasures like a legendary dragon mount, an enchanted sword that grants invincibility, a potion that doubles gold earnings, a spellbook with unlimited spells, and a rare artifact that unlocks secret in-game locations. Dare to open and conquer!

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How to Redeem Code for Hexonia

To redeem a gift code in Hexonia, follow these easy steps. First, open the game on your device. Then tap on the settings icon, usually located in the top right corner. Next, select the "Redeem" option from the settings menu. A new window will appear prompting you to enter the gift code. Type in the code and press "Enter." Finally, you will receive a confirmation message that the gift code has been successfully redeemed, and you can enjoy the rewards in the game.

List of Hexonia Codes

1. PRNHEX01: Redeem this code to unlock a special in-game weapon, the Hexonia Sword, that deals extra damage to enemy units.
2. GFTHX02: This gift code grants you 5000 gold coins, allowing you to upgrade your Hexonia civilization and unlock powerful technologies.
3. HEXGIF03: Use this code to receive a bundle of 10 free tribesman units, ready to join your army and conquer new lands.
4. HEXNYC04: Unlock the "New Year's Celebration" event with this gift code, unlocking exclusive quests, rewards, and limited-time units.
5. HEXMER05: Redeem this code for a free general, the legendary Hexorian King, who possesses unrivaled leadership and combat abilities.
6. TRIHEX06: Gain access to the "Tribal Invasion" game mode with this gift code, where you defend your Hexonian empire from relentless attacks.
7. HEXEXP07: Receive a complimentary experience boost with this code, granting your units and technologies increased progression rates.
8. GFTCR08: Unlock the "Crimson Reign" expansion pack, featuring new maps, civilizations, and challenges to dominate in the world of Hexonia.