Knight of Legends: Kingdoms Fall is an immersive RPG game where players embark on epic quests to save a war-torn kingdom. With stunning visuals and gripping storytelling, players can forge alliances, train knights, and battle fearsome creatures. As they progress, they can unlock powerful weapons and abilities to become legendary heroes. With its engaging gameplay and rich world-building, Knight of Legends: Kingdoms Fall offers an unforgettable gaming experience.

Latest of Knight Of Legends : Kingdoms Fall RPG Gift Codes


Introducing “The Legendary Treasure Trove”! This enchanting reward consists of a rare dragon mount, a powerful enchanted sword, an ancient relic granting immortality, and a secret map leading to hidden treasures. With these epic rewards, conquer the realms of Knight Of Legends: Kingdoms Fall RPG like never before!


“Unlock the Dragon’s Hoard coupon! Redeem it for 25% off enchanted weapons, a free mount of your choice, or a VIP pass granting access to exclusive dungeons in Knight Of Legends: Kingdoms Fall RPG!”

How to Redeem Code for Ninja Warrior Shadow Samurai

To redeem a gift code in Ninja Warrior Shadow Samurai, follow these steps. First, open the game and tap on the "Settings" icon. Then, select the "Gift Code" option. Enter the gift code provided and tap "Redeem" to confirm. Wait a moment for the system to validate the code. Once validated, you will receive the rewards associated with the gift code. Enjoy your new items or bonuses in the game and continue your journey as a legendary ninja warrior.

List of Ninja Warrior Shadow Samurai Codes

1. Code: NWSSGIFT1 - Unlock a powerful samurai sword to unleash devastating attacks on your enemies in Ninja Warrior Shadow Samurai.

2. Code: NWSSGIFT2 - Gain access to a secret training arena, where you can practice and master new ninja skills in Ninja Warrior Shadow Samurai.

3. Code: NWSSGIFT3 - Receive a bundle of exclusive costumes and outfits for your ninja character, allowing you to customize your appearance in Ninja Warrior Shadow Samurai.

4. Code: NWSSGIFT4 - Obtain a rare and powerful ninja scroll, containing ancient techniques and abilities to enhance your combat prowess in Ninja Warrior Shadow Samurai.

5. Code: NWSSGIFT5 - Unlock a mystical amulet that grants you heightened agility and reflexes, making you nearly untouchable on the battlefield in Ninja Warrior Shadow Samurai.

6. Code: NWSSGIFT6 - Receive a special potion that instantly restores your health and stamina, ensuring you can fight longer and harder in Ninja Warrior Shadow Samurai.

7. Code: NWSSGIFT7 - Gain exclusive access to a hidden treasure chest, filled with valuable coins and rare items to aid you on your ninja journey in Ninja Warrior Shadow Samurai.

8. Code: NWSSGIFT8 - Unlock a legendary ninja companion, who will fight by your side and provide invaluable assistance during battles in Ninja Warrior Shadow Samurai.


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