Escape Horror Games presents House of Nightmare, a spine-chilling adventure where players must unravel mysteries and survive the horrors within. With intricate puzzles, terrifying monsters, and immersive gameplay, House of Nightmare challenges players to confront their deepest fears. Use skill and wit to unlock secrets, escape danger, and uncover the dark codes that lurk within. Can you survive the nightmare?

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Unleash the Dreamweaver’s bounty – a magic cloak, potion of invisibility, enchanted sword, and a phoenix familiar awaits heroes.


Receive a mystical coupon for House of Nightmare: Gain 50% bonus XP, rare item drop, or invincibility for 10 minutes.

How to Redeem Code for House of Nightmare

To redeem a gift code for House of Nightmare, open the game and navigate to the settings menu. Locate the "Redeem Code" section and enter the code to unlock rewards or items. Enjoy the game!

List of House of Nightmare Codes

1. Code: HNIGHT001 - Experience the thrill of House of Nightmare with this exclusive gift code.
2. Code: SCREAM456 - Unleash your fears and screams at House of Nightmare with this gift code.
3. Code: DARKNESS99 - Dive into the depths of darkness at House of Nightmare with this mysterious gift code.
4. Code: GHOSTLY2020 - Encounter chilling specters at House of Nightmare with this supernatural gift code.
5. Code: FRIGHTEN13 - Embrace the fear at House of Nightmare with this spine-tingling gift code.
6. Code: TERRORX7 - Face your worst nightmares at House of Nightmare with this terror-inducing gift code.
7. Code: HAUNT666 - Explore the haunted corridors of House of Nightmare with this eerie gift code.
8. Code: SHIVER333 - Feel a shiver down your spine at House of Nightmare with this chilling gift code.


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