NameLaid-Back Camp All -in -one
CategoryNew Game
Size970 MB
Releaseenish Inc.

“Laid-Back Camp All-In-One” is a game that combines various content from the popular anime series “Laid-Back Camp.” The game offers a unique camping experience where players can immerse themselves in the peaceful and serene outdoor world featured in the show. Players can explore different campgrounds, set up their tents, and enjoy various outdoor activities like fishing, cooking, and stargazing. The game also includes social elements, allowing players to interact with other campers and build friendships. With beautiful graphics and a relaxing atmosphere, “Laid-Back Camp All-In-One” offers a delightful gaming experience for fans of the series and camping enthusiasts alike.

Laid-Back Camp All -in -one MOD

Created a data transfer code and set up my password but now I can't sign in using the code because my password contained a ! And it gets deleted everytime I type it in my password. Bad system that allows you to set a password with special characters but doesn't allow you to input those characters to use your password. Developers have fixed some of the issues from release version. But still it freezes after a while of menu navigation. Also a simpler layout for main and sub menus would be appreciated.. Few bugs to be worked out as expected in any new release. UPDATE - They have been! Really cute and enjoyable game within with lots to do! Reasonable Gacha rates for outfits, loads of crafting, good building system for your camp. Can you please think of adding a translate button onto world chat though please? . It's nice downtime, and I love the art the camping gears, camp sites and the cute dogs are my absolute favorite. Just a few bugs that get a little irritating, like now I've experienced the game screen would freeze, I wish we could have unlimited amount of gear each site save, and is the a better way on how to craft and/or receive character outfits. I'm seriously picky, 15% perfectionist people.. anyways this game still rocks, thank you guys super much for this. Strikingly un-laid back game that is heavily weighed down by endless tutorialization, and yet still has incomprehensible mechanics. Succeeding in the camping missions seems to be a massive roll of the dice, no matter how hard you try to optimize your team (for which there are a whopping 5 layers of selection, with one layer I honestly had no idea how to acquire units for, even after playing for hours and hours), and no feedback for how you can improve your odds. Looks and sounds nice though..

Laid-Back Camp All -in -one APK

The game is really fun to play. My only couple complaint is the game hard resets for no reason, and some screen prompts don't work.. I don't understand how you calculate points for camp evaluation anymore (in recent update).. Even with the best costume and equipment aptitude, can't score above "B".. Expectation won't fill up even with 7 or 8 skill tips... It would be so good if it didn't crash every few seconds. The game is adorable and relaxing with cute graphics and fun little mini games. The UI is pretty bad and the menus can get a little convoluted, aside from that it's adorable. The biggest draw back is how often it crashes though. I can deal with bad UI but constantly freezing and having to force close will just make me end up ignoring the game altogether.. Super ironic that a game based on a LAID BACK camping anime is such a bloated mess. There's way too many types of in game currencies, too many things to keep track of, etc. Overall this game is too bloated, they should've adopted another type of gaming mechanic for it, as it is, it's just really greedy and stressful. I don't wanna keep track of dozens of different currencies and items!.

Laid-Back Camp All -in -one APK

Jul 14 OMG how many updates will there be this week? None seem to eliminate all the bugs?? The chapter mission is not advancing even though I cleared the tasks. Aug. 16 STILL SO MANY BUGS AND GLITCHES. Really rare for me to comment but this is so BAD cant even load the game. Alway stay at 60%. Unplayable.. I'm a big fan of this series and was really excited when this game came out. This game is really cute and relaxing. As much as I really like this game, there's a lot of issues that need to be fixed. The biggest issues I had with the game is that it's very laggy and buggy, the game buffers a lot, the translation needs to be worked on as it can be quite confusing, and there needs to be an english help guide for game information and tips as it's a bit confusing to navigate and play the game.. Love the game! Many bugs and negative UI designs have been changed and removed. I am happy with the game now. Thank you so much developers.

Laid-Back Camp All -in -one APK

IS B0REING & UNFREE-PLAY 0F C0NFUSEING-C0NTR0LS & SEEMINGLY (BUT CANT BE B0THAR-STAYING THUS FIGUREING) HAVENT BUDY-LIST AND0R S0'CIA'L-SYSTEM 0F ACTUAL-PLAYERS AT ALL. The game was cute and fun but it's buggy and slow. And i couldn't even find settings to modify graphics. Please fix this. None of the models, whether it's the characters or objects in the camp, is loaded. I'm just staring at an empty campground with only light from the campfire and shadows of the characters and objects visible. Pls help. Edit: Latest update did not fix this.. I was speechless, i play the game when it open, it wasnt a bad game but need to optimize the game to make it better, i registered an account,screenshot de transfer id. But after i reboot my phone and download back and i found that i cant login. Then i go find de problem. Then i found that,the password i put got symbol like $, but i cant put symbol when i try to login. What de fq is this bug bro hello???? 3 star for de game, i like de game but plz optimeze de game and fix this god damn bug.

