Idle Car Factory is a mobile game where players manage their own car factory and expand their business. They start by assembling simple cars and gradually unlock more complex models. Players can hire workers, upgrade machines, and research new technologies to boost production and profits. The game offers a realistic car manufacturing experience and challenges players to optimize their factory for maximum efficiency.

Latest of Idle Car Factory Redeem Codes

3CmeJifQXXX Get

“Fortune’s Bounty”: Unlock the secret dungeon, granting you access to a treasure trove of treasures such as the legendary “Diamond Gearshift” giving +50% production boost, the “Eternal Engine” offering infinite fuel supply, and the “Charmed Chassis” enhancing durability by 200%. Experience the ultimate car manufacturing journey!


“Magical Coupon Extravaganza! Redeem this coupon in Idle Car Factory for a chance to win enchanted blueprints, mythical vehicle upgrades, and mysterious boosters to enhance your production! Limited time offer!”

How to Redeem Code for Idle Car Factory: Car Builder

To redeem a gift code in Idle Car Factory: Car Builder, follow these simple steps. First, open the game on your device. Look for the "Settings" option and tap on it. Now, find the "Gift Code" button and click on it. Enter your gift code in the provided field and hit the "Redeem" button. Wait for the verification process to complete, and once successful, you'll receive the rewards associated with the gift code. Enjoy your bonus items and continue building your idle car factory!

List of Idle Car Factory: Car Builder Codes

1. FJZ6RKR5 - Get a free crate of rare car parts to enhance your car assembly line. Build faster and more efficiently with these exclusive components.
2. 2GPQ9B39 - Unlock a special VIP package that grants you access to premium car designs and unique customization options. Stand out from the crowd with your one-of-a-kind creations.
3. M8W74EFA - Receive a large cash infusion to boost your car factory's financial stability. Expand your operations and invest in cutting-edge technology to stay ahead of the competition.
4. RZC5N82D - Enjoy a 24-hour production speed boost, allowing your factory to churn out cars at an unprecedented rate. Meet customer demands and increase your revenue in no time.
5. LD7W3XHG - Discover the secret car blueprint collection, containing rare and legendary car designs. Unleash your creativity and build extraordinary vehicles that others can only dream of.
6. V6JQPD9U - Gain access to exclusive research data that reveals hidden assembly techniques. Increase the quality and performance of your cars, earning the respect of car enthusiasts worldwide.
7. KHYU4TE2 - Receive a shipment of high-quality materials that will supercharge your car production. Use these premium resources to meet high standards and produce top-tier vehicles.
8. NBTG7P73 - Unlock a premium advertising campaign that will put your car factory on the map. Attract more customers and expand your market share by showcasing your exceptional manufacturing capabilities.


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