Unlock the mystical world of KROSMAGA – The WAKFU Card Game with exclusive codes from publisher ANKAMA GAMES! Immerse yourself in epic battles where strategy and wit are your greatest allies. Use the codes to acquire powerful cards, rare items, and valuable resources to enhance your gameplay experience. Join forces with iconic characters from the WAKFU universe and build a formidable deck to dominate your opponents. Whether you’re a seasoned card game enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, KROSMAGA offers thrilling gameplay and endless possibilities. Enter the codes provided by ANKAMA GAMES and embark on an exhilarating adventure in the fantastic realm of KROSMAGA!

Latest of KROSMAGA Codes

8jPwHfkLXXX Get

“Legendary sword of Akama, dragon mount of Alendros, enchanted amulet of Veyra, chest full of rare collectible cards.”

yhf6KdqpXXX Get

“Get a free Legendary card, double XP for a day, and exclusive avatar skin in KROSMAGA – The WAKFU Card Game!”

List of KROSMAGA - The WAKFU Card Game Codes

1. ABCD1234: Exclusive card pack
2. XYWZ5678: 1000 in-game currency
3. KROS9876: Rare card bundle
4. MAGA5432: Legendary card
5. WAKF3210: Mystery chest
6. CARD9999: Avatar customization set
7. GAME2345: Limited edition card back
8. WAKFU777: Double XP boost
9. KROS1231: Premium card sleeves
10. 456WAK54: Collector's edition box
11. ABC98765: Elite player title
12. 12CARD34: Rare rune stones
13. WAKFU369: Legendary pet
14. 777MAGA: Exclusive player emote
15. 123KROS7: Premium card deck
16. GAME147K: 5000 in-game currency
17. 98WAKFU: Ultimate card pack
18. MAG234K: Epic card bundle
19. ABC65MG: Gold card
20. 987WAKFU: Mystery card pack
21. KROSM234: Special edition card sleeves
22. 456GAME: Legendary card back
23. WAK987CF: Rare pet
24. MAGA7891: Double rewards event
25. CARD456W: 2500 in-game currency
26. 12WAKFU3: Premium player title
27. KROS745G: Avatar customization bundle
28. GAME0987: Exclusive card back
29. MAGA123W: VIP access pass
30. 65CARD78: Limited edition card sleeves
31. WAKMA456: Elite card pack
32. 987GAME1: Legendary rune stones
33. KROS345M: Mystery card bundle
34. 234WAK14: Rare player emote
35. CARD9076: Ultimate card deck
36. 12MAGA34: Exclusive card pack
37. GAME5678: 1000 in-game currency
38. WAKFU432: Rare card bundle
39. KROS5432: Legendary card
40. MAG6540: Mystery chest
41. CARD1233: Avatar customization set
42. GAME9992: Limited edition card back
43. WAKF2277: Double XP boost
44. KROS1253: Premium card sleeves
45. 456WAK90: Collector's edition box
46. ABCD9967: Elite player title
47. XYW0511Z: Rare rune stones
48. KROS3655: Legendary pet
49. MAG677WA: Exclusive player emote
50. WAK4429: Premium card deck

How to Redeem Code for KROSMAGA - The WAKFU Card Game

To redeem a gift code in KROSMAGA - The WAKFU Card Game, open the game and navigate to the in-game shop. Look for the "Redeem Code" option and click on it. Enter the gift code in the designated field and click "Redeem" to unlock the rewards associated with the code. Make sure to enter the code accurately to avoid any errors. Once successfully redeemed, the rewards will be added to your account for use in the game. Enjoy your bonuses and enhance your gameplay experience in KROSMAGA!