NameInternet Gamer Cafe Simulator
CategoryNew Game
Size106 MB
ReleaseHyper Joy Games

The game called Internet Gamer Cafe Simulator revolves around owning and managing a virtual internet cafe where players can attract and serve gamers as customers. Players must create a suitable environment by setting up computers, consoles, and gaming equipment, as well as offering various snacks and drinks to enhance the gaming experience. The goal is to provide excellent customer service, earn profits, and expand the business by upgrading and adding new features to the cafe. As the owner, players can also organize tournaments and events, participate in online competitions, and interact with virtual characters. Overall, the game offers an immersive simulation experience focused on running an internet cafe tailored to the needs of gamers.

Internet Gamer Cafe Simulator MOD

One star because of the constant crashing of the PCs and reinstalling of the games individually is annoying. I spent $6000 on a sofa that customers can't sit on.. This game is really fun to play and you can also have a chill vibe but if the game is offline you can also play on a trip. Could be better if not for the following reasons. 1. Could be great if we could hire people to manage customers. 2. Sofa is not being used even if there are people in queue 3. Customers dont really use the vending machine 4. When Units gets broken why does the games needs to be installed INDIVIDUALLY, there should be option to install all 5. Why cant we change the gaming table and chairs?. You should make free rewards separate with ads not just pop up like in the middle of something,this is annoying. G kon ho ap Apki miss call ai OK thanks I you so much you good at it and it will.

Internet Gamer Cafe Simulator APK

Verry disturbing ad, actually i want to play this game. But the ad still disturb me, and finally i uninstall it. If u want to play this game, think twice. This game is so nice but in the tab when we go in the accessory it this is not supported in your device it show in the tab so please do this. It's a good game nonetheless is has some bugs that needs to be fix also needs some improvements in enhancing the graphics and gameplay overall a good game would give it 5 stars if it could also be played offline..

Download ( V2.9 )

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