LeclercDrive and LeclercChezMoi are online grocery shopping platforms offered by the supermarket chain, Leclerc. LeclercDrive allows customers to pre-order groceries online and collect them at a designated pick-up point, while LeclercChezMoi is a delivery service where groceries are delivered to the customer’s home.

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To redeem a promo code for LeclercDrive or LeclercChezMoi, follow these steps: Visit the website or app, sign in to your account, select the items you want to purchase, go to the checkout page, enter the promo code in the designated field, and click "Apply" or "Redeem" to enjoy the discount.

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2. DRAGONDELIVERY - Enjoy free delivery on your next purchase at LeclercDrive & LeclercChezMoi. Let our brave dragons bring your groceries to your doorstep!

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6. FAIRYFRESH - Get 15% off all fresh produce at LeclercDrive & LeclercChezMoi. Experience the enchantment of wholesome goodness!

7. UNICORNDEALS - Unlock exclusive deals and discounts every month with our exclusive membership at LeclercDrive & LeclercChezMoi. Join the mystical force of savings!

8. ELFEXPRESS - Enjoy expedited delivery on all orders at LeclercDrive & LeclercChezMoi. Let the elves deliver your groceries with lightning speed!

9. ENCHANTYOURWALLET - Save 20% on your first purchase with us at LeclercDrive & LeclercChezMoi. Step into a world where your wallet becomes enchanted!

10. MERMAIDMEALS - Receive a free seafood platter with any order over $100 at LeclercDrive & LeclercChezMoi. Dive into a sea of flavors!

11. GOBLINGOODIES - Take 10% off all confectionery and snacks at LeclercDrive & LeclercChezMoi. Satisfy your sweet tooth with goblin-approved treats!

12. PHOENIXPROMO - Enjoy a buy one, get one free offer on selected household products at LeclercDrive & LeclercChezMoi. Rise from the ashes of high prices!