NameJungle Marble Revenge

A simple arcade puzzle in the style of “Zuma”. Jungle Marble Revenge is a fairly simple, out-of-the-box Zuma-style arcade puzzle game in which you shoot marbles at clusters of colorful balls. The game is made in the setting of Egyptian mythology.

The gameplay is made in the style of “Zuma”. As in the original game, the gameplay is divided into levels. At each stage, you will need to clear the field from colorful balls until they have reached a certain point. Each time, clusters of balls will roll towards a certain point. You control a certain creature that shoots a ball of a certain color from its mouth. Depending on the color of the ball, you need to shoot at certain places of the long snake with balls. For example, if you are shooting a red ball, then look for clusters of two or more red balls together. Having hit and created a chain, you will destroy it, thereby reducing the overall accumulation of balls. Shoot and destroy until you completely clear the field.

Jungle Marble Revenge MOD

This game is very Useless am getting stuck on level 27, its freezing and when am shooting the ball is not shooting the ball I want to shoot. Its great and challenging. But only 100 levels. Loved the game.

Download ( V1.0.4 )

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