Idle Shop Manager is a popular mobile game where players can manage their own virtual shop. Codes in the game can provide players with a variety of rewards such as coins, gems, and special items. By inputting these codes, players can unlock new features, upgrade their shop, and progress faster in the game. Be sure to stay updated on the latest codes to maximize your gameplay experience.

Latest of Idle Shop Manage Promo Codes


Unlock a magical chest filled with rare items: enchanted weapons, powerful armor, mystical artifacts, and valuable treasures. Enjoy your rewards!


Unlock rare items, double profits for one hour, free employee upgrade, instant restock – redeem this magical coupon now!

How to Redeem Code for Idle Shop Manager

To redeem a gift code in Idle Shop Manager, tap the "Settings" icon, select "Redeem Code," enter the code provided, and tap "Claim." Enjoy your rewards and use them to grow your shop!

List of Idle Shop Manager Codes

1. Code: IDLESHOP1GC - Receive a free gift card worth $10 to use in Idle Shop Manager!
2. Code: SHOPMANAGER25 - Get 25% off your next purchase in Idle Shop Manager with this exclusive code!
3. Code: GIFTIDLE2021 - Unlock a special in-game gift pack with this unique code for Idle Shop Manager players!
4. Code: SAVEMORENOW - Enjoy extra savings on your next order at Idle Shop Manager when you use this code!
5. Code: FREEGOLD50 - Receive 50 bonus gold coins for free by entering this code in Idle Shop Manager!
6. Code: SHOPPINGFUN - Get a surprise gift in Idle Shop Manager when you enter this code at checkout!
7. Code: MANAGERBONUS - Unlock a special bonus item in Idle Shop Manager with this code!
8. Code: IDLEJOY2022 - Celebrate the new year with a free gift code for Idle Shop Manager players!

Download ( V1.4.13 )