NameIdle Mafia Empire: Gold & Cash
CategoryNew Game
Size211 MB

Idle Mafia Empire: Gold & Cash is an engaging game where players take on the role of a mafia boss, building their crime empire by collecting gold and cash. The game allows players to recruit and train mafia members, expand their territories, and engage in various criminal activities.

Players start by investing their cash into businesses, which generate income over time. They can then use this income to recruit more members to their mafia family, each with their own unique abilities and skillsets. These members can be trained and upgraded to become more powerful and efficient in generating resources.

Expanding territories is a crucial aspect of the game, as players can conquer new areas and gain access to valuable resources and income streams. They can also engage in heists and robberies, stealing from rival gangs and law enforcement to further grow their wealth.

The game features strategic decision-making, as players need to balance their investments in businesses, recruiting members, and expanding territories. They can also participate in events and compete against other players in real-time battles and challenges to earn rewards and increase their influence in the criminal underworld.

Overall, Idle Mafia Empire: Gold & Cash offers an immersive and addictive gaming experience for those who enjoy the excitement of building a crime empire and dominating the underworld.

Idle Mafia Empire: Gold & Cash MOD

Reducing health and firepower of ennemies upgrade in the skill tree does not work it makes the progression very hard if not impossible , now im stuck in the chapter 25 ( im talking about the first upgrade in the chicago branch didnt test the second one ). Game got stuck after I made a purchase and it's very slow as I am writing this review, it's a shame seeing that I've already spent a little on it and this happens. ok i tried. till i got to the point where thise icons {the offers} on the left appear and they clutter the screen, i can't see the elevator and they started to SHINE. i understand the desperation to sell but i just can't take this sht, it hurts my brain. uninstall.. Excellent game to play if you like to make Endless amounts of money. In the probation age of alcohol running.. Started out a really good game but now it has crashed and it won't let me play ... I've tried contacting support Via email and I've no replies from anyone or anything helpfull just the same copy and pasted bot reply.. waste of time and money bought a little pack and the game crashed before I had time to use or enjoy it very disappointed.

Idle Mafia Empire: Gold & Cash APK

Smooth gameplay, easy to understand and quite a fun experience. No abrupt adds but only adds to get more stuff, doesnt even ruin the game experience. Great game, well balanced.. It's a fun strategy game I play to keep myself busy, but can you please make the graphics better. It's hard to see the coins I'm getting... And sometimes the game lags... Please improve those features. I was looking for a game so that i can play whenever i free but this app isn't that type of app which i was looking. It can be better. I guess developers stopped playing that game long time ago and you can feel that every minute you play. Every part of the game is somehow annoying, like selecting your team every single time and no way to correct if you put someone by mistake, incredibly slow animations of everything, which are pain if you try to open 10 boxes or so, you will have many city and every one is micromanaged separately, you need to rebuild them after gaining new battle bonuses (what for?), etc....

Idle Mafia Empire: Gold & Cash APK

Tried to buy a welcome package, got no promised goods while still losing the money. Support doesn't give any response. The game becomes tedious after 1-2 days.. Too many loading screens! A clicker like this should not need a loading screen every time you hit a button in the main nav menu. Cool game and I would have continued to play it. But my level 32 capo is now level 4? Yeah no thanks I'm out.. game is actually decent, its similar to other games but I like the mafia theme mixed with tycoon styled theme. I havent seen any ads that are forced but then again I didn't try to get ad based safes. Only issue,WHICHIS MAJOR AND HINDERS PROGRESS, is your main character which you get to name, has a bug. I've upgraded him to level 3 but later after you restart the app it erases progress and have to use bullets again to upgrade causing unnecessary loss of bullets and time off your life..

Idle Mafia Empire: Gold & Cash APK

Not sure how this got 4.2 stars really slow repetitive lame no fun whatsoever in other words don't waste your time I promise you you'll be sad how you spent your time you'll be disappointed. I try to upgrade my f2p legendary, it upgrade like usual but later when i recheck the level didnt change at all. Please fix this. Full of ads... dont know where the fun.. everywhere must spend money.. this game only waste your money.. i level up to lvl 20.. and suddenly became lvl 5.. already hard to collect bullet and they make me lvl up again.. i quit this game.. not worth... Slow, boring, ad heavy. Progress, battles, and features are locked behind missions that take a long time to do if you don't pay to play..

Dont play this game, they just scam you for money. I bought the ad free package and I still have to watch ads for any kind of reward. Load of BS.

Download ( V0.18.9 )


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