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Latest of Kingdom Wars Merge Promo Codes


Unlock a legendary dragon mount, powerful ancient armor set, enchanted weapons, and a secret treasure map in Kingdom Wars Merge.


“Redeem for 50 gold, mythical weapon, 3 elite soldiers, instant upgrade, or secret quest. Only one reward per coupon.”

How to Redeem Code for Kingdom Wars Merge

To redeem a gift code in Kingdom Wars Merge, open the game, go to the Settings menu, and look for the "Redeem Code" option. Enter the code accurately and claim your rewards. Enjoy playing!

List of Kingdom Wars Merge Codes

1. Code: KWMGIFT2021A - Unlock special in-game items and resources.
2. Code: MERGEKINGDOM10 - Enjoy a boost in your kingdom's power and influence.
3. Code: BATTLEWINNER88 - Claim victory with exclusive rewards and bonuses.
4. Code: CASTLECONQUER45 - Strengthen your defenses and conquer rival domains.
5. Code: WARLORDGIFTS22 - Command your troops to victory with bonus gifts.
6. Code: REALMKINGDOM33 - Expand your realm with these valuable gifts.
7. Code: KNIGHTSQUEST77 - Embark on a legendary quest with extra resources.
8. Code: DRAGONSLAYER66 - Defeat fearsome dragons and reap the rewards of your bravery.