Join Cookie, Candy, and Pudding in the exciting world of Kid-E-Cats Animal Hospital! In this game developed by Hippo Kids Games, children get to help the adorable feline trio learn the important codes of operating an animal hospital. With fun challenges and interactive activities, kids will have a blast while learning about caring for animals and teamwork.

Latest of Kid-E-Cats: Hospital for animals. Injections Promo Codes

dwabu2BLXXX Get

Unlock the Magic Castle to gain a unicorn companion, a pet dragon, and a golden key to exclusive levels. Enjoy!

8DAdSbefXXX Get

Coupon: “Mystical Rewards”
– 50% off magical pet recovery potions
– Free consultation with the wise wizard veterinarian
– Double XP for all rescues.

How to Redeem Code for Kid-E-Cats: Animal hospital

To redeem a gift code in Kid-E-Cats: Animal Hospital, open the game, click on the settings option, select the gift code section, enter your code, and tap on redeem to unlock rewards. Enjoy playing!

List of Kid-E-Cats: Animal hospital Codes

1. Code: KC123AH456
Gift: Animal hospital themed coloring book
2. Code: GIFTKC789AH
Gift: Plush toy of Kid-E-Cats characters
3. Code: ANIMALKC987
Gift: Sticker set with animal hospital designs
4. Code: HOSPITAL321KC
Gift: Kid-E-Cats animal hospital playset
5. Code: MEOWKC654AH
Gift: Activity book with animal hospital puzzles
6. Code: AHGIFT789KC
Gift: Kid-E-Cats veterinary kit for pretend play
Gift: Animal hospital themed lunchbox
Gift: Exclusive Kid-E-Cats animal hospital t-shirt


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