Very cute, interesting mechanics, horrible UI and optimization. This game could be soooo good. I love the rewards you get, the gameplay with camping mechanics and support cards etc but the UI is annoying to navigate, there's always a notification somewhere that I can't get rid of/too troublesome to get rid of all of them, and it's so slow just switching between one screen to another when clicking buttons.. Full of bugs. Game system too bored ,too hard and no reasonable compared with UMA mususme. Exmple you pay to pull the expensive costume ,normally that could at least help you a little bit. but its not. if you equip the wrong costume on the wrong season. It will make an opposite effect. This mean you need to pay ,grind all season's costumes as more as possible. F2P should drop it.. Its very fun, but a bit buggy at the time i played it. Black screen at costume select screen, settings keeps going back to very high after i set it to low, and confusing mechanic is making me giving it 4 star. Costume is cute tho.. Cute but buggy and obtuse. Skills only work sometimes, even when all requirements are met. Success or failure is random, but completing main quests require perfect camp- which wouldn't be so hard if skills worked when they're supposed to. Being able to even buy the skills to use during a camp is random, and it can randomly choose the same one 3+ times. Very stingy with the gatcha currency. Crashes regularly, but no progress is lost. Graphics are cute and it's Laid-Back Camp, so I play it anyway..

Love the game but one thing that holds back the happiness.. its the long tutorial... 1 week now and iam still on tutorial.. So many bugs, already give it a second chance but is becoming more worse. Consider it unplayable for bad, it's quite a good game. Stamp are only for Japan camper. So many miss for global player.. Getting decent camp score after the update became a lot harder and the gear system makes no sense. After a month still no account backup option. During campsite visits the game starts an infinite loop of loading or gives an error, even though I have visited exactly 3 times it counts as 2 because of it. Lots of unnecessary UI elements that take a few secs to switch between kill all my will to play. Cash grab. Don't think I will continue to play though I wished to like this game, waste of time.. Cute one. But the tutorial is error. My task next is to make Curry Ramen. But the tutorial commanded me to click on Marshmallows, and it got me stuck there. Restart the game doesn't make any change at all. It keeps repeating the same mistake, and taking me to nowhere. Please help! I don't want to skip the tutorial..

I CANT PLAY PROPERLY BECAUSE OF BUGS, please optimize the game first before updating i really love this game i don't want it to turn to dust. Game crashes after it decides it has a hard time loading things because I go too fast. Also it's sadly more of a cash grab than a game that is also a gacha game. More emphasis on the gacha part imo. Also translations could be worked on but it's not the worst. Lastly, it might be partly be because of translation error but the important part of the camping is confusing, like who knows how to get satisfaction and even though I get a bunch of skills I still fail the challenges and get B ranking? idk. Fun game but it has several bugs. Several parts of text are on japanese and not translated to english. Last but not least, the tutorial is way too long and doesn't really explain the game at all. The fact that some functions are limited to Japan sucks a lot. And group camping doesn't work.. it's kind of annoying to have the "energy" system like if you like the game you end up being forced to stop playing it, cause you dont have "sufficient energy".

My biggest complaint about this game is the performance issue. Everytime i finish a "Camp" the game always lagging and unstable until i re-open the game, Even in the lowest setting with low/30fps. Other than the draggy tutorial, it's quite a relaxing game and the cutscene rewards follows the manga/anime so it's a good way to "rewatch" it. After 2nd maintenance, the phone overheating issues is reoslved. Overall, I quite enjoyed the game, though I wish coins can be earned easier since it cost nearly 3k for 10 draws... Game perfectly fine and very fun to play, and i like yuru camp anime that why i more enjoy it, but after 4 days playing my game keep stuck in tent dancing loading with white background from beginning, please fix it *Update=until now my game still can't open. I love yuru camp but this game does not have online backup? I had to reset my phone and all things I got here are from scratch Atleast we can skip now Gacha is not a major factor here if you just want to raise skills to each characters chill game.

