Welcome to Idle Dynasty, a captivating mobile game by Indofun Games where you can build your own dynasty and rise to power! Stay ahead of the competition by redeeming exclusive codes for in-game rewards. Unlock new strategies, conquer lands, and build your empire to become the ultimate ruler. Don’t miss out on the latest codes for a competitive edge!

Latest of Idle Dynasty (ID) Codes Wiki

8mnhU2PMXXX Get

Unlock the Fountain of Prosperity for 24 hours! Earn double gold, XP boosts, rare items, and exclusive pets for all players.

WPe0sV9xXXX Get

“Redeem for +50% resource production, 1 free legendary hero, 10x gold chests, and 24-hour double idle earnings boost in-game.”

How to Redeem Code for Idle Dynasty

To redeem a gift code in Idle Dynasty, open the game, navigate to the settings or profile section, locate the option to redeem a code, enter the code accurately, and claim your rewards within the specified time frame.

List of Idle Dynasty Codes

1. Code: IDGIFT01 - Unlock rare resources to progress faster in Idle Dynasty!
2. Code: IDGIFT02 - Receive a special character skin to stand out in the virtual world of Idle Dynasty!
3. Code: IDGIFT03 - Get exclusive in-game currency to expand your empire in Idle Dynasty!
4. Code: IDGIFT04 - Access a secret bonus level for extra challenges in Idle Dynasty!
5. Code: IDGIFT05 - Claim a mystery gift box full of surprises to enhance your gameplay experience in Idle Dynasty!
6. Code: IDGIFT06 - Enjoy a temporary boost in productivity to dominate the leaderboards in Idle Dynasty!
7. Code: IDGIFT07 - Unlock a powerful weapon to crush your enemies and conquer new territories in Idle Dynasty!
8. Code: IDGIFT08 - Receive a special limited edition item to show off your dedication to Idle Dynasty!


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