King of Septsea is an epic fantasy strategy game set in the realm of Septsea. Players take on the role of ambitious rulers, striving to build powerful kingdoms, train armies, and forge alliances. Engage in turn-based battles, explore mysterious lands, and conquer new territories to ascend the throne and become the undisputed ruler of Septsea.

Latest of King of Septsea Redeem Codes


“The Crown Jewel of Septsea bestows upon players a treasure trove of majestic rewards. Discover rare artifacts, abundant resources, and legendary generals, and unlock hidden regions rich with ancient knowledge. Embrace the royal gifts and claim your rightful place as the supreme ruler of Septsea!”

J1gaWkbeXXX Get

“Obtain the Enchanted Token of Dominion in King of Septsea for diverse rewards! Redeem for bonus gold, powerful spells, specialized units, accelerated research, and a chance to recruit legendary heroes to strengthen your kingdom!”

How to Redeem Code for Age of Ocean

To redeem a gift code in Age of Ocean, follow these steps:
1. Open the game and tap on your profile picture.
2. Click on the "Settings" button.
3. Select the "Redeem Code" option.
4. Enter the gift code provided.
5. Tap on the "Confirm" button.
6. Wait for the code to be verified, and if valid, you will receive your rewards.
7. Enjoy your in-game gifts and use them to progress in Age of Ocean!

List of Age of Ocean Codes

1. WFGH45TH: Redeem this code to receive a special in-game weapon and a bundle of resources to aid you in your maritime adventures in Age of Ocean.

2. OCEAN30LK: Unlock this code to receive a rare ship upgrade, enhancing your vessel's speed and firepower, allowing you to dominate the high seas.

3. SAILOR99PX: Redeem this code to receive a crew of skilled sailors, ready to assist you in your seafaring quests and help you uncover hidden treasures.

4. TIDALWAVE21: Use this code to receive a powerful spell scroll that summons a devastating tidal wave, obliterating any enemy ships in its path.

5. NAVIGATOR10: Unlock this code to receive a top-tier navigation compass, guaranteeing accurate coordinates and smoother sailing in Age of Ocean.

6. MERMAID777: Redeem this code to receive a mystical mermaid figurine, imbued with ancient powers that grant you additional luck in finding valuable loot.

7. ISLAND50X: Use this code to receive a map to a hidden island teeming with exotic wildlife and rare resources, offering a unique and rewarding experience.

8. MARINER25: Unlock this code to receive a special outfit for your character, enhancing their abilities and giving you an edge in combat and exploration.