One of the people that actually finished the tutorial... the game is okay. The amount of time and effort needed each day to maximize the energy you get is insane. Each camp day takes extremely long, there's no auto function. No ones chops wood 10 times in one day.. It's nice that they finally fixed the well done syncing with mission rating, but still couldn't get how the camp rating works. I would like to suggest about movement, try add a toggle option in editing layout it can be easier to move around while edjust the camera angle. For now kinda difficult to move around that players have to use two thumbs for edjust the camera angle.. btw I'm happy finally Yurucamp already got global version. Hope developers can more improve on game progress.. Why is it that when the tutorial is always broken / lagging even though there is still a lot of memory and it's running smoothly, if you can fix it first for RAM 4, thank you very much!.

Love the series. The game just needs more work. To be honest it doesnt look good in the long run, game might last only for a couple years. Great game!! Although need some improvement like the camera and sound is bugged, im scrolling to the left the screen also turning to the left and about the sound, if a character is on the egde of the screen, the sound will appear in the opposite way. Also the graphics is already great for high end device but for low end and mid end is kinda broke the resolution, it'll be great if there's an advanced graphics settings like anti-aliasing, character resolution, item resolution, lightning, etc.. I really enjoyed this game but for the past few updates that I seem unable to update and I had to reinstall everytime. the last maintenance was the last straw, I couldn't get to the part to create a transfer link so my account got lost and I'm unable to retrieve it. I haven't heard from CS since I last sent a request, I already made purchases and now I'm missing out on the event.. The event rewards are so non-appealing that demotivates the player to continue and enjoy the game. Go play other games and don't waste your time if you are thinking of trying out this one..

I'd love to play this game, but it's almost impossible to enjoy it cause its very laggy although i dont see any problem with my phone and already set to lowest setting. Game is full of bugs, long loading time even though the device I'm playing on is a high end and can handle heavier games plus the Bad English make the tutorial pretty much confusing and useless. Very disappointed with the Developer as I'm a very big fan of yuru camp and think this game can be fun if such issues is taken seriously.. This game is good. In general I'm quite enjoying what it have to offer. But talking in localization to other languages (English) is very problematic with so many glitches, graphical parts not translated or grammar errors. This game drain battery too, even in low settings. Very poor optimized and 3D models for objects looks good but they seems to be unoptimized. Graphics don't have any problem it is really stunning for a simple gacha to be honest. But it runs with really bad performance.. Iniziatato piuttosto male ma con gli aggiornamenti hanno rimediato quasi a tutti i problemi. Gioco da manici del dettaglio, ci sono tantissime cose che si possono fare o modificare secondo i propri gusti.

A well designed well made game. Reproduction of anime character, sceneries, camping items, is of great quality, I believe a lot of time and effort has been put in this area. Game content, gacha content, event content is chill and fun, but have tons of feature and even have great depth for you to explore. Glad that the anime that made me go back to camping world comes as a well designed game, allow me to sooth camp addiction when I'm not able to go camping. Good game . Lives up to its name, very laid back. I like the characters. It seems some other reviewers aren't aware, I'm pretty sure there's an option to turn off the tutorial...? Anyway, I was surprised to see Illustrated anime in some of the scenes. I'll also add that there's a bit of huge humour, and I appreciate that as well.. I love how the game improved and how devs listening to the player. Some changes in recent patches really make this game better. Still have some improvements to be done but definitely loving this game. Its fantastic game, seriously like graphic, music and game feature can make relax and funny, but the story of camp daily can't skip cuz its too long for waiting, please skip mode can use.

A fine game for chilling after a long day's work. Though, I can't help but notice that it's not fully translated in some areas, camera controls take a lot of time to get used to, and gameplay feels sluggish at times. Also feels a bit unoptimized for mid-range phones. Still, if you could get around those issues, you'll find that this is a neat little game that you could get lost in for maybe just a few moments while you're resting.. Laid-Back Camp on mobile, a dream come true for fans. The simple 3D chibi style is charming, and the game recreates the anime episodes with said style. The gameplay is fairly simple, albeit tutorial is a little long. The UI themed to match the anime is fantastic, love it. Most of the problem is related to the performance, one might assume the simple style means it's easy to run, but no. I suggest players to check, and use lower than suggested graphics until it's further optimized. Good overall!. I'm a fan of Yuru Camp so of course I'll give it a 5 stars for the effort in creating this game. Edit after 2 weeks of playing: -2 Honestly the gameplay is very confusing. Need in-depth tutorial, and more importantly the camping mission's rating is bullsh*t. It almost feels like gacha, all 3 well dones and you will always get B ratings.. LETSGOOOOO THE ANIME HAS A GAME NOW. I've been waiting when i saw that Yuru camp will have sa Mobile game, the game itself is so comfy and relaxing along with strategy too on camp, and also the gacha is kinda good too. The story is from season 1 and i love the cutscenes where we switch to 3D chibi to Anime scene. The chibis of them is so adorable and cute. But even though its global, i noticed some of the word there are in Japanese language and not english. Goodluck to the future of the game..

