Discover Hotel Craze®, the exciting new mobile game by Casual Joy Games that lets you design and manage your dream hotel. Use exclusive codes to unlock special rewards and upgrades for your hotel, making it the ultimate luxurious getaway for guests. Immerse yourself in the world of hospitality and test your management skills in Hotel Craze® today!

Latest of Hotel Craze: Grand Hotel Story Redeem Codes


Unlock the Secret Realm package in Hotel Craze®️! Enjoy a luxurious suite, exclusive spa treatments, gourmet dining, and personal butler service.


“Redeem for a free VIP room upgrade, 50% off hotel dining, or a complimentary spa treatment at Hotel Craze®️! Terms apply.”

How to Redeem Code for Hotel Craze®️

To redeem a gift code in Hotel Craze®️, open the app, locate the "Redeem Code" option in the settings menu, enter the code provided, and follow the on-screen instructions to enjoy the rewards.

List of Hotel Craze®️ Codes

1. Code: HCRAZE001 - Enjoy a complimentary room upgrade on your next stay at Hotel Craze®️.
2. Code: HCRAZE002 - Indulge in a free spa treatment when you book a weekend getaway at Hotel Craze®️.
3. Code: HCRAZE003 - Receive a special discount on your dining bill at Hotel Craze®️ with this gift code.
4. Code: HCRAZE004 - Get a complimentary bottle of champagne upon arrival at Hotel Craze®️ with this code.
5. Code: HCRAZE005 - Enjoy a late check-out option for free with this gift code at Hotel Craze®️.
6. Code: HCRAZE006 - Receive a discount on your next event booking at Hotel Craze®️ with this exclusive code.
7. Code: HCRAZE007 - Get a free breakfast voucher for two with your next reservation at Hotel Craze®️ using this code.
8. Code: HCRAZE008 - Unlock a special gift basket in your room upon arrival at Hotel Craze®️ with this unique code.