NameInk Inc Tattoo Tycoon
ReleaseLion Studios

Would you like to get yourself an excellent tattoo? In Ink Inc Tattoo Tycoon, have you ever considered getting an awesome tattoo? Test your inner possibilities, and get ready for something completely new. The coolest thing is that you will not experience pain, which means you can stick any drawings on your body. Try to fill up a bunch of that quickly so your clients are fully prepared. You must choose the perfect picture for them and start your hard work. Become a professional in your new profession, relax, and enjoy quality tattoos.

Collect the ink, take advantage of the pleasant vibrations, and try to please all your customers. You can make hundreds of tattoos to make your clients feel great. You will find simple and exciting mechanics, many unique photos, ink, and many other abilities. Discover the most fantastic tattoo shop, make only high-quality pictures, and get many bonuses for your work. Have fun in this entertaining game, have fun, and become a pro.

Ink Inc Tattoo Tycoon MOD

It's good but not great it's really like a 3.7 but I just wish that you were able to tattoo other places than an arm like a leg would be fun idk then there is like probably 5 adds a day so not that much. I used to play this game a lot and it was my favourite game! Now, it just whites out for no reasons on devices like mine. 3, just for memories!. It is just so fun and it really really stressed it has barely any ads when I saw it I did not take my eyes off so entertaining . This game is good but after like 4 rounds the next customers come in and just dissapear so that leaves the screen frozen wow I hate that pls fix that. I just got this app and when I opened it after like 3 customers my screen went white. I have heard others with the same experience, Please fix it! Other than that I guess it's ok.....

Ink Inc Tattoo Tycoon APK

It's good but every time I watch an ad it just crashes plz fix this other than that it's good just plz respond when fixed . To be honest, this game is a whole Another definition of fun, it's like your doing tattoos while laying down irk, its amazing. My rating is a 5/5. It's a good game I definitely recommend if u dont like the adds then turn on airplane mode or if ur on a phone just turn off mobile data but there's the same 3 customers but I rlly like it. I will say something this game i love it but u have to buy the no ads tho so mhm so if u didnt know now u know now.

Ink Inc Tattoo Tycoon APK

I like this game so much I really enjoy playing this but there is a couple ads but that's fine like other games there's so much ads but all in all I really like the game. This is a scam. It was advertised as NO ADS at ALL but when I actually play the game it gave me SO MAMY ADS! Stop false advertising, it's just annoying. I just give 1 star beacause this games lags ALL THE TIME really when I get in the game just stays in white screen ahhh!. I like this game but. It doesn't have a fill in color it does but I want to do it my own way so if you could just fill the rest in so I can do it I might give it five Stars so if you could just fill the rest in I might like it.

Ink Inc Tattoo Tycoon APK

I give this a five star because if you turn on airplane mode there is no ads and it's super fun. It is the Best game i had played but it has to many addsbut other whys it is a good game.. Very good app but pls add more characters and more shape, or tattoo and add more sounds and Songs to listen while playing the game and make the characters animated. About the quality and the lag, Ads its in the middle. Thanks.. It's soooooo boring and sooo hard, and u get scammed and all of that . And it glitches, and THERE ARE SOOOOO MANY ADS. And it takes so long to load like about 30 min. And it's really hard to control. And when I did the job perfectly, it said I did it wrong and really messy when I did it well, and it gave me NO stars or money! All my friends agree with me that this is a horrible game! I WISH I CAN GIVE THIS APP 0 STARS! DO NOT GET THIS GAME. IT IS THE MOST HORRIBLE GAME U WILL EVER PLAY!!!!!!!!!!.

This game is so zcrummy yummy in my tummy wummy which makes me want to zummy Zammit around the zumatron. Beautiful. . I watched it from a youtube and they were so good so maybe I wanted to play with the abel king and it's very cool so maybe you should play it. Ink Inc. is a very satisfying game. I love it! Pls use it. Its easy, entertaining, and more!!! Download Now!!!. I used to play this with my cousin and got really far not any glitches I know of and this game I one of a kind you have to do the out lines like that I so cool! I have not seen a game like this.

This game It has so many ads and it is not what it looks like in the game it's sooooo boring it does not give you the experience that I hoped for so that's why I rated this one star so in my opinion it is not a good game.. Is so cool Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good day If you feel more relaxed with your team then you will have a good time.. So I can play without internet and when we are going to a vacation with no signal but calling internet but no internet for games we can always play this. Its a nice game s/fun i like it it has a book were u can chose what the next customer is gonna want and u can upgrade your store very fun would recomend downloading this.

This game we have to play with expretion and on focous we are focous will be not there we could not play it. A 1 star game. Not reliable on auto content saving. I mean i would always have to restart all my work because its noy auto amd you cant ownself save it! You call this game. One more thing is that the customers have to add in unnecessary negstive comments. Please fix this and i hope you DO..

Download ( V2.3.3 )

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