Horrendous gacha. You have to roll for both costumes and backgrounds separately on top of that. It has potential but they need to do something about the gacha, the playability on phones, awful translation, inability to turn off the obnoxious finger and a way to make the missions shorter. Also, fast forward still isn't fast enough. It could be a great game with some improvements. Decoration aspect is great.. I'm glad to see the devs listening to the community's reviews and experiences with the game. First off, the issue with the graphics settings reverting back to "Best" has been fixed. Second, the option to skip the tutorial was added. Third, they also fixed some places where the character models wouldn't load (still need more work on it though). Overall, the devs are doing their best. Keep it up!. The game is really cool and there are lots of free bonuses (early game at least) but the camp rating system is so random and incoherent that sometimes it makes you not even care about playing.. also, there are still many random bugs in the game. Not exactly bugs that prevent you from playing, but more like lots of random inconveniences or lots of stuff that should be available to do, but you cannot do them Edit: also there is close to no guidance on where to get what you need. There was NO thought put into the testing of this game before it was released. The translations are often wrong or just plain missing, the quests outright lie about what completes them, and there are huge bugs around every corner. Add that to the fact that every camp can take half an hour to complete, and that no one on the planet understands how scoring for camps works, and you have tedium and massive pain to avoid right now. Maybe come back in 6 months and see where it's at then..

-Translations need more work -gameplay-wise: casual but can get boring pretty quickly -navigating is the most confusing part with more buttons than most games -in-game notifications are just too much when you just unlocked or leveled up something. The game feels slow due to all the notification animation, such as the pointy finger. There is a lot of work needed in the translation as well. The current translation makes the missions during camp so confusing. Regardless I love Yuru Camp so here's a 4 stars from me, and it will become 5 stars once I feel like the game is giving a stable experience. Looking for it!. Cute but gameplay is so confusing and I'm still clueless what the gameplay is about, would be much nicer to just make it an exploring game like animal crossing is much simpler. Nice relaxing game with pretty simple, easy-to-master mechanics. Had a bit of a rough launch but all problems were resolved swiftly and currently plays amazingly..

Over all pretty good if u like the anime. the price for the in-game stuff is very expensive and not really worth it. Also it's extremely hard to get the free in-game currency for high end items. Some of the game mechanics are still very confusing. I'd consider it still in beta stage so I'll give it 3 stars for now.. I really wanted to like this game. I'm a huge fan of Yuru Camp so i waited for the English release to hit the app store for a while now since I couldn't play the Japanese release. It's very slow, laggy and there are times it never loads and just crashes. Its nice that I can now skip the intro and tutorial to actually get to the main game because before I couldn't even do that without freezing or crashing. It sucks to because it's so adorable!! I hope it all gets fixed and updated soon . Love it. ENISH success build a perfect chibi yuru camp game with the whole story from anime. LOVE IT SO MUCH.. It's a fun game that takes you through the story of Yurucamp. I did notice that some things were not translated for the English version of the game, but I think that will probably get fixed rather quickly..

The Game is Fun if you know what to do, some bug is expected, this just come out, beware tho The Tutorial is looooooong, but If you can pass it the game is nice and relaxing, its Not rpg tho despite looking like rpg gacha game , its relaxing camping game Edit : REJOICE MY FRIEND , They let us skip the tutorial now. Relaxing music and good VA, but sometimes disconnect for no reason After 1 week playing, the gameplay too long, and i have no idea how the right way to play, eventho this game have 45 minute tutorial and you cannot skip it. I consider it to uninstall it because the gameplay each camp took 15minute each camp. The game is cute, comfy and fun. The gameplay is simple but it's currently unclear as to what exactly were supposed to do in order to obtain higher scores and ratings. It has some minor issues regarding a few untranslated names, icons and short dialogues.. Sometimes, the skills that I buy for camp missions don't get used during camp missions. Edit: okay, now it's just lowkey infuriating cuz I can get 2S, 1A, 1B and it'll give me like 8k for the score, and if I get 3B and 1S, it'll give me 10k, like am I not understanding smt here? Maybe the camp missions don't even matter at all???? What is going on? Istg I'm only playing this js cuz it's the anime Yuru Camp but like my braincells are???? Nani???.

Step into the world of "Laid-Back Camp" like never before! Join Nadeshiko, Rin, and their friends in a dynamic online game filled with camping adventures. Explore breathtaking sceneries, discover a wide range of camping gear, and savor delicious camp meals. Don't miss out on exclusive rewards and the chance to watch your favorite characters camping. Start your relaxing journey today!.

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